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Twice the Jew remembers....

the Fragment from the book - - Twice the Jew remembers....` `

Is my first issue on big izrailsky a competition - - from my life, a tiny piece! It as if, term` `to itself made. Left everything and to begin anew in 42! Not to everyone is allowed to try so and to risk so!.

Prolog. When began Great Aliya (departure from the USSR to Israel), began to speak: courageous Jews who leave. And brave - those that remain. When the first time in 93 - m returned to Moscow, friends behind a shot glass joked that I am a hero. But when saw off in 2002 - m to Israel again, at a friendly table gave to me the rank - Twice Jew of Russia . than I also am proud!

And told below - - mix of my life and the imagination on a free subject.

Who is similar, do not pay attention, it seems!

Interesting expiration date of the competition Tarnut. Ru (the Russian culture) - - on June 24. 62 back I was lucky enough will be born this day in the nice city of Babruysk. So nice that owner of a taiga Byaloruskoy - Lushinko as in a fit of temper threw that: Jews Dirtied the city and left! I left slightly earlier, in the earliest childhood, after destructive war parents went to live and work to South Ural which to Metalograd, the city gave a table and a roof to my relatives who got there in terrible 41 - y!

Oh, difficult you, Jewish destiny! Not Gipsy, in tilt carts, but nevertheless...

After revolution of the grandfather owning in Babruysk profitable houses put long before well-known 37 - go. In 31 - ohm, and live it did not leave, died in Stalin pioneer camp from tuberculosis. And in 39 - m and my father, as son lishenets (deprived of the rights) deducted from ABVShA - the higher artillery school in Minsk, was such, prestigious. One photo remained. Mother in the childhood said that in a school uniform cap I very much was similar to the father.

We will return by June 24, interesting day! With 25 - go the sunny day begins to decrease. Can because I was born? Hardly and after me day with 25 - go will decrease. It is a pity...

Usually we did not do my name-day. hot very much happens these days in the south of the Urals. And in Israel only the last years I began to bring together friends at a table in the longest day. After return from the last long business trips to Russia where at birthday it was necessary again, the second time in life to carry out in hospital, having got on the emergency vital operation. Well, destiny! I met birthday in a condition of a serious illness at the beginning of 80 already once - x, the B - g helped to recover, sent me or me to it, the young, but clever doctor as speak, from God who lifted me honor with next world . All this at me since June 24 is connected! Well and birthday!

On a legend, the Creator to us born in the very best long day questions what life we want? Also offers two options - the awful end or infinite horror. Still I do not know how to be.

On June 24 in 70 - m handed me the diploma of the dentist. Then, however, there was still a light spot of my self-education - Literary faculty of local teacher`s college. Where still studies the Jew as not on the teacher of literature. And the department chair of literature was and is, it is live and until now, Anna Moiseevna, Milstein, of course. Checking those old years my abstract research work about a role of working class in creation of works of art of socialist realism in works Vladimir of Vladimirovich, but not the fact that you thought. Then there was one Mayakovsky. Here Anna Moiseevna also advised me to write for people. That I do all that in thirty years! Better late than never.

Not everything developed as there was a wish. Study in absentia not on a profile was not welcomed. Glavrach took me to work, but not to write! For several years I zamateret, became the quite good expert, and for the administration closed an important hole - prevention. It was the obligatory and not worst section of the Soviet health care. I is disciplined moved with figurative distaff - the drill hooting, as the plane but drilling nothing, except the patient`s nerves, on small zavodika and the organizations. And zavodik that were - oho go, beer factory, vodka, meat-processing plant, flour mill, a bakery, warm rolls with which the little son long could not forget! All places, pancake, the Russians, Jewish, cold! Hot at us, borrowed - - hire, an open-hearth furnace there, a style - a foundry where in the summer for the 60th heats and what to do? Still pleasantly to me to remember how the patient working the chief of shop at a vodka factory, men will understand me - in the Union it was the holy site. And so it came to inclusion in a hundred-mat. office, having asked will turn away me from where that from under linen as Kyo got five bottles of laboratory vodka! And so all clients did. And pies, cakes! At socialism was not enough for all. But came the way of the poor Jew a little bit. Besides, I also trained clients for prosthetics for myself on professional surveys. The Jew will always find that that positive, And - - you - go - yes - - la!

So I was taught by the teacher in medical school, in common people pro-invited Ayzelmanikh - the woman a thunder, mountain, from Cuba, Azerbaijan! To it under 90 now, cancer won, lives and is well until now, be healthy, Lidiya Mikhaelovna! And I took for work with a cash, explaining to the relatives that I prepare for capitalism with human face . Still I dream to look on it, the person at it!

Prepared, prepared, but did not wait.

Gathered with a family and went to look for happiness to Israel at the end of 90 - go! And, running a little forward, horses, I will tell that found it here, but years later. Savlanut! Therefore I sit quietly and I share with you mysticism 24 - go day of June!

Now about To Janka Kupale - so called this night under 24 - e in Belarus. The youth burned down fires and all jumped through them, and girls spun wreaths and lowered them to the river. On ancient pagan rites they guessed when their promised the groom comes...

One more Kupalu in the Urals my family remembered forever. And in Israel one more took place, pancake - a wedge, Bathed nearly the last for me. But without the first there would be no second! The profession of the dentist except good parnas (earnings) had some negative nuances. It is fixed interest in me of two important participants of the developed socialism, cops and the criminals which recently arose and released, but with good appetite, ransacking in search of candidates on kidok - - extortion with deception and blackmail. Reorganization, as well as all changes of great times, splashed out upward everything dregs!

Who became " there; above at us, not to me to judge, but terry crime blossomed in all flowers of a rainbow. And on me it Ferris wheel left a good mark.

Tsekhoviki - these are the people having the illegal income on the workplace. Butchers, sellers and of course, dental technicians, heroes of all Soviet jokes of Hazanov and others. And that, the cash exceeding an official zarpata repeatedly exuded the stupefying smell invisible to the ordinary citizen serving month for a salary + an award of times in three months. Aroma of money, the most pleasant that did not tell, I will report on you! And on it as moths on light or rather as flies on gavno, all evil spirits were flown, not by the night be told. Today bandits - - an official profession of the whole layer of the people deciding for people their destinies and destiny of the nation too, unfortunately to mine!

In our gray it is working - the country city my appearance, it is expressed - Semitic was extraordinary and the new " model; Ladas was evident. If already forgot, colleagues, I will remind - - to the simple engineer, both to save money for purchase, and to wait for the desired coupon on samodvizhushchyuyusya miracle technicians, whether it be aged Volga not maintaining any criticism Muscovite or copy of the Italian dullness, Fiat - 124 VAZ ; it was necessary to wait for everything for years or as the butchers who had money and zubnik to overpay from above couple of thousands of rubles that I also did periodically.

For one narration you will not give everything, but when in the evening in the spring 89 - go in a tube I heard female, without the slightest expression a voice, I for some reason felt ill at ease. Having found out that I the one who is necessary to it, she told that if I do not put in a certain box under a certain ladder in a certain house 10000 of those, rubles real still, the granddaughter from us will be stolen during walks, and the son will be killed on the way to institute. I tried to object. Not really surely objected that they were mistaken and I have a small salary in policlinic. On what she by a metal voice of Levitan, peremptory warned that in case of failure to meet requirements for my part, the sum will increase. Only and everything, and it is necessary to give! And again reminded me of destiny that waits for the my loved ones. From reading my story the few know kitchen in which prepare blackmail and racket.

As well as any creative - criminal activity it is very difficult. Not the small group of professional criminals and swindlers participates in these crimes, terrible to our measures.

During this period, in the West and in Israel called Thanks, Gorbachev (for disintegration of the great power) swindlers and swindlers of all colors and the nations only united and studied. All of them studied on videoshops where all of them infinitely twisted as though especially for it the brought movies. And quite, maybe specially! Disintegration of such country - too work grandiose!

But we will return to rams, to me that is. All this criminal business is built by a chain and begins with the tipper-of. Begins, so from which of my close friends or acquaintances. And which of unfamiliar can possess information on a sootoyaniye of my finance yes sir what the telephone terrorist so quietly would quote the price of repayment of my relatives. I will not instruct youth. I will tell to finish for today with

this subject that our conclusions about the vnutrny enemy were wrong. I suspected of change to me the friend of the family, a shchuplenky zavsklad of Alik. It began to carry cartridges about the Israeli life to us. Without being praised I will tell that we already had odnin from the first in the city the real video player Sanio . And real because the brother had eternally not working Soviet coffin " Electronics;.

And why a coffin - on the weight and appearance not to compare to one famous brand and heavy it is awful.

So we also remained in ignorance, but living in Russia, after return from Israel again, I is constant, as far as possible tried to find out the reason of that wild racket in 89 - ohm. And once, in confidence one of partners knowing all gossips told me that bandits about me everything, each step, were reported by my unlucky pupil - the stomatologist whom I brought closer to myself and warmed as the old Jew of the Jew young. As well as it is necessary - it is told ancient and clever: - There is no good deed that goes unpunished! -! 100% - about me, itself made, the hands to himself a problem. Such people do not cost the spent words, it is necessary to close a subject, having told only that Mischa who was not able to remove and implant in the way on this place new tooth - a parasite today the owner of clinic in the prestigious region of Israel! Your ways, the Creator our great are inscrutable, but look, My God, attentively - to whom and that you give, sorri, Eloy!.

It is not necessary and to speak to you in general about shit with a drill, but date for the sake of which all narration and cheese - pine forest will surprise you - money that was demanded from me by racketeers on Yu. Urale, I had to them give on June 24, 1989! Bidyyuk (exactly), at the birthday! The mysticism is some, no quite is true also this fact - an honest truth! And I was convinced of it still more than once. But, one after another, we are people decent, it is the fact!

Ne would be happiness as speak - the misfortune helped. Of course, already by this time a call from Hayfsky Sokhnuta at all of us lay. Someone`s uncle Senya, not to pisit on the wife in Altshaymere, arrived to suddenly found nephews. That to it twenty more years them to look for them? Dolboloba which Bech our country was not gone, it is sure.

Doubts overcame the whole year, and about disputes and discussions - to go to a subject - not to go! not to you to listen, but to remind me! All alims 90 - x passed through it. All our information on future Homeland was from Kohl Israel and others Voices zabugrovy. On a family council the wife told - I as the son, without it - anywhere! -

And we with the son solved - we otobjtsya from barbarians, we will be living - we will leave, there will be enough all delights the developed socialism! So to bandits also thanks for a push to Israel.

All perepitiya of mine Outcome so shortly you will not describe. I will tell one, I came soul to Earth promised not in 90 - m as in teudat - by Ole it is drawn but only in 2007 after 17 years of wanderings and tests. And sent them for what that to B - g to their my head enough. More true the head suffered wives of darling, Anechki when again criminals, having looked at my next rise, came for new money. About it there will be other saga.

For now that after all God awarded your obedient servant with happiness to get on together with Israel and to fall in love with this remarkable country not for " sausage; as contemptuously told about us sabra with vatiky. Such sausage what I ate, made for orders The City town committee of party by a holiday, syrozakopchyony, with govyazhm a fat hardly anyone from them tried.

The love to Israel did not fall to me from the Moon. It as well as it is necessary in novels, came on particles, imperceptibly, but for ever. And how not to fall in love with such very young state - - it at the same time builds, is at war, prays, sows three harvests a year, milks cows of record-holders, looks after old Jews from around the world, receives guests and to have fun and it does all this! And as new districts of our cities are beautiful. I do not want some to offend, all are original on the. Jerusalem - - there that that at the Wailing Wall happens to me, I will not understand as, but cleaning goes better than an enema.

That is everything, without deception from what we saw on the cartridge in 88 in the Urals the naked truth, is only better!

Also mine lasted Outcome is more true Calling to the country with a land of milk and honey it is less and more successfully, than at Moisey when that, 4000 years ago.

Began to be pleasant to wake up in the morning from cock crow on a fazenda nearby, and the wife is awoken chatter of the little, beautifully decorated with the Nature birdies. And green parrots in general impudently crack the whole day in leaves of a huge ficus in our magnificent front garden, the gena on local. Badly, forbade watering of gardens what to do.

And how many in our park Dukhifatov (hoopoes) jumps! Purely some zoo! They - on the coat of arms of Israel - these birdies.

Of course, everything we learn in comparison. As it is possible to compare air dirty pry. the cities with Mendeleyev`s table in air with our oxygen of people around ours of the woods and fields!

And literally, mountains of vegetables and fruit of our market, the freshest and cheap in the north with poverty and high cost of the Russian remote place. Comparisons, it as a blow below the belt are not correct.

I will only give one figure - pepper orange that I love, is behind the horizon four times more expensive, and the grant on an old age five times is less!

You begin to understand in 19 years the vechnozhivy doctrine the alim - hadashy - Savlanut savlanut!

(patience) And precisely, is savlanut, only not to behold waiting for a manna heavenly that the pra - a pra - to primogenitors fell ours. Having gritted teeth to work and work to the seventh sweat!

And dreams of milk and honey - not such an unrealizable thing! It is only necessary to have all that Master Card with accumulation. Here it is a high time to remember still the ode history. The language problem not with me will leave and not I the first suffered from misunderstanding of my gestures in talk where it is necessary words, but not makhalka.

And so after arrival in News of week in Russian, we Chitawhether all same articles and newspapers for us were not actually, not today - that hosh, you take!

And so I read Topaler Victor`s interview, that, to New York. And it took it from the owner Lunapark, the first in Israel. The Jew was from Georgia and at that time lived in Israel twenty years. And at the end of conversation Victor suddenly found out that his vis-a-vis does not speak Hebrew.

- How you do business without language? - the journalist was surprised. The Georgian quietly as they it are able, answered: - When I palazhit into the account in To Balima the first myllion, the managing director of bank zagovoryl with me pas - gruzynsk! It sank down to me, became the guide to action and obsession. But day came nevertheless - and nachalkik branches of the bank in Krayot met me after return home in an office of office, gave to drink coffee and offered any programs for growth of the account. Yes, and I in bank do not stand many years in a queue, my affairs conduct in private office. And what drama was when I was going to pass into other office of other city where I live now. All office came to persuade not to leave them. But they offended me. And again ignorance of language brought me.

Friends - study Hebrew! My granddaughter teaches me. - the Grandfather, speaks, to 80 - ti it is far, you will learn!`` Well why to the father not to go after a wedding to the North of Israel, but not to the South of the Urals? To you it is ridiculous, and tears cost to me, birthday today!

Came in years and the feeling of happiness of the native land unfamiliar hitherto. Though nothing special occurs - just I live and I nalazhdatsya by what is around.

When the next time in Russia the destiny tested for durability, and tests were at full scale, the country such Russia - operation and treatment in the Russian hospitals, even for amerikamsky money - not for the faint-hearted! It was so heavy among the stranger`s shit, but it was necessary to finish farewell to Matyora as the famous writer spoke. And zhitukhes on the former Homeland for visitors all worsened. I pledged myself the word: - will allow Bo - to arrive home, I will go to pikes, I will buy some pepper orange for some reason, avocado and nana, I will smear pita with hummus and tkhiny, bought in the Arab market in Acre.

We will collect in the wood of friends - the occasion was, round date of my darling and faithful companion, Anechki, is more than forty years for today, supporting your obedient servant! Vodka let will be Smirnoff I respect this Russian and I can suffer him though till the morning!

What to do, the one who does not work is not mistaken. These are clever fools that study as the on others mistakes. Those who do not do them are wise! I - not from their number!

And about June 24 next time still I will give out byl how instead of a holiday table with the friends who passed from Russia and invited at a modest olimovsky table, I spent week in a prison cell of Hayfsky police department where I pleased directly from the highway on hayfsky Adare, on the way to the Bakhaysky miracle. Others, means it, not ours. About this drama and about what was behind it - the second series of the third saga. And the most terrible reminiscence of Arabs - the terrorists who appeared on plank beds near me in a chamber of a domzak. And as security guards - Druzes rescued me from the razor of the addict wanting to slash me on the person for refusal to give money for powder at night! One Jew got to 12 inveterate bandits with shtakhy (territories)! This history, worthy not mine, and Shakespearean feather. Three nights were cheerful!

I already expect reaction of our people who saw these recalls. Someone will understand, and someone not really. B - g to them the judge, not terribly, I always remember how I reign to our wisest Solomon, the namesake to mine, brought the fallen woman who stole chicken on a market to feed hungry children. The aggressive crowd wanted to hammer unfortunate with stones and hooted as a beehive. Solomon knew, crowd - a terrible thing. Also made really solomonovo the decision. - Well, - he told, kill her with kamenye, - But, let the first will throw a stone the one who without sin! Unfortunate survived, and the legend reminds us once again - look at yourself!

Well still the old Jew of the worker in a chamber of prison learned. That it got all - - teach something. And at the most two classes what you want, asks the hard worker? And here Jew Enstein invented the theory of relativity, what is it? the Jew weak, the patient, the hard worker helps him with a chamber. There is no place to disappear! Well, listen, speaks: you have three head hair, it is a lot of? - - Not, it is not enough! - - And in a plate three hair - are not enough? - No, in a plate - - there is a lot of! Again - - you the wife how many time you kiss? - - Yes time vnedelyu. It is not enough? No, the worker says, it is a lot of. And once to kiss foreign wife how? - - Others - is a little! Well, understood now? And what, asks again, for these two jokes it Nobel was given? There is a pancake, got! The Jew, and that Kaka a pendulum p to a chamber - sits on a bed - backwards - - forward, aha - - thought up! Here you, it - - the hard worker, go, go. - - - Yes, answers, I go! - - No, Jew to it! - - Actually you - - SIT! - Understood? Now understood! Everything, I will run in park, to battle against an old age. I will not want in park if, to the wood hour of walking! Rest only dreams them! About such as I this word is told!

My bird - not a gagara in the gorge with the head under the arm, and a proud Petrel over the gray-haired plain of the sea! We still, we still will do some fighting!