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What does Holland attract tourists with? Charming provincial towns on channels. Part 1

Most often tourists visit three main cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Hague and Rotterdam. To other cities, at best, get out to short excursions. But it is possible to see and understand life of the real Holland only in the province. Give and we will be passed on picturesque and slow towns in which tenor of life changed a little for last centuries.

Practically all small cities of the Netherlands are of undoubted interest to tourists, but first of all it is worth visiting the cities of Holland - historical part of the country which developed on North - the West of the state. Exactly here you will get to the world of peaked Lutheran churches, windmills, channels, tulips and fragrant cheeses.

Survey of the small cities can devote specially several days, and it is possible to do it and arrivals of Amsterdam or the Hague. The fine transport network of the country allows to come to be in several hours in any point of Holland.

To begin travel across provincial Holland I advise with Zans - Skhans where on the bank of the small rivulet Zaan the operating windmills remained. Once they were more than one thousand here. Thanks to wind-driven generators sawed boards for the ships here, did paper, pressed vegetable oil, ground grain on flour and much still what did. To reach Zanse - Skhansa simply - only 15 minutes by train from the central station of Amsterdam.

This region of Holland, amazing on beauty, was imprinted on the cloths by many artists. At the end of the 19th century Claude Monet liked to work here. Walk down the street with houses of the 17th century, look how the real wind-driven generators work, sweep on a teplokhodika on the quiet small river, it is more similar to the channel. Around you there will be truly Dutch landscapes - only manage to photograph.

Surely visit a lodge in which young Peter I when he in Zandam comprehended art of the ship builder lodged (10 - 15 minutes on foot from mills). Usually, the small bed on which managed is the biggest surprising to tourists to sleep the tall Russian monarch. This house is turned into the museum for a long time. Once here Nicholas II who presented to the city a monument to the tsar - to the shipbuilder visited. Probably, it was one of the first monuments on which the monarch of the great power is represented by the toiler, in common working clothes and with the carpenter`s axe in hands.

In 15 minutes from Amsterdam it is possible to reach by train the ancient town of Harlem which was in the Middle Ages the large shopping and cultural center of the country. In the city museums fine collections of painting. There are Rembrandt, Raphael, Reysdal, Mostart`s works, even Michelangelo. It is a lot of works of old Dutches, the whole museum is devoted to Frans Hals. In city showroom big exposition of works of artists of the XX century, including Kes Vervey.

Happening in Harlem, tourists surely visit Saint Bovan`s church. In it one of the best European bodies is established. On it is mute Mozart, Liszt, Handel, Seong - Sanz, Mendelssohn played. 1 - 2 times a week in church happen free concerts in the afternoon, but it is worth buying the ticket and to descend on a normal concert, especially, if you get to the city when there takes place the international competition of an organ music.

In Harlem there are a lot of original historical places, including also the operating windmill on which did cement and tobacco earlier, and now returned to a grain grinding. The mill is open for tourists not in all days, it is better to take an interest about time of its work in advance.

If there is a desire to enjoy beauty of the sea coast or to walk on the dunes which overgrew pines, it is worth going to the suburb of Harlem Zandvort. There is a good beach, it is possible to be engaged in windsurfing or just to bathe and breathe fresh sea air.

Undoubted interest of tourists causes also the small town of Edam - the center of production of the well-known cheese. Here in 30 minutes it is possible to reach from Amsterdam by bus. The cheese market in the city exists since the end of the 16th century. The town silent and cozy, is a lot of very narrow channels, a traditional windmill and Lutheran churches with magnificent stained-glass windows, very colourful ancient cemetery. The fine museum which was placed in two buildings. In one - the traditional showcase exposition and pictures, in another is kept an original situation of the house of the wealthy citizen of the XVI-XVII centuries - narrow spiral staircases, short beds (as they on two of them to sleep managed?) small darkish rooms, objects of daily use, apparently, that the spirit of old times soars in air.

If there is a desire to buy original souvenirs, come into shop - a workshop on Kapsteeg 12 where the wide choice of various stained-glass windows is presented. It is natural that tourists will not begin to get stained-glass windows on the whole window, but the small gracefully executed vitrazhik in a tin framework of 11 on 15 in size (see) or 13 on 20 to buy advised. Bagatelles are actually beautiful, not spread around and rather not expensive.

Tourists traditionally buy the well-known local cheeses in Edam. But to original judges of the real rural cheese I would advise to go on a Friday fair to the town of Alkmar (minutes 25 by train from Amsterdam). Exactly here a kingdom of Dutch cheese which is brought from all country, including from small farmer cheese dairies where it is done on ancient technologies. Such cheese is not cheap, but it is worth it.

The cheese fair is held with elements of fancy-dress show, many sellers in ancient suits, and carry cheese on an original stretcher. Here the mass of souvenirs, but, frankly speaking, did not see something original. The town dreven is also beautiful: a traditional set of ancient lodges, Lutheran churches (in one body of the 17th century), mills and channels on which it is possible to sweep on a peculiar gondola. There are several curious museums - cheese, beer, historical, " groups; Beatles . Is available also own small kvartalik red lamps.

Not far from Alkmar a small town with the strange name Anna Pavlovna. Except a name there is nothing especially exclusive in it. I warn that in vain time was not spent. And he is called by the name of daughters of the Russian emperor Paul I, the become Dutch queen.

And here Holder lying on 10 kilometers to the north will be interesting to fans of sea exotic. The town was located on the northernmost tip of continental Holland, the sea and the ships predominate here. It is possible to wander on the old docks which kept only external surroundings, now in them small restaurants, bars, etc., but separate constructions are extremely curious. By the way, several ancient ships in dock nevertheless stand, there is an operating beacon of a century before last.

In the town the big Sea museum, with a mass of original exhibits was placed. If to consider that the similar museum of Amsterdam is on reconstruction now, this becomes twice interesting. Near the city big fields of tulips, but their charm it is possible to feel only in the spring. And here beautiful sandy beaches wait for tourists right now.

In Holland there are a lot of small towns in which color of last times remained. In them it is possible to see weight interesting and that is important, originally Dutch, and at the same time and to have a rest from noisy and eternally hurrying Amsterdam, the Hague or Rotterdam.

Be continued.