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Who such Samoyed? White, fluffy is also not ill...

will make a reservation At once that the horrible word Samoyed has no relation to something really terrible. And, especially, has no relation to gastronomic addictions of this animal. And this animal is a dog. Primordially Russian, northern breed which livestock was almost lost and remained this breed only thanks to works of foreign enthusiasts of the end 19 - the beginnings of the 20th century. Which - where on Far North Russia individuals native dogs of breed the Samoyed still meet, but their thoroughbredness raises certain doubts.

There is an opinion that the first dogs - ancestors of present Samoyeds - were taken out to Europe by the English captain Joseph Uiggens at the time of searches of ways of trade with Siberia, but this fact does not have documentary confirmation, unfortunately. Thus, modern populations of present Samoyeds occurs from little imported native dogs. Having done a twisting way, breed returned to Russia and now begins to gain popularity in our country, but a livestock still small, according to different data is from 1800 to 2500 dogs in all territory of Russia.

Snow-white, similar at the same time and on a polar bear cub (in a shchenyachestvo) and a white wolf (adult dogs), with impurity of a polar polar fox a dog. There is a hypothesis that breed was initially received thanks to a domestication of white wolves, but there are no scientific proofs of this theory. The standard name - Samoyeds, more scientific - a samoyed or the Arctic spitz-dog, though if you in the presence of the owner of the Samoyed call his dog by a laika, let and Samoyed, or a spitz-dog, let and Arctic, then you risk to run into squall of indignation. It is explained by absolute eccentricity of this breed and the fact that both names badly reflect feature of this breed. The Samoyed is a Samoyed! With inherent in it and only to it characteristics of an exterior and character.

That for an animal?

we more or less decided by

On appearance - it is a white fluffy dog, to the word marriage of breed of which color of eyes, excellent from black, and also lack of pigmentation of a nose and lips is considered. Eyes are slightly slanting, with a constant hitrinka in them. Wool at Samoyeds polar - dense fluffy underfur, both longer and rigid ostevy wool. Around a neck dense collar on hips - magnificent " trousers; and the tail of the Samoyed is a subject of separate article - magnificent, plentifully trimmed and, in my opinion, being an additional tool of communicative communication.

By the sizes Samoyeds reach 53 - 57 cm, the average weight of 23 - 25 kg in withers.

One definitely - never and anywhere near this dog to you threatens to be unnoticed. It is checked - works! The most difficult in it a question - to answer an avalanche of questions what breed is and as the word " is deciphered; Samoyed . What, he and the truth himself eats? - the most frequent of this series. Breed received the name not because himself eats but because northern tribes which parted them since ancient times belong to nationalities of the Lappish group (samoyad, the Sami - ende) which brightest representatives - Nenets. Also dogs in these tribes as shepherds, hunters, transport, nurses and even " were used; hot-water bottles for children. Now, by the way, Samoyeds participate in races in teams on an equal basis with other riding breeds of dog. Powerful, elegant, free and tireless - such is the Samoyed. Love to snow, love to to potyagushka in blood - even without being used in sports draft driving, the Samoyed on walk always strives to give a ride the owner with a breeze.

With what eat it?

A here with anything it is not eaten. It is loved, moreover - adored, and begin to adore everything (except for especially spiteful biped persons who are not loving in principle all live generally, and themselves, in particular), young and old at the first contact, and at times and the first look. Floated, we know - itself I am the victim of similar charm. Because charm at Samoyeds simply the sea. Not dissipated love to all live - approximately as much. But majority of dogs such - you will tell. Yes, but there are also special exceptions of this rule with hypertrophied love to everyone and everything - Samoyeds.

For this reason, and also because of total absence of aggression in character of a dog Samoyeds are hardly recommended to fans of combative or security breeds. Though is not present, probably, I lie, the Samoyed - the best security guard on light because any thief who made the way to you to the house, the Samoyed with happiness will just lick to death. The Samoyed is a partner, the Samoyed is a nurse, the Samoyed is a keeper of tranquility and wellbeing in a family, the guardian angel, a mascot if you want.

So, character: friendly, open, cheerful, clockwork. Tender, sociable, very social. It is absolutely nonaggressive. Moreover, presence of aggression at the Samoyed is considered marriage of pedigree cultivation.

The Samoyed - the gregarious dog, perceives a family precisely the pack, with the corresponding hierarchy, duties of each member, the rights and freedoms. And therefore often it is necessary to explain to a puppy - the Samoyed who in a family, that is in pack, main. And to do it by a time, I will tell, oh as it is difficult as Samoyeds so impudently use the charm that it is necessary to take measures from the " series; the newspaper on a nose that did not gnaw " slippers; having only strong clenched teeth. And carefully etching from the head of thought that what I cast out that raised a hand against such miracle, and the hell with him, with this slipper, let gnaws to himself on health .

And if not to etch them, these thoughts, the Samoyed quickly prosekat as it is possible to exploit the owner, it is only necessary to look to the owner in eyes with the correct expression on a tow-haired muzzle. No, I did not make a reservation, Samoyeds are able to express on a muzzle all range of emotions, and often in the self-interests. Because these dogs are devilishly clever. The intelligence is one of distinctive features of breed. Probably, the only dog who, having received team during training occupations, considers its couple of seconds. No, it, of course, will execute it, but therefore whether that considers it necessary or that owner not to offend is already on its discretion.

There now, generally, such they, unusual and charming dogs with the scary name Samoyed .

Yes, I will not keep and I will make one more small addition of personal observations without which the picture, in my opinion, will not be full - Samoyeds do not smell of a dog, they do not have this characteristic smell that, undoubtedly, personally for me is one more positive addition to the general portrait of Samoyeds.