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You gather for the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to Germany? Then you need to read it!

About 4,5 years ago I left on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE Moscow to the small town (to the German measures, and on Russians - to the village of city type) under the name Kaiserslautern. And in the first day I understood that I got not to the expected Heaven of serenity and tranquility, and to paper hell. Many claim that Russia is the country of bureaucracy what I can safely answer that Russia by quantities of pieces of paper, references, the seals and statements will not be compared to Germany which is also in vain considered as the beautiful country with the correct, punctual people. I want to open eyes to those people who still believe that life in this prudish country is much better and that money grows on trees there.

When you come on PERMANENT RESIDENCE , you are lodged in the usual hostel which is called haym (a literal translation - camp). God grant, that you arrived to weekday, early in the morning, when the social employee of camp on a workplace. And also, to you will largely carry if you in the room (in which usually lodge 4 - x the person, even not the family) have a separate shower and a toilet. Kitchen practically always one on the floor, at most two. If you arrive without money, then you can almost not survive in the first 2 - 3 weeks. Money to you will be paid by nobody at once. First of all, you will be brought to the social worker who, in principle, has to help you. In rare instances you will be given for a while bed and kitchen accessories, and your documents will be carried on all instances by workers of the Red Cross without your participation.

Usually, the first 2 - 3 weeks will constantly call you to the director of camp, to the caseworker which will persistently say to you that you arrived in vain that you do not fit here that nobody you ever will take anywhere neither to study nor to work and that in Russian they do not tell (though all this bald lie). Further, at your expense, to you will process all necessary and unnecessary documents, the translations, at the same time you will always have to go together with employees of camp. Many live in Jaime till some years as cannot find the apartment for a sjyom, which passed the state on meters and cost. All who live in camp have no right to work as live on a neck at the state. The longer you live there, the more you should give from the social benefit for the room.

When you look for the certain apartment, it has to conform to certain standards since. in the beginning this apartment will be paid besides by the state (more precisely, social establishment under the name ARGE). For example, on one person 46 square meters at most are necessary. Cost fluctuates from the minimum to about 295 euros. Plus the area - in any districts of the city in general it is impossible to rent apartment so-called to sotsialshchik (unemployed).

If you found suitable apartments, at first you will have to sign the contract in which there will be a set of points which our people usually do not understand, from - for what as a result there is a great lot of excess problems and nedoponimaniye with the owner of the apartment from nowhere (for example, you got a dog, and in the contract it is written that in the apartment it is forbidden to have pets. You did not make repair, did not consider keys from doors and number of scratches on a floor at entrance? At departure will attribute you all faults which will only be found).

When you, at last, were installed to the apartment, you are obliged to run in ARGE. There to you will long rinse brains that it is necessary to bring some more missing documents that you came at all not to that to whom it is necessary and in general they will have a lunch break now. Generally, it is not necessary to hope that at once will pay you because there with open arms nobody waits for you. There is also it that cheerful and allegedly exact rabotnichka lose your statements and certificates that the social benefit is necessary to you, or list not to you, and other person who in turn too receives a huge problem: when find a mistake, will send to that person the letter in which it will be in detail described as when he received in too large number and as when it has to return back to the state now.

And will find this mistake only when you go to ARGE as for work - almost daily. And when you is final you will get everything, you receive the money. But do not dream of a large sum. The apartment for 295 euros to you will be paid, and moreover you receive today about 345 euros (there were 297 euros earlier) a month from which you will have to pay light and gas (if is). About the TV, radio (on them separate taxes), phone (15 euros a month plus what tell, considering paid calls by the city, even on a home telephone number, and all this is assessed with a tax in 19 percent) and all the rest I am silent. In the end of the year to you the master checking batteries, gas, light etc. will come. Will take readings and will leave. And in several days will send you recalculation in which the sum which you will have to pay in addition in case of a reexpenditure of light and gas will be specified.

So, I told you only small part of what you need to know if you filed documents to the German Embassy. You will tell: And I will not stay at home! I will go to work! And you know that in Germany huge unemployment? All of you still want to throw everything and to go to others country, with foreign people, having put a fat cross on antecedents and having started everything from scratch? Think before making such important vital step.