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When it is useful to rub salt in the wound?

Do not pour to me salt on a wound, it still hurts... - it is sung in the old famous song on S. Osiashvili`s words. But, it appears, the song of songs, and is cases when for productive treatment of a wound she has to be cajoled salt. Unpleasantly, but it is very effective. Very well will be suitable for these purposes both cooking, and sea salt.

Table salt

In - the first, such salt is very effective at vsevsevozmozhny pustulous diseases and furuncles on skin. There are several interpretations of its application:

The bandage or a piece of a gauze becomes impregnated with 2% solution of salt and becomes attached at several o`clock to a sore point. For example, it is very convenient to make this procedure for the night.

Salt carefully mixes up with bread which frays previously up to the kasheobrazny weight. This mix needs to be bound densely to a gnoynichka or to a furuncle bandage.

In - the second, table salt is used in complex treatment of follicular quinsy . And it is in fact too very heavy wounds. And wounds of such sensitive place as throat. Nagnoivshiyesya follicles are very dangerous thing. Therefore it is necessary to work in this case very competently.

And it is often accepted to begin with table salt treatment of such quinsy with rinsing (often even before survey of the doctor and purchase in a drugstore of serious preparations which are necessary in this case). And use of salt right at the beginning is very right decision. And what will begin such treatment earlier, that the chance to cure quinsy will be much higher quicker.

Rinsing by solution of table salt helps in general at any wounds which are formed in an oral cavity: in language, gums, the sky.

But that the effect was faster and strong, hydrochloric solution can be prepared not only on water, and, for example, and on various grass broths - camomiles, calendulas, a St. John`s Wort.

can apply table salt which mixes up with a melted animal (for example, pork) fat to treatment of ekzemny wounds. On hundred grams of such fat only one tablespoon of salt is required. It is desirable to take small (better even crushed on the coffee grinder) salt.

various nature and various ulcerations, erosion apply to treatment of wounds also acetic solution of salt. An ideal proportion of such means - 1 part of vinegar and five parts of salt. The received means needs to be applied carefully on the struck places and to rub accurately.

It is known also that for treatment of wounds use also the salt which is carefully mixed with clay. Working in couple, these components achieve quite good wound healing results.

Sea salt

Sea salt is also applied by

in different curative recipes at ekzematozny wounds. And, it is necessary to notice, its application can be both in the form of trays, and in the form of applications. It is possible to apply directly one sea salt, and it is possible to combine it and with other curative substances.

For example, for applications, it is possible to make such powder. Sea salt together with a dry grass of a glycyrrhiza, taken in identical parts, small are milled on the coffee grinder.

How most effective to apply it? This means it is necessary to strew plentifully places of defeat with eczema and to bandage (important to consider such nuance: it is necessary to do everything possible that the bandage did not fly and powder kept on a sore point, but in too time the bandage should not be and too hard).

To achieve the necessary curative effect, but it is excessive not to overdry skin, time of such procedure has to proceed about an hour then the bandage is removed, and the struck places are carefully and accurately washed out by cool water. It is recommended to carry out this procedure for the scheme: for example, three days with applications, three days - a break.

The course of treatment depends in many respects on eczema type. If it is the sharp contact eczema caused by not really strong irritant, then the small number of sessions can be enough, and here in case of treatment of chronic eczema it is necessary to stock up with serious patience: wounds and cracks will heal much more slowly, it is especially heavy if the allergic component or its varicose nature is added to eczema it.

But this method nevertheless it is possible to use not at any stage of eczema, in particular, if it is observed direct moknuty bubbles, then this recipe will not bring benefit.

So to ask the question To pour or not to rub salt in the wound? it does not make sense at all, the version of the answer leading to healing is clear. Also it begins in most cases just with the sure word To Pour! . Now you know that salt will bring benefit in many cases. Though, certainly, so there is a wish that these cases were not at all, and all were healthy and safe!