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Whether enough you were already tired of what you are in?

How, living in the state with economy which only begins to develop, it is possible to lead worthy life? How to make ends meet? How to pay off with the credits? How to buy housing or the new car, without having thrown the next credit stranglehold to own detriment? to you such thought never came to

to mind: I am capable, talented, hardworking, but... constantly there is not enough money? One financial gap was closed - another appears. What`s the reason?

Many people consider that something not so with them. Russia - the world leader in the number of the people who finished life with suicide. It is obvious that it are people who the actions showed to society own low self-assessment. And how many people cost at this side today? Someone is closer, someone is farther...

Whether on the business at these people was an exit and there is no decision for thousands to them similar? Whether so they were insolvent and are not prepared for life?

To answer these questions, let`s begin with what we will test ourselves:

1. Whether it is enough at you money for a covering of all your needs and needs of your family?

2. Whether you in the bosom of the family spend so much time how many it is necessary?

3. May you otdolzhit to the friend 1000, 5000, 10000 rubles without experiencing difficulties?

4. Whether the campaign in a supermarket for you is a reminder that you are not able to afford a lot of things?

5. Whether you need the second work to be afloat?

6. You - live, survive or exist, speaking about quality of your life?

7. You remember when you were on full holiday last time?

8. Whether you need means to buy the apartment, the car, household appliances, etc.?

9. You help the parents enough - to pensioners financially?

we will not spend time for continuation of this list - you better, than someone, you know the sick point.

If you honestly answered yourself these questions and found out that you very successful person and at you everything is good, then throughout reading this material there is a sense for you, well unless to verify the compass and to check whether you can become even more successful using materials of this section.

So, went?

1. Hatred. whether

at you such trait of character Is present? If - yes, that it is very healthy, it very much to be useful to us. Yes, hatred.

Take this tool and work with it right now. Apply your hatred to that way of life which you conduct now. To that its party which foully pulls you down.

you do not do exercises? Begin to hate own laziness. You like to be late? Begin to hate the disorder. There is no money? You cannot marry? Are sick? Begin to hate also it. Your debts and you do not know an exit? Hatred and once again hatred!

Remember: you are not intended in this life to an illness, hunger, not device, poverty, a debt hole. It is not your way!

So we will do? To arrive the same as arrived earlier and to have the same result? What is prompted by logic? So all - - changes? And you are already rather filled with hatred to an old way of life which keeps you in the death grip?

I do not ask whether you believe that you will be able to become a millionaire. I ask whether enough you were already tired of what you are in? Whether you are ready to ACTION?

But before to go further, I want that you recognized: what you have for today it is result of your thinking, your idea of life. These are those postulates in which you trust, YOUR laws lives on which you lean. It is your mentality which led you to these results.

Only you are responsible for what you have today and you deserve it!

There was no long wish to leave the convenient zone of comfort, the capsule. Isn`t it?

2. Formation of thinking. Articles of belief. Once the dealer in footwear sent to

two people to the far-away country with an assignment to find out what footwear is used by locals and whether it will be possible to sell favourably there the goods.

When the first messenger returned, his words were such:

- About mister, these people do not wear shoes at all, they go barefoot and they will not manage to sell us any couple!

The second messenger after return told:

- The owner, these people for the present do not know what is footwear and go barefoot, we will be able to sell more than our goods there, than in all other places!

Only I am responsible for the thinking! Personally I am sure that it is possible to achieve everything in the life, all - that you wish. If only you are ready to begin to pay for it the price!

Robbins Anthony told: The Present provision of the person is exact reflection of its articles of belief .

There is a big abyss between the fact that you want, and what you trust in. For example, if to ask you whether you wish to have more money, then most likely you tell that - yes. But check

yourself whether the following installations are hidden deeply in your subconsciousness:

- I will never be able to have so much money that was enough for me for life

- all my relatives were poor and it is my destiny

- money bears the evil

- badly to have too much money - it corrupts character

- God loves poor people

- at rich there are no true friends

- my destiny - to be poor

- the wealth will badly influence my children

- not in money happiness

- to wish money is a sin

- it is too difficult - to change and work on itself, is better to leave everything so

- all the same at me will turn out nothing.
to Wish

riches and to leave negative installations to live in your head is most too what to spit against wind.

Think how there were at you negative articles of belief? What people surround you? What your parents about money and success told you all life? Who influences formation of your thinking now?

It is extremely important. If you do not teach to think positively the brain of money, what you would not do you will never have them enough. What to do? To replace negative installations with positive. Find convincing arguments and proofs in books of the most successful people who will prove to you that you were mistaken in the past.

Try to achieve that all installations and articles of belief did not contradict your purposes.

At the same time as you work on the installations, you have to see yourself it whom you dream to be.

How you want to have a lot of money? What house or apartment? What to lead a life? What place you want to take in society? How you want to earn money? Would you like to help people? How many children you have to have? Your NEW day regimen? Your NEW circle of friends? Your hobby?

Do not limit yourself! Read, you look, listen to what will strengthen you in your vital installations and go by that image of updated which you thought up.

Sir John Templton is the billionaire. He refused to operate personally the companies to be engaged and contain 18 charity foundations.

Isn`t that so, money does not happen too much?

drivers have a joke: you will arrive there where you look. If we look at the person on whom we want to be similar and we begin to do ACTIONS same which are done by him, then after a while we will begin to receive the same result which it has.

3. How to reach financial independence. If you already realized

that without having changed false installations in the subconsciousness it is not possible to achieve financial abundance in the life, then we will pass to the following step - as .

What was the general on an avenue to wealth at Alla Pugacheva and Bill Gates? May we find a solution of their success? In what a secret?

I removed this formula of success independently a trial and error method on the way. It is what I sacredly trust in and on what you can make to yourself a fortune. These are only three points which you have to execute to become the man of means.

A) Professionalism. what we do we have to do

professionally. Whom you would not be in the specialty - it is the obligatory requirement. If you have no enough knowledge or professional skill in the area - do not regret money and time to liquidate all gaps. You have to know much more in the sphere, than the ordinary average worker of your specialty.

Important remark: in what you want to be engaged considerable part of the life - has to be pleasant to you. If you cannot support yourself today doing that work which very much is pleasant to you - that it has to become for you work No. 2. After a while she will surely force out unloved occupation and will make you the rich person.

If for a number of reasons you have no specialty - that you have to know personally such professional or get acquainted with him to pass to the " point; B .

C) Build a network of consumers.

needs to create the whole network of the consumers ready to acquire my knowledge, services, a product. It can be done through distribution today (network, MLM) the company, by means of classical to sales, using advertizing in various information means, and also using modern methods of electronic commerce.

C) Investment.

Money has to make money. If you have only 1000 rubles for this purpose - begin.

Unfortunately, in the years spent at school we do not learn about the main thing: how to increase greatly the wealth how to invest.

Considering all these points, it is possible to construct the successful and developing monetary mechanism and to cease to experience difficulties in the material plan.

Act! And at you all will turn out!