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How to make pie - a transformer?

of the Relation with yeast dough at me did not develop: pie turned out too rigid, insufficiently magnificent, burned slightly However, as any hostess respecting herself, I have to treat the guests to pies. In one of recipe-books the interesting recipe which I would like to share with readers got to me. This culinary masterpiece quickly and simply prepares. And various stuffings will allow you to surprise every time the relatives with something brand new and very tasty.

For the test we take three yolks (if the stuffing is on proteins) or two eggs entirely (if the stuffing is cheese), a glass of milk, two hundred grams of butter, sugar and salt to taste (depends on that, with a sweet or salty stuffing pie is planned). We heat milk on fire, we kindle in it oil, we add yolks, salt and sugar. We pour in the turned-out weight in flour (in one of recipe-books of my grandmother it is told that at preparation of the liquid test flour is added to liquid, and for abrupt - liquid components gradually mix to flour). Dough has to it will turn out rather abrupt and plastic.

We roll ready dough in pancake about a half-centimeter thick and we spread in the oiled form. We press down dough in a form, we give it a look " pans; we cut off excess pieces from edges, we do by a fork holes on all bottom (it is necessary in order that when baking the pie bottom was not blown up) and we put pie for fifteen minutes in an oven. Without stuffing! we will prepare it and we will lay out in a testyany pan later.

While dough pines in an oven, we will be engaged in a stuffing.

Stuffing the first, proteinaceous . Three protein, couple of drops of lemon juice that they were better shaken up, the blender or the mixer will be necessary for us for it and it is a little imagination. I, having separated the whites from the yolks, at once I put them in the refrigerator. The cooled whites are beaten quicker.

Beat whites with lemon juice and sugar the mixer or in the blender, add the fresh fruit crushed in mashed potatoes or cut by pieces. If you have no blender, soft berries and fruit can just be wiped through a strainer. If to beat whites without sugar, then they can be mixed with small cut crabsticks. It is possible to add everything that can be crushed: Ready mix fill in greens, vegetables, fish canned food, mushrooms with

in pie and put in an oven for fifteen minutes. The stuffing will turn into a gentle souffle under a ruddy crust. You can make fragrant tea and invite guests at a table.

Stuffing the second, cheese . Small cut chicken - a grill, mix with fried onions and mayonnaise. Lay out in pie and strew with grated cheese. Still option - the fried onions mixed with grated cheese, also under a cheese crust. Very tasty pie turns out with the liver forcemeat flavored with a zazharka from carrots and onions and one egg. I like to decorate such pie with patterns from green peas.

Also I got the last stuffing in inheritance from grandmother`s cookery: three hundred grams of the pickles cut with small cubes, overroasted with onions (sounds strange, but on taste and by the form - as mushrooms).

I listed only the favourite options. You for certain will manage to find some new stuffing for your family pie. Bon appetit!