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Month without the Internet can be pleasant? My experience of

So it was moved now that lack of a global network for many of us seems at least penal servitude, to death it is similar - as at most. I some time ago considered also. I repent, it is guilty. If not the casual circumstance, then was not cardinal changes in my life what I its (circumstance) thank for.

At the end of every month in the head of me the thought was twisted: It is necessary to pay services of provider, otherwise will turn off access to the " Network;. But also, sorry, on the old woman there is a prorukha. Forgot. It is necessary to tell, as financial my position was very shaky at that time therefore it was decided to save on a global web. Experiment? Experiment, not differently.

Initially reflected that I just will be able to survive in absence of such luxury, as broadband access the Internet. Prospect will fail on a sofa, to idle and so on, it did not seem for me very iridescent, and I began to look for work to liking for hands and mind. Long it was not necessary to look for.

One old became the first on a warpath with monkey business it is black - the white " TV; Youth which once for the unclear reasons ceased to broadcast video signal, and behind uselessness became the constant resident of the top shelf of a dresser as a rare exhibit where simply collected in itself dust.

It is necessary to tell that I study at faculty of radio electronics, and first of all I chose the old TV with an ulterior motive. So, having armed with desire to understand that to what and pair of screw-drivers, I began survey of the patient. A couple of minutes, and the TV any more not the TV, but a payment, a kinescope and couple of other details which are elegantly spread out on a table.

When opening the first thought was is as follows: Fathers! And this I breathe every day? . As you probably understood, I about dust. Deposit unpleasant by sight I in life did not see such number of this. Also would not like to see in general. But it was necessary to do something. In about half an hour all details if sparkled from purity, then were cleared of dust.

Having aggregated all parts, I was glad for myself a little. But it is short. Still there was no video signal. Having repeated analysis procedure, I undertook detailed survey of all components. And I found that looked for, though not really quickly. Found both a soldering iron, and gumboil for electrical equipment later, and next day and the fused detail which to my big surprise was found in shop of radio goods for a small payment.

It was very interesting to me what I will be able to achieve by own efforts, and I did not shelve a peculiar repair. I will not go into technical details, but I will tell that replaced the fused payment component with svezhekuplenny. Assembly, connection, crossing of fingers behind the back and voila! Rabotet! It is simple not to describe that stream of feelings, friends.

The destiny of almost my age-mate was decided by my father, and instantly - the TV on the dacha that it charmed a look and hearing of parents also there. As well as nearly 19 years ago. They are still grateful to me for that sense of nostalgia which they already almost did not expect to test again.

This though small, but pleasant episode from my life not so only which presented me refusal of the things which became habitual. I will please also with one more useful opytomv soon my life which was given me with small work. I mean health.

For now I want to urge dear readers of School of Life not to despond from temporary deprivations, and to look for an opportunity for improvement of the opportunities on the future.