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Our Russian dream. Whether it is easy to believe in it?

the person has to have a purpose in life for the sake of which implementation he actually also lives.

There is a purpose, but there are no opportunities. It is the most actual for our country.

All of us time fight for a survival, we assert the rights, we try to achieve leadership in the world community.

To live, hoping for the best times it is senseless.

Now we can hardly brag of a high standard of living, it as in England or America and, I think, in the near future it is not expected.

The most beautiful country rich with minerals, the huge rivers and fields, the woods which endured so many wars. To us is, than to be proud! We the athletes, the most beautiful women, best in the world, at us have the rich culture, the customs passing from father to son. Our country became famous for the first person who departed to space. And education level is at the high level. Very many graduates of our higher education institutions work abroad. Of course, there much bigger prospects.

We have enough reasons for pride. Only we cannot still achieve worthy life, respect from the same Americans. Also it is asked why and, we not such disciplined, we read “War and peace“ completely, but not reduced option, well not really - we love that, there are hamburgers and cheeseburgers, prefer to cook our specialty borsch and a symbol of our Olympic Games the hero of the Russian animated films, the Cheburashka.

I consider myself as the patriot, but now, in the presence of opportunities, would try happiness in other country. Always it is necessary to seek to live better. In this aspiration it is possible to achieve great success. And how to live in the country where the word of an opportunity does not exist. All of us depend on someone. And so there is a wish to be free, to believe in good luck. Unless it is possible to present in our country that, working as the ordinary waitress, quite really to get acquainted with the famous film director and to act in his movie. In states actually each famous actor can tell a story about how he before star career worked as the waiter or the washerman of cars. Then one successful meeting and your life cardinally changes. At us it is very difficult to imagine it. That to achieve something in life, it is necessary to make many efforts for it. Of course, the main thing, desire and at you everything will turn out. This very correct and optimistical statement. But, unfortunately, one desire sometimes happens insufficiently. For example, you, the beautiful, young girl having unique talent at you are an excellent voice. You dream to become a singer. For this purpose you graduate from music school. You have a diploma about the higher education, plus huge ambitions and vital potential. Now your purpose to break through on a platform. For that time while you try to participate in some serious competition, already even learned to write songs and it is quite quite good. But it turns out that do not wait for you anywhere and your talent is not of great importance. As so, it turns out, you think, you, I much more talented also am more perspective than many of those whom we see on screens of TVs. And it appears, everything is very simple besides talent, influential communications or a big purse are necessary. Here and it turns out, really talented people stay at home and dream of star career, and our rich mother`s sonnies and father`s daughters knock down money and live in full luxury. Really everything is so unfair in our life and we have to suffer from it? Unfortunately, it is the forecast for the next years, but I will tell so, it is not necessary to become despondent, difficulties only temper the person. Of course, to achieve what you want, it is just necessary to be the strong person. Strong, means penetrative, persistent, a little ambitious and rigid. It is necessary to have a certain talent of the psychologist, to be able to distinguish people. To be near those to whom you trust though completely it is only possible to trust himself, to eliminate those from whom you see real threat, maybe not now, in the future. From here ability to listen to the intuition. It is so much rules. All this can learn, of course, at big desire.

“Himself can be learned only after you open borders of own opportunities“.

Presently such concepts as decency, kindness, sincerity, mutual respect lose the importance. It is considered if you very kind and a little shy, mean surely “ninny“, about here if with big shoulders, talkative, energetic and rather impudent, then already “superman“.

But it does not mean at all that it is necessary to pursue time and to imitate it. The main thing always to remain itself and not to lose itself in constantly changing processes of life. In total again and again taking place events, of course, leave the mark, and we change. And has to be. We change and we change the world around ourselves.

And time always one! The main thing not to lose that cultural wealth which brings up in us since the childhood.