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Man`s self-assessment. From where their uncertainty undertakes?

Search of the ideal man are a difficult, labor-intensive process. It is always important to remember it and not to be upset once again at the sight of the kissing couples. At first sight, they look happy and that there actually... And then, if to look narrowly at the choice of these girls, then you will understand that they are definitely not among ideal men. And you that need ideal. Yours, which such one.

the Choice of the partner in many respects depends on self-assessment level. “We meet those whom we deserve“. For this reason, the men making impression ideal as externally, and in respect of material prosperity, but at the same time, giving preference to the most beautiful darlings call diffident.

From where, as a matter of fact, undertakes their uncertainty?

I percent of such males began to grow presently. So, in what the reason of such conscious choice? In fear to lose such beauty or it is all about the increased requirements?!! Or this unwillingness allow last mistakes can?

Any man very painfully belongs to the last failures, quite often transferring the negative experience to the present relations, thus “splashing out“ emotions. “One already deceived me. Also another will deceive“. Such men live this principle, at a meeting with the new girl / woman that another which broke life recurs to the memory.

Greed, distrustfulness, self-love - here consequences of those antecedents which haunt to this day.

Someone can delete the past from the life and begin all over again, and it will pursue someone, thereby, preventing to live, and without giving the chance to confide, see the happiness. “Now I found

other woman absolutely not similar to that what I had earlier. It was the doll which tried on an image of the victim. Perceived me as production. Easy mark. At first to tame, and then to throw. Here, what she tried to obtain. My purse was as if rubber. Money left constantly. And I for it did everything - loved, admired! Fool. Everything, enough! More I do not want it! I will not allow. It is awful to feel the used toy. I know, itself allowed. Now everything will be differently! And let it neither such beautiful, nor such interesting, nor such bright...) )) But, disinterestedly loves me, cares, cooks well and, the main thing, it from me will not get to anywhere! I feel freedom, for the first time in life“.

of Such opinions can be heard very much and many. The female confidence and self-sufficiency is often regarded as arrogance, inaccessibility, inconstancy. Though, statistically, the bigger percent of the girls / women having tendency to inconstancy concerns to female vneshneneprimechatelny persons. Besides appearance it is important to consider elements of education and education.

by What is caused tendency of married men, to get affairs with pretty young girls on the party?

Fight against the complexes from - for wrong the choice of the spouse? Complexes from - for age? From here the increased desire to communicate with young people, thereby, at the expense of them, raising itself a self-assessment, reviving in itself spirit of youth and activity? Self-confidence, a habit to change partners?

Unfortunately, in our country, decreases percent of the people wishing to marry and establish a family every year. Yes, family life and freedom - incompatible concepts. But what good in freedom when you are one? What bad to come home after the unlucky working day and to see rather close people, to share with them the news?!! They are always ready to listen and understand. You - one family.

Friends friends, and is your life. Today you together spend time, you have general thoughts, plans, and tomorrow everything can change. Someone from them meets the girl of the dream, plans right there change, thoughts of a wedding appear... At your friend other life, other cares begins, there is no place to parties any more, he is completely busy by other person. The friendship does not come to an end, but is not so important.

we Will consider two different female opinions of rather ideal marriage:

“I consider marriages of convenience as stronger. It is an opportunity to live in a magnificent situation, to realize the plans and to develop. As a result, after time, there is a respect for the person who made so much and continues to do for the darling. In love there are no guarantees. In it it is possible to be disappointed and left quickly with nothing. Without darling and without money“. “I consider by

a marriage of convenience impossible for myself. Not because I ugly but because to live with the person without love, but for the sake of money, just could not. “With darling and paradise in a tent“ is not for me too, to live in what ABBA conditions... But to suffer the person who pays for the fact that you live with him, it too! We seek to live adequately - quite natural desire and all of us to it. The main thing to aspire to it together. And everything will turn out“.

Two women. Two absolutely different opinions. Means, not all identical, but men? Perhaps it is worth getting accustomed more attentively?