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Three types of men. Whom to meet?

“Beauty - terrible force!“. Really such “terrible“ that our men at the sight of such beauty are lost or in general run away. And then marry on ugly and secretly dream of beauties... Let`s a little deviate from our subject and we will answer a question: why many men so are afraid of beautiful women?!

Beauty is often compared to the unapproachable fortress which to break quite not easy. For this purpose the mass of efforts will be required. Courtings, gifts, prospects on the future... Such girl / woman needs to be won long and persistently. This, by itself, in power to the person rather well-to-do to which is what to offer.

It is representable three types of men with a different income level, we will estimate their chances in a gain of unapproachable fortress.

First type. Man poor in the small income.

Second type. Man not poor, but not rich with middle-income.

Third type. Provided / rich man.

So, first type. Uncertainty in itself, most likely, will not allow even to look towards such girl / woman. There is no money, there is no opportunity to look after, give gifts, to establish a family. Usually such men meet with “similar“.

Second type. Most often representatives of this type meet beauties, meet. Whether marry? It depends on the girl / woman whether will arrange her life with middle-income. If it is stable middle-income, then means lack of the high income, but there are a tranquility and stability.

And, at last, third type. Favourite type of beautiful, self-assured ladies. With such men there is a wish to be weak and defenseless. Real men. Successful, taken place in life.

As a rule, it is an age interval of 30 - 40 years when the man had a career and there was a desire to marry. The man at this stage already has the life and personal experience. High probabilities of the fact that he precisely knows what he wants and, the main thing, whom! At this age it is possible to call the man or taken place in life, or is not present.

It is critical age when it is time to decide on the vital values. He knows whom he wants to see near himself. At such age the unmarried man has tendency to get the relations with girls much more young than. With girls... Quite so. There is a lot of girls, and I, such solid and in general the real man, only one. It is possible to enjoy at first life, and then finally to be defined in the choice by that which will approach for a role of only.

“Near the young girl I feel like the youth, the young guy again, I remember how yesterday!“ .

However, it concerns also to married representatives of a strong half. Crisis of the middle of life, or crisis of middle age. Here it is about whether it is worth changing youth for money and gifts?

It is necessary to consider that at the age of 30 - 40 years the man can have negative experience of family life, children from the previous marriage. With such man it is necessary to be more careful, he as if did not transfer this experience to your relations, and you did not become the culprit of its loss, last mistakes.

As for children... Children, as we know, life flowers. These are its flowers lives. You need to reconcile to what he will pay much attention to the child and to be ready to it, to be a concordant for a role favourite, but not only.

We will consider age till 27 years . This is the young man, active, not loving monotony, being at a stage of formation of the man. The man defining that to him it is important to what to aspire what to reach finally. It is the period for creation of the relations and, perhaps, creations of a family. It is possible since. as a rule, at this age the guy is not ready to a family, to such responsibility. Young people are in the friendly companies, vanish in clubs and often change the beloved. Rivalry is, first of all, fight for leadership. At this stage of formation of the relation it is easy to stop and also easy to begin new. It is a stage of search, opportunities and new opening.

If the girl looks for the sponsor, then she should pay attention to men is more senior, we rather in detail considered them above. With young people of the relation it is conditionally possible to call “the guy - the girl“, with men of age of 30 - 40 years - “the father - the daughter“.

You want adventurism, meetings under the Moon, active life? Your ideal man: age till 27 years - here both romanticism, and parties, and an opportunity to create and develop together.

You want to feel weak and defenseless in hands of the strong man? Your ideal - age is more senior than 30 years. You will be in reliable hands, there will be both a roof over the head, and all necessary. On one bowl of scales - lack of youthful adventurism, excessive activity. On another - stability, confidence in tomorrow, lack of excess problems.

What will move - to solve to you!