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Search of the ideal man. Whether it is easy to make a right choice?

If to conduct survey, then most of women, probably, will answer so: “Ideal is rich, self-assured and in tomorrow, careful, reliable“.

Actually presently such men becomes less and less. What it is connected with? The majority of them are already married. Still, who will miss an opportunity to marry such man?! Such quickly snatch away, and to us “poor and unfortunate“, but to such pretty, it is necessary to be content with sluggish losers.

So, the bigger percent of ideal men belongs to the category “tightly grabbed“ or married. Other percent - men who are afraid to be “grabbed“ even if the prettiest and even beautiful!

Fear to lose the state overcomes belief in sincerity of feelings.

She wants to be with me:

a) it is attracted by my material benefits, i.e. desire to come to all ready;

b) there is an opportunity to become well-known, successful - favorable communications, the device for prestigious, highly paid work, opening of the business, shooting in advertizing, cinema... depending on the size of a purse of the potential husband, i.e. besides attract material benefits;

c) vacation abroad, expensive gifts and again same material benefits;

and, at last...

d) just loves me.

Most of rich / wealthy men in panic are afraid to lose the acquired property, money, see self-interest in everyone counter. It already becomes obsession. What`s next? Loneliness. Constant fear, regular change of partners.

“I often get acquainted, meet women / girls. It does not mean at all that I change them as gloves and it gives me pleasure. No, I just look for that only to which I will be able to trust really“ .

So every second wealthy man, the member of the Moscow exclusive society, society of bachelors, answers a question of inconstancy in private life.

Very often this search drags on for many years while the man in the blossoming of forces, at last, does not begin to understand how it is lonely. Also it becomes even more difficult to decide on the choice, it is even more difficult to believe.

This mania, fear led to the fact that for such man there is no value of the woman, per se! Today one, tomorrow another. Such such identical different, at first sight, and still. It is easy to get confused and bring all “under one line“. It is difficult to understand what of them real and what is not present.

It is true, many female representatives dream to live in Moscow, it is quite good to settle there. And to find “rich Buratino“ with the Moscow registration is not only chance to settle in the capital, but also to provide itself with quite quite good living conditions.

The Moscow rich men delete such options at once. Learned to distinguish and, for certain, at the sight of the illocal girl can read the word “registration“ in her eyes at once. Though there are Muscovites who were completely disappointed in aboriginals of our capital and preferring girls / women from provinces.

“Muscovites, recently, became too exacting and focused on career as in the West. And provincial senhoritas simple and not too exacting. With them it is simpler“ .

“There are a lot of girls good...“, and where to find the best, the most beautiful and the most disinterested? Let`s talk about sense of marriage and a family.

The family is a cell of society. Establishing a family, the person wants to relieve himself of loneliness, wants to be to someone necessary, wants to feel care and attention from close people.

Marriage is conscious and very responsible step. Is realized to choose to himself the partner in life, such close and native little man with whom it is possible to go safely on life. Reliability. Here a keyword for family life. Reliable partner in life is chosen for herself by the woman. Reliable - means, behind it, absolutely safe. It assumes stability not only in moral, but also in the material plan.

“This man can make happy my life and life of my future children“ .

“Life of my future children“ - here that initially important for any of us. We see in the man of the potential husband and the father. For this reason such qualities as reliability and stability, come to the forefront.

“All my friends she is already married and gave birth to children. And I still one“ .

If you still one, is yet not an occasion to equal on someone, to copy someone`s life. To aspire it is obligatory to marry only to overtake others, to be such as all. Your main objective - to show resistance to pressure, not to concede and decide that it is necessary for you. This standard and precisely established opinion that “a female century short“, it is not actual any more. Presently the woman is more concerned that she did not begin to build career in time, began to be engaged not in that field of activity how to untwist business...

A question of that, there will be I the old maid or not, now very few people are concerned.

Transition to the western outlook made the business. The modern woman argues so: “Till 30 years I build career, I earn money, I do favorite thing, I achieve the planned objectives. After 30 - ti I arrange private life. I marry, I give birth to children. And, perhaps, completely I will devote myself to a family“ .

To hurry - it does not mean to succeed, be made even to someone. All this is not competition and not race. Came running the first - won. Think of that how many marriages break up? Statistically, every second! Sense not in the one who will quicker marry in a hurry another is important absolutely! To make a right choice. Not to be mistaken. To live long and happily.