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Heartburn tortured? Time to learn why came.

according to the researches conducted in various countries including in Russia, the number of the people suffering from heartburn hesitates from 30 to 60% of the population. According to researchers from Great Britain, from 7428 examined patients chosen at random heartburn was noted at 40%, and 24% suffered from heartburn more than 10 years and only a quarter from them consulted about it with doctors. Heartburn is noted equally often both at men, and at women.

Heartburn - unpleasant feeling of burning with localization mainly behind a breast and in subspoon area. Yes, too I a problem, will be told by many of you, I had a heartburn, popeklo 5 minutes after a “tasty“ hamburger and passed. Actually at many people heartburn develops seldom and only after reception of low-quality food or after a considerable overeating (and soon holidays). But there is rather large number of the people suffering from heartburn is constant and enduring considerable tortures from it. So what reason of heartburn? Heartburn is observed at various diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, including to an ezofagita, the reflux - an ezofagita, stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, chronic gastritis with the increased sekretorny function, chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, also often occurs heartburn at pregnancy, at the operated patients when imposing zheludochno - an esophageal anastomoz.

Reason of development of heartburn. The majority of cases of developing of heartburn is connected with influence of gastric juice on mucous a gullet.

Such influence becomes possible when throwing gastric contents in a gullet (zheludochno - an esophageal reflux), and it in turn becomes possible of - for insufficiency of a kardialny sphincter of a gullet (a sphincter in the place of transition of a gullet to a stomach) which normal interferes pishchevodno - to a gastric reflux. The expressed reflux leads to emergence of a disease under the name a reflux - ezofagit.

of the Disease at which heartburn is possible. Hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm and a reflux - ezofagit

. I not for nothing united these two diseases. The matter is that most often they meet in common.

more often at first develops hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm. Hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm is result of shift through an esophageal opening of a diaphragm in a chest cavity of any abdominal organ, is more often than a stomach. Occurs almost at 50% of senior citizens, accompanies the course of stomach ulcer, chronic cholecystitis.

The atrophy of muscular part of a diaphragm leads to formation of hernia of an esophageal opening. Besides weakness of a diafragmalny muscle, leads the frequent increase of pressure in an abdominal cavity caused by heavy physical activity, cough, locks, an overeating to developing of hernias of an esophageal opening.

Owing to development of hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm arises insufficiency pishchevodno - a gastric sphincter (kardialny) and gastric contents freely get into a gullet and the reflux - an ezofagita causes development.

Symptomatology a reflux - an ezofagita is typical. The main signs chronic a reflux - an ezofagita are violations of passing of food on a gullet, heartburn, burning and a sadneniye, occasionally pains behind a breast. Heartburn most often arises at horizontal position and an inclination of a trunk forward, that is and passes in the situation facilitating a reflux at return to vertical position.

At a long long-term current chronic a reflux - an ezofagita in some cases heartburn becomes much weaker or passes absolutely, being replaced by irritation, feeling of a delay of the dry or badly chewed food. Such symptom is the adverse diagnostic sign accompanying development of a peptic striktura of a gullet.

Stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum. Heartburn at stomach ulcer develops for several reasons. The first - very often at patients with stomach ulcer is noted the increased acidity of gastric juice, and even short episodes of a reflux in a gullet (are norm at healthy people) cause the considerable damaging action on mucous a gullet, and, therefore, cause heartburn. The second - at defeat by an ulcer of a wall of a stomach or DPK decreases their sokratitelny function, time of passing of food on a stomach and a duodenum increases several times. Thereof the number of episodes of throwing of gastric contents in a gullet increases. The third - at the complicated course of stomach ulcer, with development of a stenosis of a duodenum, develops stagnation of food in a stomach. Simply speaking, the food cannot leave a stomach. At such patients the eructation the food eaten the day before, and in the started cases vomiting develops. Together with food masses a large amount of gastric juice gets to a gleam of a gullet.

the Illness of the operated stomach. This disease develops after resections or full removal of a stomach. Heartburn develops from - for throwing of juice of a pancreas or bile.

Krom of above-mentioned pathology, heartburn can be a symptom of any other diseases if they mention in any way zheludochno - an intestinal path. Quite often heartburn is noted at system diseases of connecting fabric, for example at red a wolf cub, a system sklerodermiya. It arises against loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, fever.

In some cases heartburn are noted by patients with an akhiliya and an akhlorgidriya (the lowered acidity). At the same time the mechanism of developing of heartburn is connected with throwing in a gullet of the organic acids (dairy, oil) which are a final stage of processes of fermentation of gastric contents.

Heartburn at healthy people - In some cases heartburn can arise at the persons who do not have diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path. For example, it quite often appears at intake of certain medicines. First of all it is group of nonsteroid resolvents (for example, all the known aspirin). Heartburn at pregnant women. Practically always heartburn disturbs pregnant women. Are the reasons of heartburn at pregnancy toxicosis with frequent vomitings and, therefore, irritation of a gullet emetic masses, and also temporary functional insufficiency of kardialny department of a stomach in the second half of pregnancy. The growing uterus leads to increase of intra belly pressure. As a result the kardialny sphincter is closed insufficiently densely and contents of a stomach are thrown back in a gullet.

in the absence of toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy heartburn begins to disturb the pregnant woman approximately with 20 - 22 - y weeks, however it arises periodically and can be manifestation of hypersensibility of an organism of future mother to various feedstuffs. With 30 - y weeks complain of frequent heartburn about 1/3 all pregnant women, and to 38 - y to week their quantity increases up to 99%.

At a significant amount of people heartburn arises after reception of the refined uglevodisty food (farinaceous food, sweet, fresh pastries, kissels). After restoration of food balance and normalization of a diet heartburn ceases to disturb these persons.

Diagnostics, treatment. In some cases heartburn happens so intensive that differential diagnostics with the burning sensation or pains behind a breast arising at a number of diseases warmly - vascular and nervous systems is required.

As a rule, heartburn arises after reception of considerable volumes of food, a thicket sharp or uglevodisty. The overroasted fat dishes, sweet tea, newly-baked black bread can cause heartburn in part of patients. At patients of a gastroenterologichesky profile heartburn is usually combined with an eructation.

Most often heartburn amplifies at horizontal position, inclinations forward that promotes zheludochno - to an esophageal reflux.

Confirmation to the fact that heartburn takes place really serves fast disappearance of a burning sensation after reception antatsidny (gastat, rhenium etc.) preparations.

Treatment of heartburn

For a clear victory over heartburn it is necessary to be engaged in diagnostics and treatment of the main disease.

First aid at heartburn - for the purpose of symptomatic therapy apply enveloping (fosfolyugel, maaloks) and antatsidny preparations. The first as clearly from their name envelop mucous a gullet, thereby, protecting it from the damaging effect of gastric juice, and the second neutralize gastric juice by decrease in its acidity. At heartburn it is necessary to accept a bag of a maoloks, either fosfalyugelya, or almagelya (at continuous application of the last the lock is possible). Such preparations are also effective as gastat also rhenium. Surely before application study the instruction. Means, very popular in the people, soda solution, can be applied only in isolated urgent cases. At continuous reception of soda there come heavy violations vodno - salt balance of an organism. Also it is not necessary to apply without appointment of the doctor the preparations reducing production of gastric juice (ranitidine, omez, omeprazol, etc.). At the wrong application these preparations can have a boomerang effect and cause increase of acidity of gastric juice.

Heartburn at the patients who transferred the subtotal or total resection of a stomach connected with throwing of contents of a duodenum in above the located departments zheludochno - an intestinal path in some cases manages to be stopped reception of weak solutions of organic acids (lemon, acetic) or a small amount of strongly diluted hydrochloric acid (is on sale in drugstores).