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Some problems of reforming of the Russian education system of

Modern development of Russia proceeds difficult and is inconsistent. The new generation of people is brought up and gets an education in time in which there is no accurately formulated “National idea“ what affects, first of all at the level of culture of the modern person. And in this not idle time of a situation very important role is got by the education system though not capable to fully replace system of cultural values, but capable to create conditions for emergence of such system in the future. Reforming of the Russian education system more and more its approach to conditions of the intense market competition significantly changes the relations of higher education institutions to marketing and its such important categories as a brand, image, goodwill as they significantly influence a financial state and prospects of a survival of universities, an assessment of their intangible assets and a position in the market of educational and scientific services in the course of creation of the innovative economy which is based on new knowledge and their commercial use.

Promoting a brand, the companies seek for strengthening in the market, to creation of monopoly in its segment, preserving themselves against antimonopoly regulators. The large university seeks for strengthening of a position in the market, but the specifics connected with the hierarchy of universities built today by the state which supports idea of exclusiveness of some universities including federal, national research are shown here and it is innovative - enterprise, and such actions strengthens their image, goodwill and a brand. Therefore, exclusiveness of position of higher education institution in the created hierarchy of higher education institutions can and has to be used in branding, but taking into account that a brand, a trademark the trademark) are connected with a set of the expectations associated with educational or scientific service which arise at people. we Will note

that now there is a dynamic allocation of leaders and an aggravation of the competition among large universities - brands for leadership. As brands of universities it are not estimated in value terms, rather solid data can be obtained, studying a rating of higher education institutions.

in the Internet can find Now a set of ratings and renking of higher education institutions which (if information is collected correctly) characterize force of quality of university (from different estimated positions). However these estimates not cost as that uniform and standard assessment it is not developed. In it one more feature of a brand and branding of university. It is known that in market practice brands are object of a cost assessment and purchase and sale, but so far to speak about a purchase or sale of a brand - university prematurely. For the Russian and world economic practice it is uncharacteristic. Partly therefore concerning universities of the concept “brand valuation“ and “brand evaluation“ (a brand assessment, value (a valyuation, a valtation) of a brand, brand cost) remain almost uncertain though, there are attempts of their assessment in separate higher education institutions. Even more often in the description of a brand of higher education institution concepts the capital of a brand, brand force, the intellectual capital, etc. are used. At the same time it is expedient to consider its financial cost as a difficult, compound assessment of the discounted future cash flows generated by a brand of higher education institution though, some authors offer also other approaches.

So us is faced by a difficult task to make our education system not only competitive, but also attractive, one of the most prestigious in the world.