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Thanks to what Episcopal stone quarries in Fertyorakoshe gained the European fame?

“Golden Age“ of limestone of Episcopal stone quarries in Fertyorakoshe ended after World War I. On post-war buildings by owners the concrete and iron which pushed aside away a traditional and deserved stone felt.

To break - not to build. And for war - broke. With all the heart. It was necessary to restore and to build up much. And here money … Both under budgets, and in pockets … Catastrophically was not enough. And what was available rather depreciated rather big military expenses.

So it was necessary to build not only much, but quickly and cheap. And reinforced concrete became for Europe of that time the real lifesaver. And stone … No, it did not leave building sites finally and irrevocably yet. And Episcopal stone quarries in Fertyorakoshe were not closed. They continued to work. Also four more decades extracted limestone. Till 1948.

But it was one of the most sad periods in the history of stone quarries. And not only because volumes of extraction of limestone which did not go on building sites of Vienna any more considerably fell, and it was used on the next the district. In private construction and … In production of gravestones. No, not only therefore one of the most sad … was created by

at the end of 1944 in the territory of Episcopal stone quarries the Jewish labor camp. Today the memorial plate on one of internal walls of those rooms in which then these people got a stone reminds of it and of 565 thousand Hungarian Jews that that year were killed over all country and beyond its limits, already in nazi camps. Not knowing yet and even not guessing that waits for them ahead …

But taken in 1951 under protection by the state, and since 2001 - go the become part of World heritage of UNESCO, Episcopal stone quarries of Fertyorakosh live not only memory. Though as it seemed then, in 1948 - m, one of those gravestones that were lately got here, laid down a gravestone over the sunk into oblivion production. And life will soon leave. Both from stone quarries, and from the settlement.

Fortunately, it only seemed. And though production really died, life did not leave Fertyorakosh. Today the settlement uses deserved European popularity. Not smaller, and perhaps, and bigger, than that which to it was brought by Miocene limestones. But at the heart of present popularity of Fertyorakosh any more not a stone … Sound!

Is more faithful the first who paid attention to amazing acoustics of stone quarries than their internal “court yard“ capable at the same time to accomodate up to one and a half thousand people (!) there was a famous Hungarian leader, the chorus master and the teacher - Erno Donani. And not only turned.

Excellent acoustics in total with a possibility of placement of a large number of people … Yes it is just ideal concert venue! And it not only it is possible … It is it is necessary to use. Moreover how to use! For carrying out populous holidays and representations, for example.

On June 27, 1937 became that afternoon which radically changed destiny of fertyorakoshsky stone quarries. Ferencz Koch , the well-known Hungarian baritone of those years, and will repeatedly rent a stone quarry courtyard for holding the concerts later. But that June day 37 - go he will make it for the first time.

Numerous torches and multi-colored beams of the powerful, directed searchlights located both at the bottom, and at tops surrounding the platform of rocks created unique and unforgettable effect of merge of artificial electric light to natural blinking of far stars. According to eyewitnesses, the feeling was it as though each viewer is in the huge multi-colored and pulsing fiery sphere. And in combination with music …

Most likely, it, was valid something fantastic. Otherwise with what to explain that concerts in fertyorakoshsky stone quarries almost instantly got huge, it is possible to tell - incredible popularity? The people literally flocked in Fertyorakosh from every quarter of not only Hungary, but also Austria.

The trouble was only one. Weather conditions which sometimes prevented holding concerts and holidays. Therefore practically at once after closing of stone quarries began to think of use of their internal emptiness - halls.

The matter is that in Fertyorakoshe a peculiar method of production of calcareous plates was applied. First of all the strongest was cut out and, respectively, the most valuable and expensive. And more friable breed remained also as a peculiar ceiling of stone quarries, and as the columns supporting the arch over the empty halls freed from a stone as a result of a centuries-old production activity.

The idea, of course, was remarkable, but hard post-war time, and then numerous economic and political problems removed its decision up to 70 - x years of the last century. And still …

on June 27, 1970 - exactly in 33 years after holding the first concert in the yard of stone quarries - the first representation in a stone quarry took place organized by the director of Dyyorsky theater Dyyordem Varadi . For what in one of caves the scene and the auditorium on 743 places was equipped.

Since that time to this day in repertoire of the cave theater, known to all Europe , in Fertyorakoshe performances, operettas, musicals, concerts. The whole summer this cultural center West - the Zadunaysky region does not close the doors which, in fact, it generally does not have before the viewer. And here in the fall, in the winter or not to get to theater in the spring. And not because there such bearing malice administration to which and in three summer months the viewer bothers so … No, no and no. The small chest opens much more simply.

You represent what in a vault even in hot summer day? You represent? Then without sweater, a jacket, a plaid or a warm shawl better you do not come to Fertyorakoshsky theater. And it in the summer. And in the fall? Or, especially, in the winter? The viewer goes to theater not to test himself for durability - I will get sick or not?!

However, in 1985 in the former stone quarries reconstruction and the auditorium, and scenes as a result of which not only the modern light equipment and more convenient chairs are installed is carried out, but also heating of floors is brought. And all the same …

If suddenly as - nibud through acquaintances you get scarce, bought for many months ahead, a ticket in cave theater of Fertyorakosh … Do not forget to take with yourself that for a sugrev … Well

! I not about that absolutely … Plaidy there. Or what sviterok lukewarm. Do not forget. It superfluous will not be.