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What the husband will make, and it is good?

Davny - long ago in one village once upon a time there were peasants - the husband and the wife.

As they lived in poverty, but which - that they had also superfluous. So, they quite could do without the horse because work for it was not, and it was grazed the whole day in a roadside ditch. The owner went by it to the city, sometimes it for several days was taken by neighbors, paying for it with small services, - it would be and still better to sell it or to change for something more necessary. But what to exchange for?

- Well, the father, you understand purchase and sale more than mine, - the wife told the husband once, - and now just a fair in the city. Reduce - there our horse yes sell her or replace with something acceptable! You at me always do everything as it is necessary. Go!

She tied to the husband a scarf on a neck - it did it better, than it, - yes not as - nibud, and double knot; very beautifully it turned out. Then she a palm dusted a husband`s hat and kissed the old man directly on a warm mouth. And he got onto that horse who should be sold or exchanged, and left. Well, he was a good judge of purchase and sale!

The sun baked, and in the sky there was no cloudlet. The heat stood intolerable, and the shadow was not anywhere. Here the old man saw that on the road the person goes and drives before himself a cow and such beautiful that he more more beautiful and is not.

“Has to be, at it and milk excellent, - the old man thought. - There is a sense to exchange“.

- Hey you, with a cow! - he cried. - Give - we will talk. Though the horse will also be more expensive than a cow and the cow is more necessary to me. Let`s change, and?

- Well, give, - the cow owner answered, and they exchanged.

So, the peasant made the business and now could come back home quietly, but he was going to visit the city and therefore together with a cow went further that though from a distance to have a look at a fair. The peasant went quickly, the cow did not lag behind him, and soon they overtook for the person who conducted a sheep. The sheep was very well-fad and with dense wool. “Here to me such! - the peasant thought. - Will be enough for it a stern and in our ditch in the summer, and for its winter it will be possible to take in the house. If properly to think, on what to us a cow? It is better to hold a sheep“.

- Hey you, want to replace a sheep with a cow? - he shouted.

the Owner of a sheep agreed at once, and the peasant went further already with a sheep. Suddenly he saw at the intersection of the person with a big goose under the arm.

- To what at you a goose notable, - the peasant told it. - Both there is a lot of fat, and there is a lot of feather! Here to tie him near our pool and to let to float on it. And my old woman would be to collect for whom cleanings. She just spoke the other day: “Eh, if only we had a goose!“ You want to change? I give you for a goose a sheep moreover I will tell thanks in addition! Well, now the wife can receive it … And will receive … The goose owner agreed at once, and they exchanged.

The city was already absolutely close, the road teemed with people and cattle, will not force the way. Travelers walked who on the road who on a bottom of roadside ditches who directly on the potato field of the collector of road duties. Right there in potato his chicken fermented on a leash - tied her in order that it did not get lost in a crowd. It was very pleasant to the eye tailless chicken. Askance glancing at passersby, it klokhtat “a kla - Klugh“, but that she at the same time thought, it is difficult to tell!

The peasant, having caught sight of it, at once solved: “In life I did not see before such beauty! Yes she is more more beautiful, than a brood hen at our pastor. Here to me such! Chicken will always find what to peck, - can support herself. It is quite good to exchange it for a goose, it is thought to me“.

- Let`s exchange, - the peasant offered the collector of duties.

- to Change? Well, I wish, - that answered.

I they exchanged: the collector received a goose, and the peasant - chicken.

He put on the way remade much, besides was very tired - was hot - and now he so wanted nothing how to pass a liqueur glass and to have a snack, than it is necessary. Nearby there was just a vegetable marrow. The old man turned was there, but in the doorway faced the worker who bore hardly filled bag on a back.

- What you bear? - the peasant asked.

- Rotten apples, - that answered. - Here collected a bag for pigs.

- Oh you! A great lot is what! Here to my old woman to admire! Last year we removed from our apple-tree that near a shed, only one apple; wanted to preserve it, put on a chest - and it and decayed. But my old woman everything is spoke about it: “What on is, and prosperity!“ Here to it to have a look now what prosperity is. I with pleasure would show it!

- And what you will give for a bag? - the worker asked.

- What I will give? Yes here chicken!

The peasant gave chicken to the worker, took apples and, having entered a vegetable marrow, went directly to a rack. A bag with apples it leaned against an oven, without having noticed that it burns. In a vegetable marrow was to many people - profiteers, dealers of scotomas; sat here and two British and such rich that all at them were filled the pockets with gold.

But what it suddenly cracked near an oven? Yes apples baked! What apples? And here all learned a story about a horse which the old man at first exchanged for a cow and for which eventually received only rotten apples. - Well also you will get

from the wife at home! - the Englishman told. - Yes she will remove the head from you.

- will not remove, and will embrace, - the peasant objected. - My old woman always speaks: “What the husband will make, and it is good!“

- Let`s argue, - the Englishman offered. - I put a gold barrel.

- there Will be enough also measure, - the peasant told. - I in return can put only a measure of apples yes myself with the old woman in addition, it will be enough with interest.

- Agree! - British exclaimed. Sent the vehicle of the tavern keeper; on it all accommodated - British, the old man, rotten apples.

The vehicle started at way and, at last, approached the house of the peasant.

- Kind health, mother!

- And you the same, the father!

- Well, I replaced a horse.

- In this respect you at me dock, - the old woman told and started embracing the husband, without noticing neither a bag with apples, nor foreign people.

- I exchanged a horse for a cow.

- Glory to god, - the wife told. - Now at us on a table both milk, and oil, and cheese will be got. Here favourably exchanged!

- So - that so and a cow I exchanged for a sheep.

- And well made, - the old woman approved, - always - that you know how it is better to make. For a sheep at us precisely will be enough for a forage. And we will drink sheep milk yes sheep cheese to regale, and from its wool we will connect stockings and jerseys! From a cow of wool you will not collect: in a molt it also will shake the last. What you at me the clear head!

- So - that so and I gave a sheep for a goose.

- Ah, the father, really at us indeed will be a goose by Day of Saint Martin! You always try to please me! Here well thought up! The goose though graze him though do not graze, all the same will grow fat by a holiday.

- So - that so and I replaced a goose with chicken, - the old man told.

- On chicken? Here good luck - that! - the old woman exclaimed. - Chicken will put to us eggs, will bring chickens - look, we have a full hen house. I wanted to get a chicken long ago.

- So - that so and chicken I gave for a bag of rotten apples.

- Give - I will kiss you! - the wife exclaimed. - Here thanks so thanks! I now here that I will tell you: when you left, I decided to make to you a lunch more tasty - fried eggs with onions. I just have eggs, and to onions is not present. I went then to the teacher: I know, they always have onions, but the wife at it avaricious - preskupy, though pretends to be dobra. Here I also asked for it as a loan an onion. “Onion? - she asks again. - Yes at us does not grow in a garden anything. I even cannot give some rotten apple to you“. And here I can give it the whole ten rotten apples now. Yes that ten! Though I will borrow all bag. Well and posmeyomsya we over uchitelshy! - And the wife kissed the husband directly on a mouth.

- This is healthy! - British exclaimed. - As to it has a rough time, it is always happy with everything. For such it is not a pity for any money. It right there paid off the peasant: the wife did not remove the head from it, and opposite, strong embraced him. The whole heap of gold it was given!

Here and all fairy tale. I heard it in the childhood. And since then, I think, it became even better. Fairy tales - that people: many of them the are more senior, the better, and it is very consolatory. Now you heard it too and know, it is healthy when - that the husband will make, and it is good.

(Hans Christiaan Andersen`s fairy tale)