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As William Somerset Maugham did not become a doctor, and became the writer and... spy? However adolescence and youth future coryphaeus got

difficult. At eight-year age he lost mother who died of tuberculosis, and in two years the father died from cancer. Then moved to the uncle to England - to Henry Maugham, the vicar in the town of Uitstebl, Kent County. But cordial relations in new family did not develop, probably not only from - for the severe injury got at so early age, and owing to strongly differing tenor of life in native and reception families. As a result William received a nervous breakdown also began to stammer (that, according to contemporaries, did not prevent it to remain all life the beautiful story-teller thanks to brilliant style of a statement).

Somerset was defined in Royal boarding school Kingz - cheekbones that in Canterbury. Health left much to be desired therefore after school the young man was sent to Germany regarding that to correct it. There he entered the Heidelberg university where within a year he studied literature and philosophy, but then was recalled uncles back and at his insistance began to study medicine in London, in medical school at Saint Foma`s hospital.

In 1897 gained the diploma of the therapist and surgeon, but did not begin to be engaged in profession of a physician, and stated the impressions of student`s practice in poor London quarter in the novel “Liza of Lambeth“ published the same year and further preferred literary work.

Maugham wrote the first literary work in Heidelberg, but as the publisher refused to print it, with despair he burned. Then there were new works: plays were put on theatrical scenes, novels were published, - and by the end of the first decade of the XX century gained fame (and in the third became the writer highest paid around the world).

When World War I began, William Somerset came to public health service, but then was transferred to military investigation. Visited the different countries, including, under the guise of the reporter, and Russia, but it was turned out for the activity incompatible with diplomatic. Well, it happens to intelligence agents. By the way, about it it is possible to read in the collection of stories “Ashenden, or the British Agent“ (1928). Yes it has in general many works of autobiographical character, including about the supervision made during a set of travel all over the world.

In the same 1928 - m the writer bought a country house in the French French riviera and located on a constant residence. It Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde and other eminent persons visited and stayed. It is considered that in the same place he also died on December 16, 1965, on 92 - m to year of life, from a pulmonary illness.

This date is right only in that part that that day Maugham`s body delivered in his own country house “Moresk“ in Seong - Jean - the Cap - Ferra to avoid posthumous opening as it was necessary, in one of clinics of Nice. Actually his life broke the day before. In a week ashes of the dead, according to his own will, were buried under a wall of library which it based and which bore his name, at that Royal school in Canterbury where he once studied.

Somerset Maugham was a prolific writer. From - under its feather there were 25 plays, 21 novels and more than 100 stories. However, by the beginning of 1950 - x began to give preference to the composition of the essay. It happened to it to allow inconsistency or an inaccuracy of judgments (and to whom it did not happen?) but it always remained honest in relation to the reader.

And still Maugham was a fine aforist, sometimes - serious, judicious, filosofichny, sometimes - playful, ironic or even skeptical. There are some his statements:

For development of character needs to make heroic effort at least twice a day. I also do it: every morning I get up and every evening I go to bed.

If truth - value, then it is that because it is true, but not because to adhere to it - is laudable.

Life for ten percent consists of what you in it do, and on ninety - from this as you accept it.

And women can keep secrets. But they cannot hold back that they held back secret.

Time which is so rapid, time leaving irrevocably - here the most precious property of the person and to waste it is the most sophisticated form of wastefulness.