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How in dreams the nine-floor building and the dried-up river are connected among themselves? Opinion of the psychotherapist

I Continue to acquaint readers with method of interpretation of dreams and its use in everyday life.

Earlier we already said that mean dreams about the city and the ocean, the old woman and the died darling, number five, the room with mirrors, cartridges and even dead Ukrainian politicians.

This time in focus of our attention there were two man`s dreams.

In the first case dreamed the man of middle age as to it to the apartment located on 9 - m the floor, enter and leave friends. In the second “night“ episode he saw the dried-up river and the wide empty sandy floodplain. And that, and other plot dreamed rather often approximately at the same time that specified existence between them a certain communication.

we Will try to deal with what connects them. The first dream contains obvious numerologichesky symbols. It is the nine-floor building. Being the three multiplied by itself such number embodies representation about eternal and harmonious which the time consisting of “past“, “real“, “future“ is. Similar images are urged to solve psychological problems, to remove the internal contradictions generated by some vital circumstances.

However the way what friends of snovidets get to such symbolical place guards. Obviously, at heart he considers that which - which of its environment achieves in too adventurous way the required objectives. Repetition of this story demonstrates that in brief the experiences described here are a certain problem for the man.

I sent these reasonings to snovidets, having advised it to consider them, and at the same time to look for solutions. As the return reaction to me the letter of the following contents came:

“Thanks for interpretation, very interestingly. I specially chose these two dreams as they earlier often dreamed me and caused bewilderment. I think, it will be interesting to you to learn my comments. The dream in which friends get to my house through a window on 9 - m the floor ceased to dream after I interrupted communication with these friends. Probably, my unconscious at that time spoke to me: “Look what strange friends at you! They behave incorrectly, silly risk life! And you worry from - for them“. Also it was died so that I ceased to communicate with this company. The dream stopped. I just now understood it! Thank you for the fact that helped to deal with it. Now everything is clear to me“.

The second dream contains several elements - the bridge, the river, sand. The space divided in two is available. Most often such symbol is used by sincere processes for designation of vital boundaries. Crossing of the bridge - transition to a new vital stage.

But what we see? The river dried up. And water in deep psychology designates unconscious - a source of emotional updating. Usually forces for fulfillments exactly from there undertake. In our case lack of water means temporary loss of vital forces, fatigue, calm, the actual refusal of some ambitious plans.

When I reported about the conclusions to snovidets, he sent me by e-mail the answer where wrote: “A dream in which the dried-up river appears I correlate to that period when it was really tired and overloaded with mental work. The reason for that - my work in the advertizing sphere. Worked even at night, strongly overtired. Then the dried-up river dreamed me very often. Probably, my unconscious in such a way wanted to tell me: “Carefully! As what strong would not consider himself, you can devastate yourself and dry up, exactly - in - exactly as this mighty river! “

of Difficulty with communication and a breakdown - the things often interconnected. In both cases the communicative difficulties caused by tendency to compromises took place.

Development of the personality is always based on opposition to people around.