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Whether the programmer can become a thief?

- That for absurdity? - you are indignant. And not only you.

I also am perplexed how the hand could write and not tremble it. Its Majesty Programmist with thin resourceful brains and sensitive fingers to which any keyboard submits also obeys any mouse, having even forgotten about a decent rug, and suddenly … the thief?!

Nonsense and only! Programs, difficult operators, new systems and a lot of drivers - here destiny of the real programmer. But to take others … Though, stop! What do we mean by “stranger“? How we characterize the real theft? Money? Undoubtedly. Things? Of course. We do not take pens and pencils into account. By the way, at me personally all of them time vanish.

So if its Majesty was taken by others wallet and exempted it from notes (the wallet became, however, not much easier), then made that theft which is blamed and is strictly punished. But Majesty will never make it. On the contrary, he is ready to share the last, and, having seen besprizorno the lying thing, right there to return it to the owner. But to fill someone else`s winchester with the information and to make it inaccessible for working at the computer - always please.

I had an employee, the young specialist who constantly got some novelties - the interesting program, the next compiler. Not all was required for our work, but it collected everything and carefully stored. The car to it became soon a little, and Seryozha (so called the expert) began to fill an empty seat on disks at all bureau. The majority, by the way, also did not notice it.

The same Seryozha saw in the back about a salary once the excess sum which could not earn this month in any way. He rushed in accounts department to understand at once. It appears, to it added others award. The accountant and through what time - it is unknown would understand the mistake, but honesty of the programmer was ahead of him.

I somehow time went along a factory corridor and came across alone lying roll of money. By there passed people, nobody noticed it also nobody, except me, lifted. Notes are small, but it is a lot of. For those times it was the quite good additive to my modest income. But the first thought demanded to get rid quickly of someone else`s money, to find the owner that I also made. I connected the elderly employee passing a row who absolutely quietly and surely pointed to nearby left deputy by economic part. Also quietly and it is even somehow lazy that (the deputy the woman was) accepted from me a pack as if the last absolutely had no place to disappear except how to return to it. Hands were borrowed from it with numerous papers, the dressing gown is undone, pockets are bulged so it became clear why money fell out.

I do not advertize honesty and I do not eulogize myself. Just I want to tell that creative flight in which constantly there is our keen colleague does not accept either subconscious torture, or silent pricks of conscience. The soul has to be quiet, otherwise thoughts highly will not rise.

The concept of height, however, here not absolutely approaches. It is rather - depth. Ask or do not ask, its Majesty constantly climbs deep into. And there - such open spaces that takes the breath away. Programmist from everywhere drags some new “lotions“ and applets and equips with them the computer. The city phonebook got, extended the jumping dog from the Internet for screen prompt. The dog was disobedient. Three times jumped - and hid for the window which jumped out on the fourth jump. “Pay 14. $99“ are written by capital letters, and dogs behind them it is not visible. But the solution is quickly found. From the same Internet the key is downloaded, and it is absolutely free, and here the dog jumps almost on all screens. The collective is happy.

Or other option: it is possible most to get into prompt and to crack it. Of course, it is more difficult, on but it is more interesting! Whether there is no association with hacking of safes? Of course, no! The safe is a crime, notorious theft. And here - game! Weeds thoughts and test of skill!

We go further. Serious program systems not always to the enterprise are for what to buy. And they are necessary, and are necessary right now! Programmers are forced to get “free“ options or to open. Sometimes it becomes just for fun. A hobby of some Majesties - to collect cracks or references to them, to place on the website and free of charge to offer everyone.

With what care files - instructions to these programs are written! Usually they very short are also called of readme . Recently the microguide to extension of term of the trial version of one anti-virus program got to me. Words it seems usual. But what enthusiasm and pride is behind lines! Programmist approves himself!

Often it is necessary to be engaged in breaking as necessary: it is necessary to accelerate work of department, even plant, in time to prove or keep on the place. In private structures the result quite often is required, and the owner does not want to listen about additional expenses. It is simpler to it to replace the worker, than to pay purchase of the necessary product.

Is good in other, more civilized countries. There already had it. On computers - only license. The businessman is inclined to pay and in time to receive the help or the next updating from authors. We have an analogy of “the Wild West“ to cowboy`s and piracy pirouettes! The smaller part is bought, the rest is got by programmers. Weight perfectly and thinly cracks - on the Internet. It really - a bottomless well of “halyavshchina“!

The management obviously or implicitly encourages handymen to get and crack. Direct - often pushes, and high - closes eyes. Still not to close - what economy!

Many are ready to argue: “It not at us! It is in the past! At us similar was not at all!“ Can be. I do not discuss. Gradually and to us the civilization comes. There are also verifications of the software. But here everything is grabbed. For example, two workplaces of the high-quality software product are bought. And on other fifteen the same product which is only qualitatively cracked is established. Officially the firm has the right to use it! One more example.

The big enterprise acquired graphic system of solid-state modeling (unimportantly the name of both that, and another though both are very known). The unlimited version is paid. There passed several years. Money for the following versions was not allocated, but engineers kept up to date. New versions got in the black market and without serious consequences were established. All are happy: both the highest echelon, and users of system, and checking. Also programmers are happy with themselves.

I with pleasure repeatedly found a way to transfer the working version of a license program to other computer without its installation. Among readers, I am sure, too will be such, and it is a lot of.

But we will not become personal. We will be expressed in the third party. Its Majesty Programmist - leaves, the thief by default? It cannot become it. It it is long ago! And is even proud of the thefts and calls them resourcefulness! It is unpleasant to output such formulation. But, nevertheless, this its Majesty!. Even if the virtual thief …

A we distract from paradoxes now. Let it in the present and be difficult. Shortly, I think, we will have virtual theft. Finally any businessman, any enterprise will come to a conclusion that it is much more favorable to buy a license product and always to have the timely help, than to crack and adapt bought others.

Copyright will become firm and indisputable. Overall performance from it will only increase, and the economy will be available.