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How beat out debts without irons and soldering irons? You sometime lent


Of course, not those three rubles to a pay during a Brezhnev`s era when the tram ticket cost 3 kopeks, and the considerable sum on receipt. And what, all returned to you in time?

Then you, obviously, did not hear about “white“ and “black collectors“. But about them a bit later.

Today the number of debtors on the credits and not repaying debts to natural persons increased as a snowball. What to do - crisis and conscience during a market era torments less. You take strangers, and it is necessary to give the.

In dashing 90 - e debts were beaten out easily and simply. The mobsters making money in this field used not only the moral pressure upon the debtor, but also a tool kit in the form of soldering irons, irons and door jambs. Undoubtedly, the heated soldering iron sting in back pass or the fingers clamped in a doorway - argument strong. Money for return of a debt was quickly and if there was not enough necessary sum (the “counter“ installed by bandits added penal percent), then it was necessary to sell the car, and even the apartment. Life is more expensive acquired, isn`t it?

Now with return of debts everything is differently. This procedure entered in more - less civilized course. Appeared, and recently so-called “collector agencies“ which officially provide similar services just bred. The diplomaed lawyers, psychologists and economic consultants enter their state. They do not use soldering irons and irons any more unless before a meeting with the client trousers will be ironed.

In Moscow a tariff of their services approximately following:

15 thousand rubles for registration and submission of the claim in court on the debtor (will be included in the claim to the debtor);

1 thousand. rubles for registration of the power of attorney;

2 thousand rubles - the state duty;

20% of the sum of the repaid debt - commission agencies.

It provided that the debtor lives in Moscow, the receipt received from him is not more senior 3 - x years, and the borrowed sum not less than 5 thousand dollars.

The transaction with the client is made out by the contract. From it the advance payment of 18 thousand rubles undertakes (from which 3 irretrievable). However it must be kept in mind that during performance of service there can be also “contingencies“.

What methods use “collector agencies“ in the difficult and nervous work? Generally belief in this or that form. Their employees, we will call them “white collectors“, having found for the debtor, will explain to him that it is more favorable to pay a debt at once, without waiting for court and penalties. Sometimes even relatives and friends of the debtor are connected that they explained him it. Are sometimes developed whole quickly - search actions and combinations.

So, one “the white kollektorsha“ successfully processed the debtor thus: walked with a carriage at a playground where that was with the child in a circle of other young mummies, and, without coming to it into contact, told the audience of a horror story about knocking-out of not repaid debts. The debtor repaid a debt to the client of agency in three days.

It is possible to call such methods of return of debts soft or sparing, however also more rigid influence is not excluded. Let`s give as an example a fragment from telephone conversation of “a white collector“ with the debtor: “If do not pay a debt to the girlfriend Lolita within a week, in a month we will set you for a lattice. And we will hand over your kid in children`s home. We already found it“. Man`s timbre of a voice and tone - corresponding told.

And to the most rested debtors hint at sale of a debt to “black collectors“ (here and reached them), and with details. In most cases such threat works.

So who such “even collectors“? You, probably, already guessed. These are those which do not avoid to use old methods of knocking-out of debts, that is soldering irons and irons. As an example, recently in Moscow area the gang was detained, on another and you will not tell which within a week fired at windows of a cottage nobody the businessman, not the person interested to give 500 thousand dollars to the creditor.

However, for protection against “black collectors“ there is a militia which “protects“ us. And from ungirdled “white“, be not surprised, - “anti-collector agencies“. Such divorced much, in peak “collector“ too. Their employees will explain to the got agitated debtor that nobody has the right to call it so to a judgment and that he can file a lawsuit on the “white collectors“ calling him at night. The lawyer from agency will attentively check the credit agreement and will help to seize penal percent which were illegally added. However too it is necessary to pay money for all these counterservices, and considerable.

Generally, everything will cost cheaper if not to lend to anybody even with the receipt and not to detain payments for the credit. It is much simpler, than to pay wars of collector agencies with anti-collector.