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Whether there can be a meditation continuous?

it is Conditionally concentrated our consciousness on a point.

to this point we will present our present state

in cumulative knowledge of all that we know at this moment now In the form.

I is conditional in this consciousness we will stand.

Everything, any our representation only within this point.

Any moments which arise in our perception,

including and those which can arise, but do not arise yet, we will conditionally unite

in one point.

And even we will apprehend understanding of this concentrated point the point.

Everything that is in perception, including also perception of the perception, it is possible to present before attention

in the form of a spontaneous point in a vsenapravlennost. Let`s concentrate attention on this point.

We perceive this point on some plane.

the Point is limited in the direction of attention. Without this restriction the point would not be shown.

But is clear that this restriction is conditional, and serves just as a certain background for manifestation of a point.

We will try to perceive a background so as if it is absent as be - that it is empty. Just we will not perceive a background. All attention we will concentrate

only on a point, perceive a point all the attention without perception of a background.

A point - a conditional symbol of cumulative consciousness. All shown sphere of perception we realize

, having assimilated to a point.
the Form of this point is conditional

. Any form can be shown in perception. What form of perception we catch

, that and we will designate this point.

The form of a point is spontaneously conditional.

Let it will be empty pixel on the shining screen or a black point on a white background in the form of a small square.

We know that a background conditional, in the same way as also other restrictions of this point are conditional.

the Perceived point not flat and not volume. The perception is the presented point.

Actually this point is absent - we only represent it before perception.

Allocation of a point against us is necessary only for its designation,

that we could concentrate the attention on this point.

It just as we perceive stars the shining points. And here we approached attention one of them, and noticed faintly shown its parts near a star. Around a star there are planets. Having approached attention one of these planets (to a point in empty space) we find in it various processes. And we watch this point, without leaving its limits, but also without having to it what relation. The perception of any relationship only in the point, is not dependent on perception scale.

Thus, a conditional point we will designate all our perception.

We turn perception into practice of attention. We listen to

[we absorb perception] all events in consciousness,

and we perceive everything [we acquire] in the form of conditionally designated point,

without binding to any background.

In such uniform perception we can is incessantly.

I is the Benefit!

Nothing exists in the present, except essence and feeling of presence.

All other feelings - representations of mind which realizes itself(himself) in the presence of feelings. Mind feels life in effect and, realizing this feeling, mind knows that he lives. It is unconditional clarity of mind. All other knowledge of mind is directed to education of an ambiguity of the fact that fills mind with the presence. And in this inquiry the feeling of understanding is graduated from the terrifying fright before enthusiastic admiration.

And such chuvstvovaniye is shown in mind as emotions, in the form of vibrations which influence intellectual filling. And this action is displayed as thinking which transfers these vibrations to thoughts (images, words and other symbols which in mind spoke earlier). That is memory of somebody last and imagination (planning) of the future is only surge in emotions which sparkle between fear and love.

But at the same time, the fear and love in the extreme deviations are one and too feeling, only in perception of mind it is presented how a miscellaneous. The understanding of an opportunity, both presence, and absence of essence enters the dual relation to reproduction of events and the phenomena into mind, allocating them with nonexistent properties and qualities which are distributed in conditional time as experiences.

Emergence, adaptation, wear and disappearance - here four main aspects from - about whom are endured by the person, having forgotten that nothing exists in the present, except essence and feeling of presence.