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Homeless dogs: how to secure itself to the pedestrian and the cyclist?

“A dog happen biting only from life dog“, - is sung in one famous song.

As it is regrettable, but, probably, life of dumb animals continues to worsen day by day. The difficult contradiction provoked by emergence on streets of uncountable packs of homeless mongrels is in apogee of the development: there are those who pro quiet existence of lovely creatures, and those who contra free integration of dangerous animals in megalopolis life.

Dispute can be infinite here. Therefore I can offer only the options capable to secure those who treat the second group and to give information for reflection to the first.

We will begin from scratch. A dog - an animal who can be not only the loyal friend capable to decorate your days, but also the watchman who will protect and protect the territory. With pets in this plan it is a little easier: their borders often pass along a fence of a personal plot and personal space of the owner. Most of owners warn people around about existence behind a gate of “Very vicious dog“ in advance - fences become here so that nobody could get on a site and, the most important, gets out.

With irresponsible or excessively optimistical owners the situation is more difficult. They or got used not to monitor movements of their ward, or sacredly believe that a lovely Ball - the friend of the family - to nobody harm will cause.

In this case:

and) try to look for a roundabout way if the situation is absolutely badly;

) you pass by, evenly breathing and not turning around towards a dog.

Visual contact can sometimes become an occasion to action - perhaps, it will be just game, but large puppies, happens, do not feel a clear boundary, biting hands of the opponent.

Now it is worth addressing himself. Do not provoke an animal , cynologists so advise. I do not mean to swing a stick before their attractive face - it, needless to say, it is not necessary to do.

The list of the actions capable to give start to attack is so various that, perhaps, it is necessary to prepare for a meeting with a dog independently and in advance. One of points - fear. According to experts, emission of adrenaline in blood of the person can play a role of a red rag for a bull. Naturally, in a stressful situation it is difficult to master itself - differently, I think, hardly people would begin to look for ways of resolution of conflict between the person and a dog.

We learn to calm ourselves , and the main thing here - to breathe, breathe deeply, exhaling through a mouth. It is even better if you concentrate on something pleasant at this moment: the dog growls near the doghouse, and you slowly go - “a breath - an exhalation“ - and look at how perfectly today the sky and as the sun friendly shines.

The second point in the list of dog irritants - alcohol . Scientists believe that animals do not transfer it. Especially, in an alcohol intoxication of people it is often not capable to control the movements - they can be sharp and seem to an animal menacing.

Sometimes and the excessive attention to foreign pet can play a dirty trick with you - before to iron an unfamiliar dog , it is worth asking permissions the owner or if that is not observed, to allow a dog a little time to accustom near you, to look at her reaction. More often in similar situations the children perceiving an animal as a big toy suffer. Here adults should be nearby, it is better to hold the kid by a hand. Of course, the attitude of dogs towards children very benevolent in most cases, many parents even use them as nurses. But, as well as always, - there are exceptions.

It is worth talking about behavior of cyclists during a meeting with quadrupeds. Very often last express open aggression still long before the racer manages to overtake them. It is worth calming down and helps to descend from the iron horse - it often, you become the pedestrian, already uninteresting for them. The main thing, you remember: the bicycle in such situation has to become the preserving barrier between you and an animal. Some suggest to use it as the defensive weapon at all - well if a situation absolutely critical, then it is worth risking.

One my acquaintance always escaped himself that he took with himself sugar or something sweet when foreknew that its way will lie through dog possession. Remarks from the Good Dog series can help too - the kind word and is pleasant to a cat.

Do not try to escape a dog if the pursuit began, - to these you will even more set on her, and it is not so simple to come off. To all other, the high speed in such situation can lead to inadvertent collision with cars or trees - there will already have no time for dogs.

On a note: a painful point at a dog is her nose and a nose bridge, and also eyes. Therefore if attack all - happened, try to concentrate (I understand, it is easy to tell - and it is difficult to make) and to give effective repulse to the opponent - your health depends on it!

Main, it is not necessary to give itself the “dog-the enemy“ installation initially!

It is wrong

, they initially are born, without having feelings of rage and hostility in relation to the person. And in most cases unmotivated aggression from an animal is connected with ill treatment of owners in the past or already happening incidents which imprinted in consciousness of a dog.

I wish you only pleasant meetings and loyal shaggy friends!