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Why chicken with the chopped-off head dreams? The psychotherapist of

tells the Network magazine serves as the excellent platform for an exchange of opinions between the psychotherapist and those who would like to get such advice. Especially, if asking has no need to address directly such consultants.

Experience of maintaining the psychoanalytic blog allowed me to publish earlier materials about how dreams about the city and the ocean, the old woman and the died darling, number five, the room with mirrors and even dead Ukrainian politicians are deciphered.

Throughout a subject I will tell even about one interesting supervision. One of the “advanced“ readers of my network diary sent the description of the dream and questions to it. There is his story.

“It is frequent to me to dream chicken with the chopped-off heads. And the most interesting is the fact that the heads happen a little. And sometimes it is possible to dream only about a half of her head. I still somehow can interpret part of a dream, but is unclear - why the chicken head which is split in half dreams? It is not excluded that there is “condensation“ of several numerologichesky symbols. How you think? Why such images appear in a dream?“

I Think that to consider this image from purely numerologichesky positions - some simplification. It is necessary to decipher its direct value. Chicken appears in a dream. This is a bird who does not fly. Speaking in a different way, at this feathery character there is unfreedom element. The final purpose of human development - to become the “flying“ being. Figurative sense of such comparison - finding of freedom, development in themselves ability to overcome inertness of thinking which is symbolized by laws of terrestrial gravitation.

For the best understanding of this image we will remember a seagull Johnathan Livingston from the story of Richard Bach of the same name. This literary character appears as efforts of the author at us as the guru, the intellectual leader for pack who opened the new opportunities of bird`s flight allowing to overcome restrictions of space and time.

Further we face corporal symbolism. The chicken head divided in two with high degree of probability means existence in the person of the expressed internal conflict between consciousness and unconscious. Emptiness (lack of an upper body responsible for mental activity) is and there is unconscious. The chopped-off heads of chicken - the certificate that the person has several consciousnesses, several “I“ which are switched off from the field of conscious activity.

One more very interesting literary image is known. This is Headless Horseman from the novel of once famous adventure writer Mayne Reid whose works were devoted to life of the American settlers of the 19th century and their opposition to Indian tribes. To this hero quite applicable modern concept “freaky“. It is an embodiment of the human person who under the influence of unconscious elements it is uncontrollable rushes on life.

Escaped from - under control unconscious forces can disappear in purely practical refraction behind a mask of emotional instability, excessive irascibility, desire to clash and argue with relatives, etc. I want to emphasize that the speech goes about exclusively psychological situation here, and not about existence of any mental disorders at all. I reported about it to snovidets.

Having confirmed this interpretation of a dream, the author of the letter asked me a question: “How it is possible to learn other egos? How to reveal them, without foreign help? “ I answered it in a little philosophical key: “Generally, the knowledge of is a life long process. So have patience. Also continue to go on life the individual way“.