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What means a dream with flights in the new worlds? The comment of the psychotherapist

we Continue to get acquainted with method of interpretation of dreams and its use in everyday life. Earlier I published materials about how dreams about the city and the ocean, the old woman and the died darling, number five, the room with mirrors and even dead Ukrainian politicians are deciphered.

This time the unusual dream with flights in the new worlds was offered to me for interpretation. This dream told by the reader of my psychoanalytic blog - students of 19 years.

“Slowly I go along the empty highway together with the grandmother, about something easy I talk to her. We gradually depart to a roadside. And suddenly she changes in the person, grabs me hand and entrains to the roadside which is fenced off by a striped handrail.

We fall, before us the green plain with settlements and the lake opens. For some moment it becomes terrible, then I begin to test ecstasy flight. At the same time it do not break and appear in absolutely other world. I do not remember details of stay in it, but I know that he is the same acquaintance, as well as from what I took off. Then it am just the same way in the new place. And so repeats repeatedly.

The problem consists that every time needs to be found several steps. The ladder because usually people do not use it as move by means of elevators and the inclined planes is necessary. And the entrance necessary to me can be hidden behind the secret door which is in the rock or subsidiary rooms - as it will turn out.

And I wander in these spaces. Sometimes I meet acquaintances, but I try to leave them“. What

the sense disappears in such confused and unusual dream? Let`s decipher value of its separate elements.

The highway element - in dreams the road usually symbolizes courses of life, fatal moments of life. The way of the movement on it corresponds to the prevailing strategy of the solution of everyday tasks. The pedestrian movement indicates relative independence or aspiration to it in actions of a snoviditsa.

“Grandmother“ - an image, more senior on age, than a snoviditsa, but having the same sex. This character accompanies the girl that allows to carry him to conductors. Purpose of such figure - simplification of contact with unconscious zones of own mentality, familiarizing with century female intuition.

“Falling“, “flight“ - energetically capacious way of movement, some kind of peak experience causing a set of mystical and religious associations. It is enough to remember about the phenomenon of angels from depth of heavenly spheres or prompt bends of witches over the night wood.

On the one hand, such movement is directed down. It means approach to unconscious, female sexuality, natural instincts. With another - snovidets moves up that usually contacts familiarizing with the highest wisdom gradually proving through imagination. Sometimes flight in a dream is explained by “connection“ to sources of the hidden spiritual power.

The “new worlds“ which are present at a dream are novel earlier psychological states.

Details of “step“ and “ladder“ - vertical passing of various levels in all mythologies and secret doctrines symbolizes spiritual development, maturing, a growing, familiarizing with new experience.

Certainly, the interpretation of a dream given here clears up a little after we remember age of the storyteller. There is clear the fact that the speech in our case goes about the initiating dream, experience which coincides with ancient ceremonies of a growing. Its mission is preparation of a snoviditsa for life on its new round. In a word, hi adulthood!

After the girl learned about value of these images, she sent me the e-mail in which agreed with my interpretation.