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How to look after a fur coat

you bought the good fur coat made of noble fur? For example, a fur coat from a muton? Then it is a high time to take care of your precious purchase that your new fur coat from a muton served not one season. A muton long term socks, therefore everything that from you it is required - to try to support fur and appearance of your favourite fur coat from a muton.

Follow simple recommendations about care of your fur coat from a muton:

storage conditions, Pleasant for it, are the beginning of her long life. You store a product in a case on which the direct sunlight does not get. Otherwise the fur of your fur coat from a muton quickly will begin to grow dull and can fade.

do not constrain a fur coat other fur coats, it is necessary that around a product there was a stable air circulation.

the Wide wooden hanger - the remarkable device on which it is possible to hang up a fur coat from a muton.

Avoid preservation of a fur coat from a muton in a plastic bag if you transport your fur coat. If the fur coat is preserved, then it begins to spoil naturally.

the Fur coat from a muton can be damaged easily various accessories with keen edges and sides therefore avoid fastening them to a surface of your fur coat.

of Sprei and sprays, directed to fight against insects and a moth, very negatively affect appearance of a fur coat from a muton. Spirits, hairspray are also not recommended for hit for fur - alcohol which contains in these cylinders, can quickly “dry up“ kozhevy a fur coat layer from a muton.

Should not accelerate drying of a fur coat by means of the hair dryer or improvised heating devices. Let`s a fur coat dry out from a muton naturally even if it takes a lot of time.

Intensive friction and loads of fur of a fur coat is not the best that can be made for it. Therefore if you go by the car, try to change situation from time to time not to wear out one party of your fur coat - straighten fur a hand, stir up a product hem, etc. If there is opportunity, just throw with a fur coat shoulders. you Want to buy

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