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To become the artist now: whether the Internet - training will help? All life I for fun said

to people who envied able to draw that any can learn this simple business, possessing eyes, a brain and forward extremities. But to the words in real life did not observe confirmations.

But knew that to become the artist, it is necessary to go a long way of training: at art school, with the tutor or on training courses in higher education institution, several years in the higher education institution.

Actually, and now the situation is also. If the person has abilities, huge desire and working capacity, he will pass this way and will become the artist with the professional knowledge and abilities supported with the diploma.

But times change. There was an Internet, and many people have an easy and fast access to it. And as nature abhors a vacuum, on the Internet the set of the websites (or forums) for artists with different extent of preparation appeared in recent years.

As a rule, on such websites emphasis on computer graphics (CG) is placed. Because, in - the first, digital images look most well on the Internet. In - the second, there is the corresponding audience, rather young, progressive and perceiving this art form as the most corresponding to our time. In - the third, in the Internet there are customers for especially gifted and the successful newly made or training for a new profession artists.

There are forums where the professionals who came from the “live“ world of art to computer graphics, or those who already made the name in CG gather. There starting walking better not.

There are websites on which teach very simple, even primitive, to methods of “live“ drawing. As the main method of training recommend a srisovyvaniye from photos for many of them. Yes, it is so possible to learn to copy images. If persistently to copy, then in a year one or two years it will turn out very qualitatively. But on that the person will also stop. It will not be able to come off referens any more (photos which on the Internet are used instead of live nature so are called). Also will infinitely copy others, i.e. will become just good handicraftsman.

The majority of forums approaches a problem more widely and gives to beginners at most to help. Depending on forum size on them there are several sections: for works in traditional technicians, the photosection, sections with the different directions of computer graphics - 2D, 3D, a vector, WIP - the section for works “in process“ where it is possible to receive criticism and councils. At these forums usually there are one or several user galleries in which participants show ready works. Usually everywhere there are systems of ratings both participants, and their works. Each website respecting itself has lessons of all directions presented on it. And on some even training online is organized or there are closed paid classes with teachers. Always there are references to educational literature and video - the master - classes.

The Internet gives the chance to any person wishing to draw, learn it.

At the Internet - training there are a lot of pluses:

Availability of training (without examinations and admissions, only registration on the website is necessary) at small risk to fall a victim of professional snobbery because around, as a rule, same trained from scratch.

Unrationed time: the person is free to read lessons and to draw on them or for own improvement in time, convenient for.

Freedom of choice: the person himself solves than and as he will be engaged.

competitive spirit Moment: as a rule, at such forums various competitions in which any can take part are arranged. These are drawing competitions, blitz (the competitions going from one to several hours), games with individual, collective or team drawing, AIDS - peynt (fast-drawings). There is such form of competitions as duels (participates in them from two to six people, and a condition more rigid, than at competitions). Competitions - very convenient form of education at which it is easier for people to compare the progress or mistakes to strangers and quickly to adopt good and useful at stronger rivals.

the Large spectator audience (it is pleasant when it is possible to show the creations not only to relatives), and thanks to it is an opportunity to learn opinion of people on the creativity.

also minuses Are (as without tar spoon?) :

Not each person is able to organize the training, being lost in variety of the choice.

On the Internet does not have the teacher who stands behind a back, in time corrects and gives concrete advice in a concrete situation. Therefore the beginner has to carry out “blamestorming session“ to himself.

the Beginner can always run into impartial criticism or into full ignoring of the presence that can be also considered as an activity assessment.

Bede of many in imitation. As training happens on lessons, the pupil copies receptions of authors of lessons, is fond of special effects with which lessons abound, and as a result can lose identity.

But despite minuses the Internet - training, I with surprise found out that I was absolutely right: people can learn to draw almost from scratch, even those people who first seem unpromising. And in quite short terms (years two - three) provided that they persistently and systematically worked. Of course, I mean not achievements in a mechanical srisovyvaniye, but ability to create handiworks in own style.

So if you have no opportunity to study in art educational institution, but there is a strong wish to create and you are ready to pass heavy expensive study, failures, disappointments and tests of vanity, the Internet is ready to help you. Look for the forum suitable you, grow roots at it, read lessons, draw on them, participate in forum competitions. And who knows, maybe, in several years you will become the known CG - the artist?