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Computer graphics. What is it?

If to speak dry language of science, then computer graphics (computer graphics) (we will call for brevity it CG, in popular speech of users - SI - a dzha) belong to the field of the informatics studying methods and tools and processings of images with the help programmatically - hardware computer systems.

The person far from such will read it high matters, will understand little, will be frightened and will involuntarily make to himself about it negative representation.

But that nothing to be frightened-. CG for us now - the second environment after an environment of the nature which many ceased to see, sitting in city walls and facing the monitor. If to translate into absolutely simple language, then CG are those images which we see on this monitor or the screen and which are easy for copying, for example, on paper which for the present remained one of external data carriers.

Besides, CG- is those methods by means of which the computer transforms data to graphic (visible) representations and vice versa - transfers images to figures. It is possible to learn about these methods and technological subtleties in Wikipedia or in special literature, but to understand essence of the phenomenon much simpler if we remember practical application of CG. And not so much in design of devices, cars and the equipment, how many in those areas which do our life more beautiful and more pleasant. In the last half a century there was the real revolution, bloodless, imperceptible and externally absolutely changed our civilization. And its reforms still continue.

The first experimental image appeared on the monitor long ago, nearly 60 years ago, and now the virtual and real world cannot already be presented without computer graphics. Including the computer and going on-line, we meet the own graphic interface at once (a desktop - our beautiful court yard; Windows, for example, - our pleasant and convenient apartment; the favourite browser - our perfectly equipped vehicle). These are already habitual and standard products of computer graphics.

And though the term “computer graphics“ at all very famous, for most of people is a certain abstract concept and if they still somehow connect it with virtual space, then where it exists in the real world, the majority does not know. Actually CG will organize all visual number of the modern person for a long time. Because where we looked - everywhere it.

Fabrics, clothes, footwear are modelled by means of CG. Household items, household appliances - too. Not to do architects without it, otherwise they will do projects for years. All printed materials are created by means of computer graphics long ago. Any visible advertizing - CG product. 3D - movies, animation, interiors, landscapes, crowd scenes, many characters in movies are inconceivable without CG. All area of the photo became a kingdom of computer graphics.

In these qualities it is difficult to give definition to computer graphics. What it it? Apparently, the multi-purpose tool in hands of different experts, the weapon of digital revolution. But it has one more interesting aspect which rightfully it is possible to call art. It is drawing by means of figure . In English it is called as Digital Art. In Russian it is called simply - “computer graphics“. But sense of this phrase of a straight line - the schedule, a type of the fine arts. Only this graphics in a different way is born and at the same time it is often similar to traditional painting. This rather new direction which is quickly developing and too not quite clear to most of people who do not consider it as art yet.

How art CG - images are created, computer graphics as an art form, divide into three directions - raster, vector and fractal graphics. And in these 2D - the directions there are some more types of creation of images already on technicians of execution. Younger direction of computer graphics - 3D - modeling which was applied only in science and equipment earlier and now is with might and main used in cinema, advertizing, in site building and, of course, in games.

You are respectful to computer graphics. It is an integral part of our life. Without it the world is already inconceivable.