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Fashion trends in wedding floristics of

the Best trends of flower fashion which will help to make your wedding unforgettable! What this summer in fashion? What bridal bouquets, what flowers, what colors?

Change a form

to replace absolutely compact bridal bouquets and flower compositions to a table of the groom and bride come more free and sprawling. They have more unstructured an appearance. Key to success in the choice of flowers. Gentle, but very effective flower of Glorioza, red or yellow is very actual in this season, it is sated - a violet orchid Wanda or is juicy - a green anturium... On what from exotic you would not stop the choice, it will be successful. Exotic flowers, as a rule, have bright shades and longer than other flowers keep a fresh look that is much important during a summer heat, and also look is very modern and stylishly.

It is worth paying attention: change bouquet outlines, having added non-standard elements to your jewelry. To give special depth to a wedding bouquet, choose the feathers and pastes penetrating a bouquet in several places. If you the adherent of simpler forms, then try to apply some seasonally - the focused counters, such as berries. Add more decorative greens to a bouquet to dilute with something excessive minimalism and modesty of ornament.

What flowers

of Roza are still the most popular flowers for decoration of a wedding. But at the same time, the increasing relevance is acquired also by some other nonconventional flowers. Especially It should be noted growth of interest in exotic flowers in bouquets. It will be pertinent if all svadebgy ceremony has an exotic shade, or people look for an opportunity to make a ceremony of the most unusual. Many types of orchids including for a long time fallen in love by all of us, such as are actual: Tsimbidium, Dendrobium, Falenopsis, Wanda. All of them well fit into an exotic bouquet. Anturiums and callas too good choice.

Attractive colors

That compositions and your bouquet drew attention, to you sotit to think, first of all, of color of a bouquet. Show color samples, a sample invitation and other trifles connected with a wedding to the florist that the expert made the decision of rather color scale and structure of flowers. For certain this decision will help to bring into accord flower jewelry with other details of a wedding procession.

The correct lighting

Should be added only a candle to flower composition, and she instantly creates the romantic atmosphere. From simple small color candles to big thick-walled everything can be used to add heat of fire and soft light to composition. Even simple tilayta if it is correct to place them in the flower song selected by you will help.

Good ideas: use suspended candles together with desktop compositions in high vases on a leg to add heat to a winter ceremony. For a beach open ceremony choose as home decoration of a vase - add the tubas filled with water and transparent decorative stones to these compositions of an orchid and small floating candles. To set the tone for the solemn atmosphere, decorate with candles and petals of roses an entrance and a path to a wedding arch.

Impudent colors

Passed those times when the wedding was decorated mainly in the gentle, muffled pastel tones. Today`s brides safely experiment with mixture of unusual bright flowers in the wedding flower compositions, defiantly applying the most fancy color schemes. Now are not afraid of mixing brightly - violet and orange flowers or it is bright - yellow and is bright - pink, so-called color of a fuchsia. The palette of the third millennium begins to extend. In more detail about the choice of color of your wedding - below.

It is more, than just flowers

Dilute flowers with daring ideas. The interesting tendency in decoration of a wedding is in the flowers an addition of fruit, decorative greens and even vegetables for creation of unusual ornament. Their naturally bright colors coincide with the general tendency of color scales of the new millennium. You can fill up this list, having shown the imagination and courage of non-standard decisions.

Tables in the movement

Laying of a Holiday Table also differs in this season in more dynamic character. Instead of using identical flower compositions for all tables, brides with pleasure choose high vases from transparent glass, varying height of flower compositions, experiment with their regrouping.

Do not complicate

Now do not make heavier bridal bouquets and flower compositions a surplus of flower weight, Today`s brides choose more natural elegant ways. Prefer bouquets collected manually on a spiral. Such bouquet of fresh flowers represents stylish and elegant ornament is indisputable.

Successful and unforgettable to you celebrations!