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Webinar Gandapasa, webinar Gandapasa, webinar Gandapasa!

“Webinar Gandapasa!

Only on June 4

“Radislav Gandapas will teach you FREE OF CHARGE! 2 hours of hour he will tell“

“about that,

how to become the Leader...“

Radislav Gandapas. The most titled business - the trainer of Russia. Leader of trainer`s ratings. It was twice called the best in a profession by results of a year.

Co-owner and leading coach of the Oratorica company. The author of six books on oratorical skill (“A Kama Sutra for the speaker“, “The presentation designer“, “Is ready to performance!“, “101 advice to the speaker“, “101 council for corporate conference“ and “Speeches which changed Russia“) and three movies (“We learn to act publicly“, “Charisma of the leader in business“ and “Business - the presentation“).

Radislav Gandapas - the author of original trainings:

Two wings of the public speech

the Presentation - sensation

Charisma of the leader in business. Image and mysticism, psychology and the power

Corporate ideology

Training for trainers

Among clients the top officials of the largest companies, leaders of political parties, ministers. Prepared tens of unique corporate conferences and Road - Show.

The professional speaker, Radislav itself often speaks at conferences, round tables, in telecasts. Gives interview to newspapers and magazines.

Conducts current - the show “Be Your Way“ on Channel Five. And the Charisma program on radio “Russian News Service“ 107. 0 FM“.

Rebyata! The word of honor, I squat in curtseys, in awe dropping to one, to other knee, I kiss the monitor and violently I shout “Hallelujah!“.

“Webinar Gandapasa“, “Webinar Gandapasa“, “Webinar Gandapasa“. The most titled from titled, the leader of ratings and trainings, the author of six books in oratory, the presentation designer, with big charisma business - a prezentator, the kamasutrovsky speaker … is not present, I cannot any more.

Rape in the perverted form of trustful suckers - is fine! But rape of the Russian speech, Russian, a foreign influence with a claim for an exclusive jabber.

What those think, for example, on this website who allow this oral balancing act with an obvious musty smell of an ostapobenderovshchina on the website? I would like to receive the answer.