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So which of us Pisyunchik?! To a shelter - faugh, logopedics, a brotherhood of

Left so that the Korean boy by the name of Pak was adopted by the Russian family

Barykinykh when the little boy`s parents died in car accident. Barykinykh

at that time had a son - Tolyan - a healthy forehead - also there was to it the thirteenth

year. The present generation and so entirely akselerata, and it already very few people surprises with

, but Tolyan shot up not just healthy patsanchik, but true

a giant. Ate Roofing felt with big appetite, in a class sent all

of peers and even lifted up children from the senior classes. There was it a glory

of a “freaky“ otorvysh.

And to Korean Pak - only eight years from a sort. Pak`s father - Kim -

served once together with the father Toli, Semyon Barykin, in landing

troops. Not “pour water“ there were friends. Presents! And after return

of a holy duty to the Homeland did not lose the friend to the friend from a look, even more strong the man`s friendship of brother-soldiers became

. Therefore when the misfortune

happened, Semyon Barykin had no doubts and his spouse Tamara,

what to do with the friend`s son. Relatives at the Korean were not found and the orphan

was warmed Barykina. With pleasure Pak agreed to join the house Barykinykh

the family member and Tolka, an infection, took a dislike to the Korean. As, the competitor

appeared for parental attention!

And in general, to temper Tolyan was, frankly speaking, odious. Liked to offend

weak. And Pak just also was, it seems, such - hudyushchy tiny

tiny east little man, the real imp. Shch-at - uplenkiya.

However, his daddy - the thickset Russified Korean Kim - before death of

sudden trained the son in the SHELTERS elements - FAUGH. But nobody knew

from people around about that. And still Pak did not utter a letter “Sh“ in Russian. There was no it

at it - and all here. So, they brothers - Tolyan and

Pak became will of providence.

- Pisyunchik! - so the senior Tolyan called younger “brother“ - the Korean

Pak. Tolyan will come to newly appeared eight-year-old a rodstvennichka, will set

a fist to a shoulder, that flies to a wall, and ours makes a din in all throat:

- Pisyunchik - poprygunchik! Pisyunchik - a poprygunchik! the Korean boy Pak everything suffers

. Only occasionally hot east tear

falls in its palms with which he covers a face. Our bull Tolyan pendal will give

to it - the Korean flies through all room as a ball. Parents all will spread out

of a pelmeshka, and Tolyan secretly to the brother of a pelmeshka at the smaller brother

pinches. Tells the evil: “Guzzle Korean “Noodles“!

On affairs in a regional justice of times Semyon and Tamara

Barykiny departed for a couple of hours. Punished to sons to sit quietly and to be on friendly terms. Tolyan nods. And here

ached at Pak tooth from eating of toffees, and our Tolyan to it goes with

nippers “zubik to take out“. There are no parents the house, and is not present to Saviour to unfortunate

from the brother squabbler. Here east little man also shouts:

- It is not necessary! It is not necessary!

- It is necessary! Open a mouth! I will pull out all your 6 teeth! - Tolyan threatens.

the Giant, an infection, already and teeth managed to count in a mouth of the little Korean.

Remembered number.

- No, tear one! - Pak bargains.

- Is not present - six!

- And - and - and! Depart from me! Pozhalees!

- Give, the toothless devil! Now I will be a stomatologist! And at the same time at

me you will learn to utter a letter “Sh“! “Pozhalees!“ But not that nippers I will pull teeths

! And that see to frighten me, Tolyan, udumat! “Pozhalees!“ Do not make laugh!

That you can, a mushroom you to a shiitaka!

I moved the jockstrap on the Korean again, poigryvy nippers and suddenly

darkened in the opinion of it. The small heel of Pak an arrow flew up from a floor and

crashed into a jaw to Tolyan. The last dropped nippers and failed

on a floor insensitively.

In two hours of Barykina came back home. So it turned out, quietly came. With

horror found such picture: Tolyan grabbled on a floor of kitchen

and shouted:

- Tolyan - a pisyunchik! Tolyan - a pisyunchik!

A the little Korean boy sat on it astride and ordered:

- Iso! Iso! Iso!

- Tolyan - a pisyunchik! Tolyan - a pisyunchik! - Tolyan chattered.

- What do you do it? - exclaimed Barykina.

Children stiffened.

- We Play cavalrymen! - there was Pak.

- And! Then it is clear! I hope, you do not offend each other? You are brothers!

- No! - the Korean shook the head.

- No! - nearly crying Tolyan agreed.

- Well. Only it … Pisyunchik … word it - not really decent. … Not

should use more it. Well, children?

- Ugu! - both boys at the same time barked.

Parents left again, there were no all affairs at them at once to complete in a justice

of the area, and in half-minute on Tolyan`s bum the switch knocked again, and he

began to grabble and poor-mouth again:

- Tolyan - pisyunchik! Tolyan - pisyunchik! Tolyan - a pisyunchik!

- Iso! Iso! - without emotions the Korean demanded. - Being awoken with the nobility as small

of the brother to offend!

A on Tamara Barykina Street smiled meanwhile to the husband:

- What they at us amicable turned out!

Semyon nodded and reminded:

- Pak Should bring the logopedist. Nevertheless, he has to learn

to say a letter “Sh“ correctly!

Spouses walked towards a justice. Barykina was not known that in their apartment

words and “ orders Pisyunchik with might and main sound!“, “Iso!“, “Budes the nobility,

as me to offend!“, and also the switch of young east equestrian whistles.

But soon in a fuse of races on the jockstrap`s back Pak unexpectedly accurately uttered

a letter “Sh“. Tolyan pribaldet and demanded to tell still. Pak told

“Will accurately know how to offend me!“ many times, and all phonetic precisely!

Barykin the adopted son of the logopedist had not to cause. And Tolyan, having learned

a heel of the smaller brother and the Korean miracle in correction of the speech, became stupid and became

the best friend, the defender and the true brother now.