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Culinary features of

At preparation of any sweet dish, confectioners by all means deal with sugar. It is cooked in the different ways: before receiving more liquid or more dense syrup, for addition in cream, sauce or decoration of desserts.

Work with chocolate, also integral part of preparation of a sweet masterpiece. Chocolate is kindled in dry capacity on a water bath, it is also possible to use the microwave oven for these purposes. Then pour out it on a plain surface and leave to cool, then turn in tubules. At the correct process, chocolate is not overdried, becomes elastic and it is possible to carry out different jewelry from it.

are baked Of the special test florets, tubules, tapes which decorate desserts. This type of the test - rather thin, easily pouring out on a baking sheet a thin layer. Keep such dough in an oven literally several minutes and then displace from it various figures. Dough turns out gentle.

Ready marzipan weight is used for jewelry most often. But it is possible it and to prepare from the ground peeled almonds cooked in sugar syrup.

to please even to a gourmet, on a plate with a dessert at the same time has to be something juicy, something soft and something crackling. The apple pie served still warm with a ball of ice cream and small candied roasted nuts can be an ideal example. At the same time juicy pie, soft, gentle ice cream and the crackling candied roasted nuts - right composition in which each component emphasizes features of other components.

Special charm gives a combination of contrast components, such as whipped cream with easy juicy fruit, warm pie and a cold water-ice, sweet cream and sauce with sourness.

I the simplest dessert will look effectively if before putting cream on a plate, to water it with vanilla, creamy, chocolate sauce, or mashed potatoes. Pie is decorated with fresh strawberry, pineapple, on parfait to put several candied rose-petals, mints. To strew with icing sugar, cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon, nuts. And an undoubted duet of ice cream is - crispy roll or cookies.