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How it is possible to use the NLP on interview at employment?

, What is longer: the book which you hold in hand, or the handle which lies near you? It is simple to find the answer: it is enough to put of one to another.

And here a question of that which of these two objects “is cooler“, perhaps, will cause confusion. In the first case how it is possible to compare, rather simply to understand, in the second case the answer can be vague and is not obvious.

If the potential employer invited you to interview, then, most likely, you will be compared to other applicants for the position which interested you, and for such comparison the HR manager already has not only criteria to skills and competences, but also rather fulfilled methods of their use.

Now even more often the main emphasis is placed on personal qualities of the candidate. Many employers understand that there is no big sense in hiring of the cool expert who in several months will run away into the competing company or will become the disorganizing center in collective.

For deep “probing“ of HR - the expert can act both is very provocative, and it is rather tactless. The purposes of such tactics are clear.

In - the first to unmask with the applicant and to bring him out of a condition of the learned role. In - the second to play on “depreciation“, on imposing to future employee of other conditions, than for what he applies.

Well and, maybe, “in - the third“ - to carry out a peculiar inspection on resistance to stress. My familiar personnel director in one of the large companies began process literally with the fact that shouted at applicants from height of the two-meter figure … Neurotics ran almost at once. With the others, actually, interview was also carried out.

The candidate expects questions of the professional achievements and can be shocked with sharp statements concerning the appearance or behavior. A situation very important that is called in the NLP, “to hold a state in these“. The interviewer hopes for your confusion, and in reply you turn provocation into a joke, causing counter confusion. Well, here example.

- You have such ridiculous and ridiculous tie. - you Present to

, it amuses me too. But my beloved spouse with delight personally puts on every morning to me it a neck.

By preparation of trainings I carefully checked the Implicit Mention equipment. The counter consisted in casually to mention in conversation that, say, “I you now which - that I know“, well or “there was a person who told a lot of things to me about you“.

The analogy is given with that purpose that sometimes, having listened to the story of the candidate, the recruiter declares the following: “According to the data which are available for us, the reason of your leaving from the former place of work at all not that about which you try to tell us here“. It is the best of all to ask in this case to the personnel officer a counter question of a source of such ridiculous gossips. If at the same time the word “gossips“ is thinly selected with intonation, so you successfully applied a method of “analog marking“, known in the NLP.

In due time, being still a beginner “the master of the NLP“, I thought up to myself exercise equally both amusing, and useful. When someone from my acquaintances for the first time went to me on a visit, I suggested to play “check of intuition“.

The essence was that the person had to determine an arrangement of rooms by “internal feelings“. I went behind and the micromovements broadcast a right choice. For several years of such trainings the intuition “worked“ literally at all. The matter is that not verbally the person gives about 85% of information. And, I dare to assure you that the person trusts the internal supervision much more your words.

And the skilled employer will always attentively peer at how you look. Therefore if tomorrow since morning you gather for interview, then visit the favourite hairdresser this afternoon, devote evening to walk in the pine wood, at night properly sleep, and get into a jacuzzi with an aromatic skin in the morning. The person with healthy and safe appearance causes desire to communicate and be engaged with it in one business.

It is easy to distinguish the person studying the NLP according to books. In conversation he often tries to copy gestures and a pose of the interlocutor literally. It looks or it is ridiculous or ridiculous. The main way of fine tuning on a pose actually consists in fine tuning “on the center of gravity“. That is you sit down so that the same groups of muscles worked for you approximately, move in the same or multiple rhythm. Such “similarity“ broadcasts at the unconscious level a condition of comfort in communication and quickly leads to the step following after fine tuning - to maintaining.

Develop in yourself a daily habit to speak with the person, as if “getting used“ to the loudness and a timbre of its voice.

Every time, declaring about any of the advantages, support it with the developed example and the story from the experience, carefully flavoring the speech with connectives “and“ “therefore“, “thus“ …

Use any operational opportunity: conversations in a corridor, information at stands. Having come on interview, prove the choice of the enterprise at which you would like to work, “because …“ in several phrases, and mention several advantages of this company.

Applicants always try to meet expectations of administration. At the same time they fasten the head of the potential administration on the shoulders, in fact being engaged in “thought-reading“. To avoid similar performances, the manager can apply the special scheme of conducting interview. Its essence, in general, is simple: the human speech is arranged so that any message can be interpreted in the different ways. So the problem of HR - the manager consists just in that at the first signs of such amusing aktyorstvovaniye it is formal to turn the meaning of what was said the candidate “inside out“. As a rule, after several such “steps“ the applicant forgets the learned role.

- In the relations with the management, I strictly adhere to duty regulations.

- In other words, you the formalist?

- On the contrary, I am very open person and I always become the center of any company.

- Then turns out that your formal insistence to the administration is combined with familiarity concerning subordinates. Interestingly, on what such “feats“ you will be able to line our executive and friendly staff?

This scheme shows to the applicant as it is important to behave naturally and sincerely. Most likely, throughout interview this distinguished game will change. And if you manage to become worthy and its bright participant, probability that on your candidate the employer will stop the final choice, will increase several times.