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Sharikov` time-?

Professor Preobrazhensky was mistaken, including himself Sharikov`s primogenitor. The real creator of the head of department of fight against homeless animals was all - the chairman of a domkom Shvonder. It enclosed in the head to the former homeless mongrel to the Ball of thought of a world reorganization. And only thanks to Shvonder Poligraf Poligrafovich made a meteoric career in the sphere of cleaning.

In the modern world, to the greatest regret, pits become according to Sharikov`s recipe. Who was nobody - nobody and will remain. If the Shvonder does not occur in the path.

A it - that will whisper on an ear. And as it will be good to you if you enter a party and you will go to meetings. Or you will pretend to be the donor and together with gallant fighters from OMON you will disperse a small group of turncoats on Triumphal. You - strong. All is possible for you!

And in an award - a trip to Seliger. And as the manual - “Correspondence of Engels and Kautsky“. Or “A short course of ER“. Then - a position. So far small, but it only when. The main thing - to believe. In the plan of the party leader. In the fact that you together with it save the country from an orange infection. That foreign opinion for you anything. And opinion of the party leader - all. Because they only true.

I here you are already the head of department of cleaning. And you already trust to catch cats in cellars. And you can send to three letters of the famous musician for some reason having other point of view. Or to help to jostle in the bus of the veteran - the participant of defense of Moscow. And then on Vasilevsky Descent to chant together with all: “For us Putin and Stalingrad“.

And shvonder behind the scenes of a performance rub hands. They think that they achieved the, and for them now young little fools will do all manual labor.

And even professor Preobrazhensky began to see clearly at the end of the experiment:

“Well and so, Shvonder is also the most important fool. He does not understand that Sharikov for it more terrible danger, than for me. Well, now he takes great pain to set him on me, without thinking that if somebody in turn sets Sharikov on Shvonder, then from it there will be only horns yes of a leg“.

Sharikov` time-?