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What has to be commercial linoleum?

Commercial linoleum - a floor covering for application in zones of the increased passability and load of a floor covering. Other name of commercial linoleum - contract PVC (polyvinylchloride), comes from a linoleum scope - commercial and the administrator of the room - offices, trading floors, medical and educational institutions.

As a rule, in all specified rooms high attendance, and requirements to wear resistance of a floor covering absolutely others, than for house floor coverings is supposed. Here indicators of resistance to friction, compatibility with specific furniture, resistance to chemical reagents, ease in cleaning and other are important.

The main indicator of durability on attrition of linoleum is its commercial and/or industrial class of wear resistance. According to the European classification (according to the EN standard) coverings from PVC, and also coverings from natural linoleum can correspond to one of wear resistance classes in the range from 31 to 43. As a rule, commercial coverings have 33 - 43 class of resistance to attrition. Besides, wear resistance is defined by the group of attrition designated by Latin letters. Having distributed designations on wear resistance force, as falling off, we will receive the following sequence of groups: P, T, M, F.

It is necessary to specify that commercial floor coverings from PVC happen uniform in all thickness - homogeneous, and consisting of two or more layers - heterogeneous. It is possible to judge quality of homogeneous coverings proceeding from degree of purity of the PVC which is its part. The more the amount of impurity, the are lower wear resistance and elasticity of linoleum. Accurately points the weight of homogeneous linoleum at the rate on 1 sq.m to degree of purity of polyvinylchloride. The it is lower, the linoleum is more qualitative. For example linoleum weighing 2900 g/sq.m will be better than linoleum weighing 3100 g/sq.m

Heterogeneous collections of linoleum, as a rule, consist of two layers, one of which an iznosozashchitny layer, another - a basis. The protective layer of heterogeneous linoleum is often high-pure polyurethane or PVC, is rare with additional additives, a basis - the same PVC which only is made foam for economy of material and additional elasticity of material. It is necessary to remember that the protective layer of linoleum is thicker, the longer it will serve. There is the following distribution of linoleum on classes, proceeding from thickness of a protective layer:

- 0,1 - 0,35 mm - household linoleum for laying in premises

- 0,4 - 0,65 mm - semi-commercial linoleum for laying in commercial rooms with low passability

- 0,7 - 1,0 mm - commercial linoleum for laying in gustoprokhodimy rooms.

One more detail - you should not take in attention linoleum thickness in itself. This indicator practically does not speak about anything. So, for example, the 5th millimetric linoleum with a felt (felt) basis and with the minimum protective layer will be many times worse than thin 2 mm of linoleum with a protective layer 1,0 millimeters.

Here in kratets and everything that it is worth knowing about commercial linoleum to make a right choice what I wish all!