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What in Hungary is prepared from elder inflorescences?

at the end of May, the beginning of June the small settlement of Fertyoboz that in 12 kilometers from Sopron, notes the name-day. And the name of this settlement, by the way, is closely attached not only to Lake Fert near which it stands, but also to the high, multibarrelled bush allocated in separate family eldern, carried to zhimolostny, and now, so in general … It seems that experts agreed in opinion now that it more relationship with adoksovy.

But it at dendrologists eternal some neponyatka! And fertyobozets from time immemorial know that the plant which named the settlement, a lot of growing on it and its vicinities is an elder. Respectively, and the holiday is called … Prostenko, but with taste: “Day of elder“.

There will be an opportunity to get to vicinities of Sopron at the end of May, the beginning of June, surely use it. For all hundred percent. Holiday, really, interesting, and an occasion to regret about in vain the spent time as it in my opinion, - will not be.

Well and if household or working chores - cares do not release in any way … It does not matter. Here, couple of simple Hungarian recipes. To prepare them will not make special work. And as you will prepare, you will try … That here it, the true taste of a holiday which in Fertyoboz designate “Day of elder“.

Complexity only one - to find elder. Moreover during its blossoming. But … Looking for and obryanut. There would be a desire.

So, recipes. As is the cornerstone of the majority of dishes...

Eldern syrup

... Let`s begin with it. It will be necessary for us 10 inflorescences of elder. Without them, you understand, - in any way. And if all of them are, then plus to them - 400 g of sugar. Hungarians for these purposes prefer reed, but also our, beet, will go. Well, and besides inflorescences and sugar, 4 liters of water. And on each liter of liquid on one big lemon.

All this is near at hand? We begin.

Pollen of inflorescences is very important for quality of syrup. Therefore it is not recommended to wash them. Just carefully check for existence of different spiders and small insects. They - that in syrup are not necessary to us at all. Remove them accurately. Let them where in other place creep.

At the cleared inflorescences scissors we separate nimbuses which are accurately stacked in deep ware with a cover. It can be both the enameled pan, and a glass jar, and the canister with a wide neck.

We fill in water in capacity. We fill up sugar. From two lemons we squeeze out juice, and remained we cut thin segments which we lower in our pan or to bank too. We stir. And for 2 - 3 days we put aside capacity in the place protected from hit of direct sunshine. But for this time we do not forget about banks - pans. One - twice a day slightly we stir slowly what on the expiration has to turn into eldern syrup. And as 2 - 3 days will pass, we filter liquid and we spill in a container which is convenient for storing in the refrigerator. Better glass.

This option of eldern syrup is stored at most a month. And here if it is necessary that it staid from one season of blossoming to another, the recipe changes a little. Except lemons, we increase quantity of everything. Inflorescences - to 30 pieces, sugar - to 3 kg, and water - to seven liters. And as preservatives are added 1 teaspoon of benzoate of sodium and 100 g of wine acid. If there is neither that, nor another near at hand, then they can be replaced with lemon acid which either in small bottles, or in bags is on sale in many grocery stores as a flavoring additive to tea. Or just to increase quantity of lemons. At least, time in one and a half. But, who loves is sourer, is possible more.

The rest in the second option similar to the first. We check, we separate, we fill in, we fall asleep … We filter. But according to the second recipe the refrigerator already without need. It is possible to store just in the cool place.

As syrup is ready, it at once it is possible also in business. First of all, to drink, without some there impurity and additives. Speak, very much it is useful to health. Only … That it is syrup - we remember? In a cup or a glass it is poured 1/5 from its volume. Or 1/10 if who not really loves sweet. And then, to full, with water it is diluted. It is possible mineral. Or aerated. And only after that - we drink.

And it is possible on the basis of eldern syrup and different to mix cocktails. Including low alcohol. But that is also nobody forbids to experiment. And today something towards pastries pulls me. If there is even what minute - literally a couple of recipes in this direction.

Recipe the first. Eldern palachinta

Pancakes, our way. And again - two options.

By the first option we cook pancake dough, we add to it elder flowers, carefully we knead and … Process went. We bake. And as the next pancake from a frying pan was removed, from above it can be greased with jam. That there was no flavoring dissonance with a main course, it is better to take jam with sourness. Orange, for example.

By the second option all inflorescence as the same chop, completely we dip into dough and we bake. Naturally, in this case oils on a frying pan has to be slightly more, than in the first modification of the same recipe.

On a compounding. to bake an eldern plachinta, it is necessary that near at hand were: 6 inflorescences of elder, 2 glasses of flour, 200 ml of milk, 250 ml of water (Hungarians often use not usual, mineral water as in this case, in their opinion, pancakes turn out thinner), 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of sunflower oil and … Salt - to taste.

Recipe of the second. Eldern cookies

to us are required to

For four portions:

1. For the test : 4 eggs, 100 g of eldern syrup, 220 g of flour, 250 g of sugar, 50 g of milk, half a teaspoon of a baking powder which now before each cash desk in any supermarket is on sale.

But if either to a market, or to cash desk - it is far, and there is no time, then it is possible to replace a baking powder old, kind, even in the grandmother`s way. The same floor teaspoons, only already soda. Also we extinguish it, slowly dripping vinegar until it ceases to hiss.

2. For cream : 150 g of eldern syrup, 50 g of butter, 2 yolks, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1,5 - torments. Plus on a teaspoon of juice and a dried peel of a lemon.

First of all we cook dough. Yolks with sugar and eldern syrup are shaken up in foam to which we add milk and the flour which is previously mixed with a baking powder. We pour out the dough which turned out as a result on the oiled baking sheet and at an average temperature (170 - 180 degrees) we bake minutes 30 - 35. As usual, till golden color.

For now a cookies basis in an oven, we will be engaged in cream. Yolks, sugar, flour and syrup are put in the pan suitable by the size which we install on another, more largely. All these difficulties are necessary as at a temperature over 100 degrees yolks will be curtailed. And it is not necessary to us. Here it is also necessary to potter with a water bath. If you, as well as at me, have a pan with double walls between which water is filled in, it is optimum ware for cream preparation.

Generally, loaded everything and we heat on a water bath, stirring slowly, homogeneous mass is not formed yet. Then we remove the first pan from a water bath, 15 - 20 we wait for minutes that podstylo it is a little, and we add a lemon. Juice and dried peel.

Again we wait. As weight will finally cool down to room temperature, we mix it with the softened oil. In total. Cream is ready.

We cut a cake layer on height on two equal parts. We grease one of them with cream which from above we cover with the soulmate. And - in the refrigerator. That, at least, within an hour our cookies were stood and became impregnated. I understand, hard. But it is necessary! It is necessary to sustain this hour …

then to get, cut a cake layer on portion pieces, slightly to powder them with icing sugar and … Without leaving the house, to enjoy taste of that Hungarian holiday on which we did not manage to get yet. Well, we will enjoy?!