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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 05 - 06? “Sex and the City 2“, etc.

Here also there came the long-awaited summer. Season of summer blockbusters. A time of a huge box office and improbable, blowing the mind, movies. However, too we will not run forward especially as the first week of the Russian hire will not be able just to brag of something special.

On June 3 will come out: sequel of the romantic comedy “Sex and the City 2“, three-dimensional thriller “Territory of Darkness“, situation comedy “Escape from Vegas“ and family movie “Marmadyuk“. Las - Vegas will also continue a subject the fighter “Murder in Vegas“, and Alla Surikova did not keep and continued history of “The person from Kaputsinov Boulevard“. The European cinema is presented by the criminal tape “Quite Kind Person“ and the French dokumentalka “Kids“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Sex and the City 2“ (Sex and the City 2). Pleasure for female part of the population. And a small duty for man`s, forced to accompany the half at cinema. The well-known TV series held on on blue screens of 6 years and safely came to the end in 2004. However to throw a pot of gold it was more useless therefore 4 years later cinema-men started the film series. Already according to the first movie it was visible that transfer of story about adventures of four modern women on the big screen not absolutely was successful. No, of course, money he earned much, but in the genre told nothing new and did not demand continuation. It seemed, on it history of Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends happily comes to an end. Nevertheless, a week ago in America there was a sequel which today reached and to us. The first responses were very deplorable, but the picture stays afloat so far, holding the third place on collecting. I believe that ours “desperate housewives“ will not refuse to themselves pleasure too.

2. “Territory of darkness 3D“ (Dark Country). the Famous actor Thomas Jane (“Chastener“, “Haze“) shot the first movie as the director. On a genre - it is the road - muv - the thriller that in translation into Russian means “horror stories on the road“. The couple of newlyweds (Jane also played a leading role) forces down in the desert of the stranger. By itself as law-abiding citizens, they select the wounded and carry to a bolnichka. However the casual passenger appears not the victim, and the aggressive delusioned …

the Picture last year`s at all, many already looked, opinions were shared. As usual, one it is excited, compare nearly to Lynch and in general are happy. Drugim and Jane, and all his poor creativity - as a lump in a throat therefore are disappointed and grieve over in vain downtime. The only thing that attracts, so is the treasured 3D prefix, but we will not be under a delusion, friends, the tape left to “Avatar“ so the biggest what it is possible to count on - several scanty three-dimensional inserts. The pugalok is recommended to all admirers of “Fellow traveler“ and other road.

3. “Escape from Vegas“ (Get Him to the Greek). Literally the tape is translated as “bring him to Greeks“ that, in general, explains at once to the dull viewer an essence of the new comedy from the producer Dzhudd Apatow (“Superpertsa“, “Knocked Up“). Young and immoderately the well-fad protege Apatow, Jonah Hill, appears this time in an image of the insurance agent which extremely needs to bring the goof - the musician from Las - Vegas to California. Something “Midnight run“ from De Niro reminds the good movie of Martin Brest, it is only the blank situation comedy. The trailer showed nothing stunning though movies of this director - the producer traditionally are in demand and bring together quite good cash desk. For youth audience - the best choice.

4. “Marmadyuk“ (Marmaduke). It not a curse. It is a nickname of the Danish mastiff. On a genre it seems the family comedy, however last time when I was on similar “comedy“ about doggies, there were to the movie “A gauze and I“, appeared the plaintive melodrama. The movie of the quite good director Tom Dai (“The Shanghai midday“, “Show begins“) collected a qualitative cast (Emma Stone, Kiefer Sutherland, Owen Wilson) and promises an easy, nenapryazhny show for all age. It is the only tape in the list on which it is possible to descend with children of younger age who traditionally like the doggies and other lovely animals creating any madnesses on the screen.

5. “Person from Kaputsinok Boulevard“. it is honest? Did not wait. More precisely, did not expect from Alla Surikova. I very much like the original of 1987. Because Mironov. Because Boyarsky, Karachentsov, Mishulin, Yarmolnik. Good songs, easy jokes (“It is my beefsteak!“), bright characters. Not a masterpiece, but nostalgia. Now thought up some granddaughter - to a bug which comes to modern Russia with its bumer and tries to repeat a trick of the ancestor, having shot film “about Big and Pure“. Anticipating blamestorming session in mass media, I will watch this opus only after check time. Or, if does not pass, I will not be. To me not to liking a new tendency to take old - kind - eternal and, without hesitating, to do of it bucks on a stick.

6. “Murder in Vegas“ (Magic Man). I Present to your attention new “superfilm“ of Alexander Nevsky (he is Sasha Kuritsyn). According to Kuritsyn`s movies it is possible to declare safely that this or that Hollywood star was drawn and more star is not by definition. In this case under distribution Billey Zane (“Titanic“), Armand Assante and Robert Davey got. How Nevsky manages to persuade normal actors to act in his trash - statements, remains a riddle for many. Whether flattery, whether money, whether both that, and another more. There is no wish to speak about its hand-made articles, to look especially. We pass by, we are not late.

7. “Quite kind person“ (En Ganske snill man). Very good actor Stellan Skarsgard, having become the in Hollywood (“Mamma MIA!“, “Angels and Demons“), all - does not forget native Scandinavian Penates. In this Norwegian criminal drama it had a role of the former prisoner trying to construct anew the life after an exit of prison. The picture was shown at the Berlin festival in February and even won a special prize. Europeans, as a rule, are successful similar tapes not bad therefore it is recommended to all fans of slow judicious cinema with sense.

8. “Kids“ (B é b é (s)) - the Slogan of this French documentary picture says “Every second in the world 4 kids are born. Get acquainted with them“. About it and the movie. The chamber constantly (within one and a half years) monitors development of four, separately taken, babies in Japan, Mongolia, the USA and Namibia.

This week it is difficult to allocate the unambiguous leader. Most likely, the most part of the viewers will evenly be distributed between “Sex and the City 2“, “Marmadyuk“ and “Escape from Vegas“. The same who will incur blood in cash desk of the new kuritsynsky fighter risk to be left high and dry.