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What is financial freedom?

Everything, cannot be silent more! So much it was gathered in the head that time it somehow came to order, put a certain end and to share with you.

On - to the beginning there can be a feeling that somewhere you already heard about it. Everything is right. I am not the first who started talking about financial freedom. But, having perhaps read up up to the end, you will begin to treat in a different way money and their role in your life.

Morning, an alarm clock, a breakfast, the road for work, work, the road about works, the TV, a dinner, a dream. To mix all this, but not to shake up campaigns on shish kebabs, birthdays, rare sorties to other countries on rest. From above to add minute pleasure from receiving a salary, this sacred. If I did not mention something, write in comments.

It is absolutely Normal scheme of life about which you perfectly know. More than once spoke to you about it. But did not say that at such state of affairs there are 96% probability by 65 years to become full financial bankrupts. Is not present? Did not speak? At school unless did not speak or at institute? And at an entrance for work there is no such sign? Then, maybe, on radio or television spoke? Is not present? But it is the fact. 96% of people or do not live till 65 years, or, reaching this age, cannot do without the help of the children. 3% can do without it and only 1% continues to live at the same financial level or above.

If you want to learn about it in more detail, read R. Kiyosaki`s books. And I want to talk about why, even knowing about this statistics, the majority continues to live on knurled. WHY?

I found the answer to this question in Alexey Lukonin`s training. I never heard about this person earlier. I did not know about it anything. And now I know only that he told about himself on training. After it ended I did not begin to look for all available information on the Internet, trying to learn about it more. I just took the handle and began to write this article because, as well as Alexey, I feel responsibility to give you that I received from this training.

Three composed success or how to throw the bridge from poverty in wealth.

1. Relation to money.

2. Relation to people around.

3. Attitude towards dreams.

Money spoils the person. Many problems are a lot of money =. Children ate grow in prosperity they will grow up spoiled and whimsical. 68% of people in general hate the rich. Whether it is possible to become with such relation financially free person? Obviously, no. It is necessary will change the relation to money and to understand one simple thing. Financial freedom is not just a lot of money which you spend to the right and on the left, seeking to increase the expenses. Financial freedom is time in which you can be engaged in the fact that it is rather interesting to you. What inspires you. Without thinking at the same time of money.

Present a situation. Just include imagination. You need to choose the tutor for the child. There are two options. One tutor exists from the income of the activity and asks from you payment of the services without which he has nothing will live. And the second is financially free person and does the work because loves it. It inspires him, helps to open and realize potential. At the same time he demands from you the same payment, as the first, but asks to transfer money in any charity foundation.

To which of them you would entrust the child? I absolutely precisely choose the second option. I for financially independent people. I want that the person who will participate in education of my child did not count up hours to the termination of the working day, and was completely keen on the work. It was full of energy and enthusiasm.

Unless it is bad? If not to it it is worth aspiring, then to what?

Coming into shop, you want one, but buy that on - to a pocket. “I want, but it is expensive“ the Familiar phrase, whether a lie? So occurs not always, but when it happens, you calm yourself the fact that so there were circumstances. Your child asks to buy you a toy and if you cannot afford it, begin to convince him (and yourself) that it is not necessary to it, as without it it is possible to grow the good person that circumstances developed today not in the best way (constellation of the Aries not in that house). Yes, it is possible and so. You tell that all so live. No, not all. Majority. And as you want, solve.

Unless it is bad if you cease blames for all of circumstance and to wait that sometime life itself will be adjusted? Unless it is bad if you are able to give to the child that he wants. Only this way he will be able to grow up the full-fledged personality with self-confidence and the abilities, but not spoiled and whimsical how it is considered to be? Unless it is bad if you work not for the sake of money, and for the sake of self-expression, for the sake of realization of own potential? Think, how more you will be able to give to this world being financially free person? You will be how happier and the people surrounding you?

Until we work for money, for the sake of money, for money, we depend on them so far until the most part of our actions is directed to receiving money of any bright and rich life it cannot be a question. Of any self-expression and realization of potential also do not dream. We will not be able to make also ourselves happy, not to mention our relatives. The first that should be made, so it to get rid of monetary dependence.

I once again repeat. The wealth and financial freedom are not money, this time which you spend as actually you want.

You, of course, can not agree with me. You can have the opinion. Everyone can have the opinion. But what I wrote above about - it is not empty reasonings, this relation to money, to the life which I adopted at successful people and just I share with you because I understand that I give to people, and will return to me. Once and I had other opinion which gave to the fact that my life ceased suit me. I understand that only, having changed the opinion, I will be able to change the life. Never to change the views, means never to improve the life. Means forever to reconcile to what does not suit you in your life. Yes. It is possible and so. And it is NORMAL. Whether but you want it actually?

The success and financial freedom will not fall down to you in hands. Nada to act. You can begin with the same what I began and thousands of people worldwide.