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Why I followed a way of self-development?

the Main reason - desire! Any person on the earth will not do what he does not want. Though from outside everything can look and in a different way.

I so live because I so want.

Let`s get acquainted.

My name is Sergey Vorontsov. I am 26 years old. I live in the Moscow region, in Klin. I am glad to welcome you.

In me there is nothing special. My childhood and youth passed also, as at millions of other people. Long time I lived also as I everything, thought also as I everything, aspired besides, to what all. And, most likely, so also lived all the life if...

I worked as the driver. Yes, simple driver. Traveled about on the cities and the countries. You would ask me then: Whether “I love the work?“ I without reflecting would answer: “Yes!“ And it would be the honest truth. I will not tell why, differently our acquaintance will drag on, and I still about should tell you many. You visited this page because you want to learn about me more. Then listen.

I liked my life, in what I am engaged was pleasant. I pumped over the skills as driver, increased the income, met different people, expanded geography of the trips.

But at some moment my life as if stood. As though someone stopped arrows on my hours. As if in the movie “Groundhog Day“, each next day became similar to previous. Skills could not be developed already, respectively not to increase the income, faces same.

So many live. And I would live life also if not the whole heap of questions which sat down at my head and did not allow to sleep peacefully.

Really all this on what I am capable?

Really achievement something bigger beyond my powers?

Really I have to refuse the dream?

Really nothing new in my life will be any more and I will be forced to be measured with the fact that in it not to be pleasant to me?

Really in 25 years I reached a limit of the opportunities?

All! The End!

Whether easily I were given answers to these questions? No!

Whether I then made the decision to cardinally change the life? No!

The only thing that I wanted then, the same what was wanted also by the main character of the movie “Groundhog Day“ That came tomorrow. I wanted changes. And I just began to move to the purposes. I just began to take the first uncertain steps to that life of which I dreamed. I for the first time in life began to think of what I want actually. Why? Yes just I so wanted!

There passed only a year. I cannot tell that I increased the income by 10 times or became the author of idea for one million dollars. I will not teach you to something. I have no desire to be pleasant to you therefore I will not try to prove to be only from the good party. It is silly. I know that I am not ideal, but also you too. I want to tell you about what it happened to me that I decided to write about it.

The fact remains. I wanted changes. I received them. I became other person. If I today`s met myself of that time, we have nothing would be even to talk (unless that about weather). I became more self-assured (still quite recently I would not decide even to get the blog, unburdening on it the heart). I began to set before myself more courageous purposes, I began to understand that the main barrier on the way to them - it I am. I found in myself a heap of fears and complexes against which now and I fight. I began to treat life, as game in which I do not want to sit on a bench. I made many things for the first time.

I for the first time got the blog.

I for the first time began to state on it the thoughts.

I for the first time began to show them to the whole world.

I for the first time began to communicate with successful people.

I for the first time began to go to trainings.

On one of them I for the first time approached the microphone.

I for the first time told the fears “No“

Ya for the first time understood that it is possible to live bright and happy life only having followed a way of self-expression and self-development. It is the main idea of my blog.

And you know that the most important? All this it to be pleasant to me! I want to live so!

I understand that process of changes will never come to an end. That else in a year I will become other person again. I will have that I want and to do for what came to this world. I understand, as in 50 and in 60 years there will be things which I will do for the first time. That there will be failures and victories, fears and experiences, moments of force and weaknesses, pleasures and disappointments. Also it will end only when I make the last breath.

Why? Yes just I so want!

What I definitely do not want, so it to go to one on this way. It is all the same what to drink alone. Not the holiday, but some alcoholism turns out. The only thing that I want to offer you, so it to go to fascinating travel to the dreams and the purposes. As it was made by me. It is not necessary to miss definitely. I promise it to you.