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What fruit the most useful?

Seven food products apple, sweet cherry, banana, a pear, orange, a kiwi and currant, all of them are very useful, all of them bear in themselves a charge of energy and cheerfulness. The use of these products in food will provide the high level of health, will prevent many diseases, will increase immunity.

Now details.


contains In seeds of one average fruit about standard daily rate of iodine. Also stones contain hydrocianic acid (poison). Safe norm of 3 - 4 apple stones in day, you should not exceed this norm.

The opinion is widespread that, apples help to spill since morning better, than coffee.

Apple is useful for strengthening of sight, skin, hair and nails, and also for elimination of diseases of nervous character.

Apple strengthens immune system and helps to support the constant level of sugar in blood.

In apples there are substances thanks to which the organism acquires iron from other products, for example, from eggs or a liver better.

Apple contains pectin which is capable to bring out of an organism harmful substances, such as lead and arsenic.

Apple contributes to digestion normalization. The apple and wine acids which are contained in apple are considered as good means against diarrhea.

The apple peel is useful too as it contains a large amount of pectin and fibers.

Apple helps to be protected from cancer.

Apples need to be eaten crude, together with a peel. Cutting of fruit reduces amount of vitamin C - the surface of apple becomes brown. It is a sign of oxidation through which useful vitamin is lost.

Apple recommends to finish any meal - it is considered it is useful not only for a figure, but also for teeth.

In apples there are not enough calories so if to replace with apple a fat, sweet and high-calorie dessert, it is quite possible to grow thin.

In apples there are a lot of vitamins (And, With, In). In some grades is up to 300% more than vitamin C, than in others. The longer apples are stored, the it is less in them than vitamins.


contains In fruits of sweet cherry a lot of vitamin C and carotene.

Nutrients which contain in sweet cherry are especially useful to children - it is pro-vitamin A, vitamins P, groups B, nicotinic acid, it is a lot of phosphorus, calcium and iron.

Also sweet cherry is rich with mineral salts, such as potassium, phosphorus, iron, contains the vitaminopodobny substance - inositol - the metabolism regulator, pectins, and also antotsiana which strengthen capillaries.

Sweet cherry stimulates digestion and exempts an organism from harmful products of an exchange and excess of cholesterol.

Sweet cherry is useful at treatment of an anemia. Broth from &ndash sweet cherry fruit stems; good cure for a heart disease.

In sweet cherry much more carbohydrates, than in cherry.

Dirty sweet cherry will live in the refrigerator at most two weeks, cherry is twice more. It is better to eat the washed sweet cherry at once. Berry needs to be washed very carefully as on it there can be remains of poison which gardeners applied against insects.

The tail of sweet cherry has to be green, a yellow tail - a sign that sweet cherry became overripe.


Possessing a set of useful mineral substances, fruits of bananas are capable to help at anemia, the raised blood pressure, a depression, heartburn and a premenstrual syndrome. In cosmetology the peel of bananas is used as natural means for removal of warts.

Banana can quickly restore the lowered level of energy of your organism. Banana contains three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose in a combination with a fiber (fiber), banana gives the immediate, essential, supporting energy charge. Banana is fruit No. 1 at the leading world athletes.

Banana also helps to overcome or prevent a significant amount of diseases and thus does itself by a necessary additive of a daily diet.

Banana is capable to reduce risk of increase of pressure and warm blows.

Banana increases mental capacities.

Banana can help to restore normal intestinal activity, without resorting to laxatives.

Banana helps will get rid of a depression. It occurs because banana contains tryptophane, one of types of a protein which the organism will transform to the serotonin known for what improves mood and does the person happier.

Banana helps to get rid of morning weakness.

Banana contains a large amount of vitamin B that helps to calm nervous system.

Researches of Institute of Psychology in Austria revealed that the stress and pressure at work lead to an overeating of tasty food, for example chocolate, ice cream, chips, etc. Observing for more than 5000 patients, researchers revealed that most of all people subject to a stress at work have obesity. Researchers came to conclusion that to avoid the food consuming caused by panic, it is necessary to operate sugar level in blood, eating food rich in carbohydrates, for example banana, every two hours for maintenance of constant level of sugar.

Banana is the only crude fruit which can be consumed safely in a stage of an exacerbation of an ulcer. Banana also neutralizes excess acidity, and reduces irritation of a wall of a stomach.

Many cultures consider banana as “ cooling “ fruit which can lower the physical and emotional temperature of future mothers. In Thailand, for example, pregnant women eat banana in order that the child was born with a low temperature.

Banana will help to leave off smoking as helps an organism to overcome effect of nicotinic insufficiency.

According to the data of researches published in “ The New England Journal of Medicine “ the banana which is present at a daily diet can reduce risk of death from warm blows by 40%.

If to compare banana to apple, then banana contains 4 times more protein, is twice more than carbohydrates, is 3 times more than phosphorus, in 5 times more of vitamin A and iron, and twice more than other vitamins and minerals. Banana is also rich in potassium and is one of the best food.


Pear rich natural power source.

The pear contains a lot of potassium, necessary for a human body for normal action of the heart and nervous system, reduction of muscles, to assimilation of proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore the pear is useful to the people playing sports and leading active lifestyle.

One average pear contains 10% of day norm of consumption of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Besides the well-known role of the fighter against infections, vitamin C promotes healing of wounds, bruises and grazes.

Any vitamin is easier acquired by a human body from natural products.

The pulp and a peel of one average pear are 4 grams of valuable cellulose (in the form of pectin) that makes 16% of the norm recommended by physicians. Cellulose contributes to normalization of level of sugar in blood, improves digestion, acids stimulate activity of a liver and kidneys.

The pear, the more its advantage, especially for heart is more sweet. The pulp of a pear is easier acquired by an organism, than pulp of apple

of the Pear have the invigorating, refreshing and amusing effect, improve mood, are useful at serdtsebiyeniye, strengthen a stomach, promoting digestion of food, are shown when burning in a bladder.

Unlike apples the pear is useful at pulmonary diseases and helps at a serious poisoning mushrooms. Seeds possess antivermicular properties.

The pear is capable to increase protective forces of an organism, to resist to infectious diseases, to have anti-inflammatory effect, and also to struggle with a depression.

The pear is recommended to be used at the fast fatigue, dizziness, tachycardia arising at the strengthened physical activity, and also at appetite loss, at emergence of cracks in mouth corners, bad healing of fabrics and even at sensitivity to cold - all this symptoms of a lack of iron of an organism.

After a physical activity of several eaten pears can kill the tired-out muscle pain quite really.

The pear cannot be eaten next the heart, and at least, half an hour later - hour after food. After a pear it is impossible to drink water, especially crude and cold, and also is dense food and meat.

Old east proverb says: “In the morning &ndash apple; to heart rose! In the morning pear - to heart poison!“

Sour and very tart grades of pears strengthen a stomach and a liver, stimulate appetite, but they are more difficultly acquired and therefore are contraindicated to elderly people and those who suffer from frustration of nervous system, paralysis.


Oranges are vitamin-rich B, C and A. They promote blood clarification, tone up all organism, allocate it with the vital force and energy, improve appetite.

Oranges contain antiscorbutic substances and therefore prevent and treat a scurvy. They also treat locks. They are useful at anemia or an anemia, appetite loss, indigestion, weakness and slackness at the expense of the vitamin B which is contained in them.

Oranges have the rejuvenating effect on an organism. It is considered that fruits of orange are useful at a hypertensive illness, atherosclerosis, liver diseases, obesity, gout.

Orange juice has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiallergic properties, interferes with formation of blood clots.

Juice of fresh oranges promotes decrease in cholesterol in blood.

Orange can be used at high temperature. From antiquity the recipe of drink is known: 3-4 segments of orange fill in with 50 milliliters of boiled water of room temperature and insist within 30 minutes.

It is established that the lack of vitamin C increases risk of transfer with sperm of congenital defects. And to exclude such opportunity, take care of that your man ate daily 1 orange.

Vitamin C is removed from an organism within a day therefore its receipt in an organism has to be constant.

The KIWI covers with

of One kiwi in day standard daily rate of vitamin C.

Vitamin C strengthens immune system, blood vessels, increases the organism resilience to various infections, helps an organism to struggle with a stress. Besides, the kiwi promotes removal from an organism of cholesterol and normalizes digestion.

The Norwegian scientists, proved that this fruit is capable to burn the fats blocking arteries that reduces risk of formation of blood clots.

This fruit is not recommended to be used to allergic persons, children and elderly people.


Blackcurrant is richer than other grades of currant with vitamin C. There is in it also a vitamin P, vitamin K. The good combination of large amounts of C and P vitamins does currant especially useful in prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis of arteries and aortas.

Blackcurrant is useful at stomach ulcer, gastritis with the lowered acidity of gastric contents, atherosclerosis, diseases of kidneys, an anemia and metabolic disorders. It is rather strong means increasing immunity.

Broth from leaves of currant treat gout, rheumatism, diabetes. Fresh juice from leaves helps to cicatrize to stomach ulcer, it is also used as calming. The tablespoon of the crushed leaves is filled in with two glasses of boiled water, insisted 3 - 4 hours, filtered and drunk during the day.

Bon appetit!