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How to see parade of planets?

Since on August 8 this year, the planet of Solar system are built in very interesting and rare composition. Namely: Venus, Mars, Saturn and a sickle of the young Moon will agree on the evening sky in a sign of the Maiden. Near this planetary group there will be Mercury.

18 - On August 19 this parade of planets will be followed by space fireworks in the form of the star rain created by a meteor shower of Perseyada. All this space phenomenon can be observed with the naked eye from all points of a surface of the planet Earth.

Connection of Venus and Mars will be the most remarkable feature of this meeting of planets. Usually such meeting takes place every year and lasts for 2 - 3 days. This year connection of these planets will be observed for two months - till October 10 .

In this case Venus will describe a loop around Mars, will turn into the retrograde movement, and the linking of these two planets will direct to the sunset Sun. Similar occurs time in 5 thousand years.

If managers and priests of the ancient people of Maya could observe such event, they for certain would describe it and arranged improbable festivals with sacrifices because the planet Venus in Mayansky religion was esteemed by the Supreme deity.

There is a hypothesis that life at first appeared on Mars and had same-sex character, i.e. Martians bred in the vegetative way. Legends claim that Venus descended from the Uranium orbit, having abandoned the beloved sister Miranda, and directed to Mars. Having faced it, it broke an ecolayer and the atmosphere of the red planet. Traces of this collision are obvious: on a surface of Mars - in the form of Grand Canyon occupying a third of its territory, and emergence of the planet Mercury whom ancient Egyptians considered as the child of Venus and Mars.

By this moment Earth was ready to take some life forms. Venus went to Earth, and both of these planets began to rotate the friend around the friend. It is probable that matter loop formed after collision of Venus with Mars partially settled on the Earth`s surface. Seeds of life got on a fertile field. So all arose live on our blue planet.

However Venus and Earth was fated to disperse on different orbits. Just like that Venus could not leave Earth because they rotated around one center of gravity and its shift generated the Moon from a subsoil of Earth of its satellite. Further Venus began to rotate around the Sun under the laws, and on Earth life to those forms began to develop that exist and presently.

There is an assumption that the Mars line, Earth and Venus of parade of planets of 2010 repeats that which existed at the time of big collision of Mars and Venus.

Some mystics describe the visions of the magic country Ishtar which is on Venus. Follows from them that Ishtar it is inhabited by the reasonable beings living in love and full harmony though modern scientists claim that there is no life in Solar system, except as on Earth, any more anywhere.

In modern symbolics Mars - a machismo, Venus - female. Interpreting on today`s men and women, we can claim that so long meeting of these two planets will make considerable favorable impact on representatives of both floors. Current parade of planets will exert the strongest impact on Scales and Scorpions.

The romantic acquaintances which took place during this period the concluded alliances and marriages conceived and the born children will be very safe. Partners and the events celebrated by so unusual occurrence will have much the best chances of success, than in any other time. All people will manage to cope with various conflicts and misunderstanding, to lay the foundation of harmonious relationship.

Everyone will be able to turn the look on the star sky during parade of planets and to enjoy tremendous beauty of the Universe!