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Movie “2012“. And what was felt by you?

“2012“ - the movie which sets thinking


Are about Roland Emmerich`s picture “2012“. Before Emmerich destroyed Earth in such movies as “Independence Day“ and “The day after tomorrow“. But all unsuccessfully! This time he shot the movie “2012“ in which he decided to destroy the planet finally!

Plot such:

The main character - Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) is a writer whom the wife with children left. He learns from one abnormal about the beginning doomsday. Naturally he does not trust it, but the cataclysms occurring in the world say that the end is really close. Around the world there are awful earthquakes, floods, eruptions of volcanoes.

Jackson understands that there is no time to lose. He has to rescue the wife and children.

And this my opinion:

The first that you test, when viewing this movie - fear and horror. Your world, your planet, a civilization which was created in the millennia - falls. On skin goosebumps when you see eruptions of volcanoes as Earth literally run breaks up under legs of people and the wave in one and a half kilometers carries all on the way. People, the animal, at home, cities, continents - everything leaves under water.

When already nothing cannot be changed when it is not important how many at you money, it is not important whether correctly you lived the life, all this is not important because you will not even manage to confess in the sins, you can not manage to say goodbye to the darlings, the family to you people. When all the most valuable, the most expensive to you disappears together with you from a face of the earth. whether

Is horror?! What can be more terrible than it?!

I all - somewhere there, inside, glimmers hope for rescue. In the movie nevertheless it is possible to rescue part of mankind, animals and even some values, in so-called arks. But nobody knows as everything will be actually!

Is possible you, my reader, and will be one of those who is fated to pass through all this hell and to osatsya in live. To remain to create the new world, a new civilization, the new planet!!!