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Public transport of Austria. How to the tourist to make trips across Vienna?

One of the most beautiful capitals of the world, Vienna , was located in the center of Europe on the bank of Danube. The capital of Austria which is famous for more than two-thousand-year history and mass of the most beautiful sights is a tourist mecca for a long time. Tourists usually come to Vienna by train or arrive by plane, some part of tourist`s groups comes by tourist buses. It is natural that tourists have a question of public transport of Vienna as in each country there are features, there is it and in the capital of Austria. Without applying for profound knowledge of system of public transport of Vienna, I can make some explanations which can be useful to tourists.

Near the railway stations which are within the city the stops practically all types of city transport allowing to reach easily any point of the city are located.

From the airport Shvekhat which is approximately in 20 kilometers from the downtown to Vienna it is possible to reach by a usual electric train or the high-speed railway express (City Airport Train), time difference in way to Landstrasse metro station about 10 minutes, and a difference in the price approximately by 2,5 times. From the airport since early morning buses - expresses on which it is possible to reach to city air terminal or to railway stations go to the city. It is possible to use and the taxi, then a trip will cost you 30 - 40 euros taking into account tip of percent in ten, at night and on the weekend of a taxi is a little more expensive.