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Purchase of houses in Spain

of the Contract of purchase / sale of real estate in Spain are passed with participation of a notariate. What is capable to provide purity of the contract. Notaries in Spain are public servants and therefore bear responsibility for purity of the transaction of purchase and sale. The accounting of correctness of the conclusion of the transaction of purchase and sale, but also check of the sold house on presence of the obstacles able belongs to its duties to prevent lawful commission of sale. Escort of the notary at the conclusion of the transaction of purchase and sale will cost in 1 - 3 percent from the price of the acquired real estate. Nevertheless escort of notaries will allow to save seriously nerves and a time resource upon purchase of a cottage or apartments in Spain. Besides at acquisition of the house in Spain carry a tax on acquisition of real estate, the state taxes and notarial taxes to additional expenditure. Charge for purchase of residential real estate in Spain - seven percent, and charge for acquisition commercial not cursors or a ground - sixteen %. Registration by the notary of purchase and the state collecting are about 1 - 2 percent from the price of the sold nedvizhika. More exact amount of collecting can be determined separately in each case looking at a set most] various parameters. The age of the house, its history, the place, the number of pages in the text of the contract - it can have influence on collecting. Also it is possible to refer registration of NIE to costs for registration of the contract is identification tax number for foreigners in Spain. This number is necessary for registration of the contract of the house. The foreign real estate agency receives the commission always from selling, pay attention that from you, from the buyer the additional commission should not undertake. As important advantage of the market of residential real estate in the south of Spain it is considered to be a mortgage. Banks of Spain can offer mortgage loans to nonresidents, even Russian. On an equal basis with it the authorities quietly look at a source of obtaining the income. A large number of Russians paid attention to houses in Spain. Having re-read the aforesaid it is possible to claim safely that acquisition of real estate in this country is not a troublesome and favorable investment of the earned means.