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What trimmer is better, petrol or electric?

the Emerald and well-groomed lawn on a site are pleasing to the eye of the summer resident. Electric and petrol mowers, or trimmers help to reach such ideally equal grass cover (from the English word trim - a hairstyle, undercutting).

Trimmers are a manual garden tool. They should not be confused to lawn-mowers. Without trimmer you will not be able to mow a grass on a lawn edge, around a bed, berry bushes or along garden paths.

There are two types of garden trimmers - petrol and electric.

To answer a question what trimmer is better - petrol or electric, it is necessary to get acquainted with this garden unit before.

As the cutting element of the trimmer serves the thick scaffold. Also there are additional options in the form of a metal disk or a knife. The weight of the tool varies from 2,5 to 7 kilograms. Width of working part, that is a mowing, fluctuates from 25 to 40 cm.

At petrol trimmers the cutting element is set in motion by an internal combustion engine. If the trimmer motor duple, then fuel for it serves AI gasoline mix - 92 and oils. In the four-cycle unit gasoline and oil are filled in separately, it is more powerful than duple and works much more quietly.

The volume of a fuel tank at petrol trimmers fluctuates from 0,5 to 1,5 liters. Than it is more, longer the unit will work as that at one gas station, but also its weight, naturally, will be more.

At petrol trimmers the motor is usually located from above, however there are exceptions when it is placed in a special satchel which the porter puts on shoulders. Some four-cycle trimmers have additional nozzles and can turn from a braid into the delimber, the snow blower and even a cultivator.

The prices of petrol trimmers are ranging from 9 to 80 thousand rubles.

Electric trimmers work from a network (are equipped with a cable) or from the accumulator. The electric motor can settle down both from above, and from below. Trimmers with the top arrangement of the motor are more powerful. To them additional nozzles - a brush cutter or a saw can be on sale. On models which names begins with the letters ES and EB it is possible as the cutting element, instead of a scaffold, to put a knife - a mill. The electric trimmers working at accumulators are completed with shoulder straps.

The price of electric trimmers fluctuates from 1,3 to 12 thousand rubles.

What trimmer needs to be had at the dacha - petrol or electric - to solve to owners. If it is required to mow on 2 - 3 hundred parts a grass from time to time, then electric will approach. It has a small weight, it is easy-to-work, noise level rather low. At the same time, such trimmer has low productivity from - for low power, and also dependence on proximity of the socket. Besides during wet weather it is not recommended to be used.

The petrol trimmer is convenient for sites of the average sizes with abundance of diverse landings and a difficult relief. It has no binding to the electric socket. Besides it is more powerful than the electric fellows and therefore is more functional. A shortcoming is the high noise level, considerable weight and the considerable price.

What assistant is more necessary? The choice is.