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The farther in the wood, the guerrillas of

the Power are never more fat and loves opposition anywhere. It is enough to remember how Nikolay the First dispersed “Dissenters` March“ at Senate Square. Its methods were much more rigid, than at the present power. Or here “bloody Sunday“ in 1905. The people with banners to the father - the tsar, and that in reply lead on crowd.

So now everything is not so sad. Well, will give a bludgeon on kidneys or will break a camera. So then will release in several hours. Full liberalization of the power is available. And if descendants nicknamed Nikolay the First “Nikolay Palkin“, and Nicholas II and in general “Bloody“, then Putin it is possible to call “Vladimir the Complacent“ already safely.

And OMON in comparison with imperial Cossacks with Nogais looks as group of children of the senior preparatory group of kindergarten.

Also it is not necessary to compare us to Europe. What at them is called democracies at us - capitalism remnants.

Our person cannot carry a proud rank the oppositionist, will not be hit few times on kidneys yet and will not stay a couple of hours in PTDC. Otherwise, what he is an opponent of the mode. Present, came discordant on Triumphal. And there instead of point on blood donation or a children`s holiday, for example, it is empty. Revolt - I do not want.

Unless is Russia?

At us it is accepted through thorns to stars. From Moscow to Vladivostok through Murmansk. We have no roads - only the direction. Went to communism earlier. Then tried to catch up with Portugal. Now it is fashionable to be engaged in modernization of what was designated before as increase in GDP. It is possible to modernize increase only through process reduction. As Portugal was lucky that we did not catch up with it! You represent, ZIL - 157 small “Matiz“ caught up. And a little bit scratched to itself a bumper.

There is such rule of journey of the intersection by the KRAZ car. The driver has to look around and if nearby there is no other “KRAZ“ and, it is possible to continue the movement safely. And our country, prt through all intersections, without looking back at traffic light signals.

And to oppositionists little for the present it is only necessary to look not to get under the wheels. And those who to an exit to the area prefers to abuse the power under beer at the TV want to remind an old saying: “The farther in the wood, the guerrillas are more fat“.

But all war in the wood you will not sit out. Will surely smoke. The power of guerrillas does not love.