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How to choose the security alarm system... for favourite giving? “They tell

, he cannot be risked,

Because they have a house,

In the house light“

V. Tsoi

burns If you have a house, in the house there is an electricity, then sooner or later, in it there will be an iron and the TV, electric tools, a lawn-mower, and that look, and a water heater with the washing machine. And then time to think of safety of your property acquired honest (or not really honest), work will come. However, irrespective of the fact which you have a property, the most great value of your country “paradise“ - the house. And it has to be protected from uninvited, and, above all, bad guests. there is no

Against scrap reception!

Any physical barrier in the world will not stop the burglar in his intention to clean you if it is required to it. If the burglar sees that through a door to you not to get, he “will enter“ a window. The modern tool allows to get inside through walls and a roof. In that case not only the property indoors, but also designs will suffer. And therefore in this article it will be a question of the most certain way of protection of the property - the electronic security alarm system, to be exact, problems of its choice.

And it is necessary to me?

First of all should note

that all systems which are present at the market are similar at each other as twins, and there is no wonder: their action is based on the same principles. A difference only in additional functions, the price and individual conditions of the seller. Having decided to buy the alarm system for giving, you have to understand accurately that the system is necessary to you, first of all, not to manage punishment and in order that not to allow breaking of your house. the simplest alarm system equipped sound and light with annunciators without additional functionality will cope With this function even .

By experience, I can tell that there are houses where such alarm system is installed, violators avoid (it, as the inscription “vicious dog“ on a fence: never you know, there is it there or not). And further the decision remains for the buyer: where the disturbing signal of system will be sent. Advertizing advises us to get GSM - the module that the system in case of penetration called you on the mobile phone, but it is no more than advertizing course: it is unlikely you will manage to make something, being for 100 km from the scene unless … to get heart attack. Still “minus“: GSM - a signal is easily suppressed by means of the inexpensive equipment.

The radio channel is more practical: the house itself will report about breaking to the watchman (living in the settlement to other person, with which at you good relations), and that will be able to cause militia by phone or by means of the disturbing button. Efficiency of this idea depends on a situation in your settlement.

A question “what for?“ has to torment you and when you choose “eyes and ears“ of your system - electronic sensors. Their range is very various also many of them on the functions successfully replace each other. For example, in the house where there are volume sensors (they do not react in response to bustle of rodents, contrary to the occurring opinion), the sensors working when breaking glass are not necessary.

From a video camera in case the violator is in a hood (stocking), too I pound a little. And the function allowing “to listen“ to the house? Really you seriously think that the militia will look for the burglar on a voice or, being “at work“, he will call the address where he will take out your good?

It is more logical to buy a basic set (the control unit, sensors and annunciators) and to add it with necessary to you the equipment (for example, a video camera).

Other option to secure giving - to use services of private security. At once I will make a reservation that this service and militia - two different structures. At the same time do not forget that you “not in the capital, and in the village“. It is necessary to learn before not only about time during which the group of reaction will arrive your home and about the sum of a monthly monthly fee, but also about all requirements to the house, to the minimum temperature in it and to the alarm system, the functions shown by service for implementation. It should be noted: not each giving answers these conditions, not each summer resident it on a pocket.

From here the main thing governed at the choice of the alarm system : be rational, you do not pay for what you will not be able really to use. Always you remember that the alarm system exists in order that to you did not get, the rest - the advertizing course.

And winter comes to us, and not just summer

If you are not a happy owner of a cottage, do not heat the house in the winter, then the systems which are not working at a temperature below - 10 degrees, not for you. Now alarm systems whose temperature range fluctuates from - 30 to +30 and more degrees are presented at the market. Be attentive, “torture“ the seller on this subject.

of Kina will not be!

In the country shutdown of electricity - a commonplace. The systems capable during shutdowns to keep working capacity till 7 days, at the same time, if there is longer no light are presented at the market, then at its inclusion such alarm systems independently will rise on protection.

“Would not pursue you, the priest, low cost!“

Operation of any country alarm system is based on the principles (and it is frequent also accessories) automobile. Therefore it cannot cost less autoalarm system. The special sensor costs about 400 rub. Such sensors it is necessary to establish at least three. - the module you pay about 4000 rub for the useless GSM loved by sellers and in most cases (of course, we consider only legal goods). Besides these and other accessories, the producer spends the work for assembly of system, incurs other expenses.

So, having carried out very approximate calculation, it is possible to tell with confidence that the selling cost of the high-quality alarm system cannot be less than 8 - 9 thousand rubles. Cost less? Means, you bought “pig in a poke“ or “did not understaff you“. Difficult multipurpose security systems are much more expensive to big “dachas“.

And we are assemblers - spidermen!

If you or your second half have hands (an irreplaceable thing in economy!) choose the alarm system which can be installed independently. As a rule, it is already collected sets to which the producer was not too lazy to write the detailed instruction for installation. Thus, you will save from 10 thousand rubles about which advertizing “forgets“ on installation.

Beauty is not happiness!

Domestic producers, though did not learn to do the product beautiful (it at them something is similar to Katya Pushkareva), but managed to create the goods answering to all conditions of our country environment - both weather, and social. Besides, you will be able always to find that with whom to swear - you should not go behind it to China.

Whenever possible buy system from the producer, not from dealers whose desire to sell beats off all other desires at all. Besides, dealers often do not possess due qualification to consult you regarding opportunities, installation and work of system. At the choice of the producer pay attention to in what he is engaged besides the alarm system. As a rule, primary activity of such firms is connected with difficult automatic equipment and electronics. If you did not find any other activity on the website of “producer“, then this is, most likely, the dealer.

It is the basic principles by which it is necessary to be guided at the choice of the security alarm system for giving. Other important points are given below, to which should pay attention :

- whether the violator can switch-off the alarm system, being outdoors;

- whether is possible connection to system of other country constructions (for example, garage);

- what tension of the power supply network is necessary for a full charge of the accumulator;

- guarantee conditions.

Also you remember: the conscientious producer has no secrets from the buyer and with pleasure the benefit will share with you the knowledge and experience, were not translated still Kulibina in Russia.