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Garden wreckers: which of them loves cabbage?

People noticed long ago that cabbage - a valuable food product. Unfortunately, to gardeners it is necessary not only to raise tasty vegetable on fields and beds, but also to fight for its safety because useful properties of a cultural plant “to liking“ not only to people, but also other God`s creatures which we got used to call wreckers. Who are they such? Get acquainted!

For larvae of a cabbage fly a plant - the only source of existence. An adult fly, having wintered in a cocoon in soil, lays eggs on a root neck or to the earth near a stalk. To larvae to liking roots, root neck, lower part of a plant and even cabbage stump. Distinguish two species of insects - a spring cabbage fly and summer. The first is considered more dangerous because subjects to attack young weak plants and is more prolific, for the warm period of year is removed to four generations. Larvae of the second love cabbage stumps. It also is clear, in the spring - that there are no cabbage stumps yet.

It is gray - brown wings of butterflies cabbage scoops are decorated with dark stains and patterns. Scoops they are called for a nocturnalism, not to meet the butterfly in the afternoon flying. Larvae scoops - a thunder-storm not only cabbage, but also many other crops. Gathering groups to two hundred individuals, butterflies lay eggs on inside of leaves of plants. Young larvae scrape pulp of a leaf, “decorating“ a surface with openings of irregular shape. Adults reach a head of cabbage and drill it in all directions, leaving behind the long courses dirtied by liquid excrement.

The largest of the white butterflies who chose cabbage as a basis of a children`s diet and is called - the cabbage white butterfly . Her smaller relatives - repny and bryukvenny . All family adores a cabbage leaf, but does not disdain also heads of cabbage.

One more butterfly - a source of efforts of kapustovod - a cabbage moth . As well as to white butterflies, the cabbage is necessary to it for feeding of posterity. Small mobile caterpillars of a moth gnaw cabbage foxes from spring to fall. First gnaw the courses in leaves, having begun to enjoy, come to a surface where diligently eat away pulp, often leaving untouched a thin skin on the one hand of a leaf. At the slightest danger prefer to retire from the place of feeding on long shelkovinka.

The cabbage is eaten poyedy not only flies and butterflies, but also bugs. Cabbage stem the skrytnokhobotnik or the weevil winters under the fallen-down foliage. Its larvae chose cabbage stalks, gnaw the courses in scapes, on a stalk reach the roots.

The name of a cabbage listoyed speaks for itself. From the leaves chosen for a lunch there is one skeleton from thick a streak. Gourmet, of course.

Krestotsvetny bugs as if the Chekhovian malefactor acts “it is not crazy“, carefully puncturing with a hobotok a leaf thin skin to regale on juice. But if there is a lot of bugs, then to a plant from such “care“ I pound a little. The attacked leaves turn yellow and fall down.

The most effective methods of pest control - the insecticides most and dangerous. Therefore many gardeners fairly believe that it is better to fight against a misfortune by traditional antiquated methods.

It is effective, but mechanical collecting caterpillars is labor-consuming. Loosening of row-spacings and an earthing up of plants stimulates growth of roots that helps plants to struggle with uninvited guests. The probability appearance of wreckers on beds and their number considerably is reduced by observance of a crop rotation, annual shift of platforms for cultivation of cabbage, cleaning and destruction of leaves and stalks of plants right after removal of a harvest, fight against weeds.

The cabbage fly does not love a garlic smell if it grows near cabbage, larvae on it will be less. Dislike of a fly for a wormwood, mint and a tansy is noticed. The basil, fennel and tomatoes frighten off plant louses, and a thyme and a sage - cabbage to a scoop.

Try, but do not forget that national methods demand constancy and persistence. If something is missed and wreckers divorced too much, then only the chemistry will be able to help.