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Relaxation not in addictions. Real reasons. You know

(or you want to understand) that relaxation not in addictions, and also leaving from problems or celebration something - too should not be supported by them?


I will tell about myself - had addictions earlier, but wanted to find a way of other relaxation. Could not understand - and as differently in what the reason … asked the wife and looked for information, but could not understand and find. And at last understood - Thanks to God … About it is more detailed below.

About relaxation. Here answer a question: How the cigarette which contains a huge amount of harmful substances can (and killing) to help an organism to relax? … Truly.

Relaxation is process when our body has a rest, gains strength after the day of work strained by physical or other activity … Have to have a rest as Soul, so respectively and a body, and All together - the Person.

The cigarette cannot promote relaxation, it can only promote imaginary “relaxation“ followed to murder of zhiznennovazhny elements. Similarly and about alcohol - the feeling of slackness, etc. arises as a result simple words the blood-groove on veins becomes more complicated, blood does not arrive in the necessary quantity to cells of a brain and they die, but right at the beginning there is as if euphoria, and then it is worse and worse … up to that cages so die off that the person badly remembers some moments or remembers nothing, and also gait since it is more and more damaged zhiznennovazhny sites of a brain worsens. (Look at Lectures about alcohol of professor of Zhdanov or V. Dovgan).

It seems the known facts - and already they are enough that all to throw. But for some reason people all go and go “to swallow“ of lie and near death … Here allegedly “culture“, education, society (the standard norms), availability in shops etc. But all this self-deception as a result … If to look to the Truth in eyes.

Celebration - the Holiday - it is valid a holiday, it depends and to it, and on it, and after it - it is good All … To both wives and All All … The holiday is the Holiday - when the Organism Rejoices together and the Person … his Soul …

And besides, I`m sorry, but I will tell you - and from what to relax? Whether a lot of things wives made for people, for the neighbor, the husband, the child, parents … Or it is more correct to begin - with any person … And also for Mother Nature … Whether you made much - Really correct and useful? Here if to ask a question to itself and being honest before itself, at once it will be clear many important …

farther - If needs to relax, means before strained - and why strained? It is simply not necessary to strain … If there is tension, something means occurs not so … it is necessary to learn to understand situations, to understand that it is necessary and to find Harmony! Many will tell that here work such, life such, circumstances such, it is so accepted, etc. - all this forces to be nervous and live with addictions … But I will tell you - Know - in Life Everything Very not casually. You can live straining, and can and without straining … Always there is exit … The soul will prompt … And all very individually.

Believe me - I would not tell it if there was no personal experience and understanding. Only in Harmony We can do in pleasure something and the more so Useful and necessary … Only in Harmony, Love, respect of itself - the organism, the Soul Creation is possible, Evolution is possible, but not degradation …

I Most important - that will allow to Throw these mucks to ANY Person on our Planet if Soul of this Person - the Person really wants to understand the True reason (a basis, from - behind which people suffer and are misled):

When the person uses addictions - He becomes Not the Owner Samogo of! It Slightly opens subconsciousness … opens an opportunity to any forces “to drive“ itself … Yes - and occurs, for it sit down as at a wheel. And it is unimportant - there will be it the most finished dose of heroin or one inhaling of a cigarette smoke. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs from God?... But whether you thought that you are tempted … Beat out, force down from a way of Evolution and direct to a way to degradation. You - we people cannot elementary pass this test and a barrier … Unless We are so weak?

More particularly and simple words: Are put to Soul (Person) Two Angela. One Guardian angel who helps and preserves other Angel - the Demon (it is possible it and differently to call), who tempts. It is made in order that the Person Razvivalsya - Evolved, having the Freedom of choice … Choosing the Way to the Creator - to God - to the Creator or from it … In this case the Demon - the tempter tempts us with cigarettes and alcohol that with bigger ease to influence us and just to lead to degradation. Influence Angela - the Demon happens through the Brain, the person at the same time or accepts what goes from the Demon, or does not accept. Therefore sometimes we also are surprised from what suddenly strange or crazy or negative thoughts come to mind once again. It is necessary to learn not to accept them, and the Guardian angel can already help, act through Soul … To learn to distinguish it is possible, but it is necessary to be exempted from influence Angela - the Demon.

… Even if you do not believe in God at the moment (you are an atheist) or still something, then you just logically think of everything above told … look around … As soon as understood

that I allowed to be not the Owner Samogo Sebya … - So I threw all this unnecessary in one second! And withdrawal pains nothing of that kind was!

I became FREE! From all this unnecessary! every day it became easier and easier than

- and now there is even no thought. The thought now only of how to manage to make has more than Useful and Good deeds. All are surprised around and rejoice.

And to you Heartily I Wish to learn it!

I recommend the following to people who threw addictions at the initial stage and further:

• It is necessary to be more in the fresh air … To rejoice to the Nature: -) To breathe fresh, real air... (as you will throw, you will understand what I speak about).

• Take more often a Shower. You can address water that sense all negative (any thoughts unnecessary, etc.), the fatigue that loaded, filled with the necessary, positive energy and information.

• Drink more water. The organism will be cleared. In general the person consists generally of water and it is not a secret, and so if still to address water with a positive spirit, then it can load with the necessary energy.