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Where, when and how in Hungary celebrate Day of elder?

If who has in Kiev an uncle, then elder surely has to grow in a kitchen garden. But not the fact. Any rule has exceptions. Here at me, for example, did not grow and still does not grow. And in general, not really often this in these parts meets high, to 3 - 5 meters, a multibarrelled bush with light-brown, looking like a stopper, bark.

Here where there is a lot of elder, so it in Fertyoboz located near Sopron. Near Lake Fert. In Fertyoboz this elder … Gutalinovaya factory simply!

That, however, and no wonder. Many experts in history West - the Zadunaysky region connect the name of the settlement with this bush. And for this purpose they have certain bases. Documentary. In 1281 the diploma about an origin in which the present location of the settlement is named as “Terra Bozias“ was issued to one of little-known and not most high-native Hungarian noblemen. Earth of Elder.

Therefore the present name of Fertyoboz, it is possible to decipher as “that place (earth) at Lake Fert in which this elder (Boz)“ … Well, there is a lot of!

And today - it is not less, than then, in the 13th century. Therefore, of course, it is possible to arrive to Fertyoboz at any time. When to whom it is convenient. In the settlement and except elder - is what to look at. But, if such opportunity suddenly is presented, it is better at the end of May, the beginning of June when all Fertyoboz changes, rolling in flat umbrella-shaped metyolochka of elder with a diameter from 10 to 20 centimeters, from light-yellow or is white - the cream flowers which are contrastly allocated against fresh, not bleached by the sun yet, greens. Trying on on itself new, it is green - a white dress, the settlement becomes festive and a little solemn. Ready to reception of guests.

Well and how not to arrive if already wait for you? Especially and to go - that … Practically nothing. From Sopron - kilometers 12. Both taxied from it towards Nadtsenk, and you go to yourself quietly to Kopkhaz. In which on the first traffic light, before the wooden bridge through the small river crossing the route Ikva, - directly. To the intersection Sopron - Balf - Fertyod. And here at this intersection - to the right.

But besides - not to hurry. We are not late anywhere? Especially, already consider and arrived.

So at the intersection it is possible and to stop for a minute - another. The best view of national park of Fertyo - Hanshag and Lake Fert, than that which opens from here it is difficult to find. And why to look for? Stopped, went out of the car and looked. Admired. Only after that - further.

Though, here and to go - that remained literally 3 minutes, and the first that is evident directly before entry into the settlement - a big colourful extension “An elder festival“ …

Yes, a festival! On one of the weekend which drops out for the most active blossoming of elder, and it usually, depending on weather, either the end of May, or the beginning of June, in the settlement the real holiday. Which main character - the bush inflorescence which once gave Fertyoboz his present name. It turns out, it seems, as its name-day.

This year they were carried out 29 - go May. On Saturday. And it was possible to come on this name-day all family.

The festival was organized in a small hollow - Yulian`s valley that adjoins suburban houses of Fertyoboz. For kids in the valley couple of special platforms, with a swing and other not less interesting game devices were arranged. Well, and if your child already grew up from preschool age, then local potters could teach it as, apparently, of usual clay to make something of a lump, very similar to different house utensils. Bowls, korchag, dairy capacities...

For now children are busy with the affairs, work to liking will be the adult too. Here it is only necessary to be defined. To begin - with what? Perhaps from an entertainment which in Day of elder in Fyorteboz there is a lot of. And - any miscellaneous. In the valley through each 10 - 15 meters - a small kosterok over which the kettle with the boiling and proceeding appetizing savor … the real Hungarian goulash is suspended. And as not a kettle, so a skovorodochka on which the small fish floating in the lake is fried even at night. Or tasty rural sausages.

Approach, fly the people! Be treated. And all - is absolutely free. For form`s sake, of course, near each cook the small box is installed. In which, at desire (!) it is possible to lower a coin, another. But whether you put something in a box, or not - nobody controls. And sense? At fertyobozhan - a holiday. Also they treat generously, heartily, which needs not money …

you do not stint and present to the cook, in response to his entertainment, the smile. Wide, kind and grateful. And then there will be a holiday. Real. Both at it, and at you.

And what holiday of inflorescences of elder and without them, darling? Look narrowly attentively and you will surely see not the most usual ware among kettles and frying pans. Too it seems as frying pans. But big, wide, with the high, slightly inclined outside sides. Here to them - that is also necessary to us. We approach, we do not hesitate! Here too wait for you.

What there, in these, special frying pans? The boiling oil. And nearby, on a little table - already accurately cut metyolochka of inflorescences of elder. Choose any. What looks at you? This? Means, it. Took, dipped into the container with already in advance made dough standing near a frying pan, on a consistence a strong resemblance bearing pancake, and at once - all that turned out - in the boiling oil. As soon as the semi-finished product prepared by you becomes covered by a golden crust, the cook right there will get it a skimmer and will lay out on a disposable plate. Help yourself!

Be treated, treated … It, really, very tasty. The clusters of flowers of elder baked in pastry. And during the holiday it is worth tasting cookies and cakes with an eldern cream stuffing. To try eldern syrup and the most different cocktails on its basis. For example, from marzipan.

If it wants something more strong, it is so possible to ask and to make low alcohol cocktail. Besides, the syrup including as one of ingredients from elder inflorescences. Well, and to whom is even stronger, for those at fertyobozhan in a stock there is an eldern palenka. Kind of fruit vodka. Something like the Bulgarian or Yugoslavian raki.

Only you should not be fond of food and drinks strongly. Holiday! And what holiday without song? Correctly. Any.

Therefore picked up a plate with the elder baked in pastry and - is closer to a platform. Who there on it now? About - about - about … It is interesting. On a scene - that … Tsiterista. Well, those who on tsiter play. And how still to call performers of the Hungarian national songs accompanying themselves on a tsiter?.

Yes it is such string plucked instrument. Something like our psaltery. Or Finnish to a kantela.

To Come Tsitera not especially the hearing charms, so on the date of elder in Fertyoboz gathers not one and even not two musical collectives in which repertoire - the most different music. Also they play it all day tirelessly.

Played, sang, have a bite the high-calorific inflorescences of the main character of a holiday baked in pastry a little a throat moistened with eldern syrup and again … Again to play and sing. Till latest night …

Here such on one of the weekend of the end of May - the beginning of June in Fertyoboz a holiday. Day of elder. And if who decides to arrive on it, so collected, without delaying, a traveling bag and - forward. Hungary is always glad to good guests.

And to whom, for any of several reasons, to Fertyoboz not to go in any way, so too there is exit. Despite everything to feel the true taste of a holiday as - nibud I will try to tell a little about those dishes which can be prepared from elder inflorescences. That persons interested had an opportunity both to prepare and to feel taste of a holiday …