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What eat Compliance with? Thousand and the second night of Shakhrazada of

“Bismillya ir - Rahman Ir - Rakhim!“ Really, legends on wisdom of centuries yes will become edification for us that we what events happened to others saw, and learned, penetrating into legends. Praise to the one who made legends a lesson for us and the people of the subsequent!

It happened so that nowadays many masters of troops, guards, servants and servants called by us “Heads“, staying at the offices and fairly operating citizens, began to call often a name of certain “Compliance“, and entered many citizens into thought and melancholy because citizens whose name heads daily remember them did not know.

And here, reached me, about devout that the great wise man on a pro-rank of Siarsipi * lives in the great country washed by the Great sea, and having called on itself Allah`s blessing and having consigned itself it to sacred will, I sent the feet to others countries and after a while arrived to the dwelling of the wise man in the West. Having bitten the dust and having accepted ashes from legs it, I told:“ About a great well of wisdom! On many leagues of flight of an eagle the glory about knowledge your, similar was carried to the sparkling sword dispersing an ignorance gloom in a wisdom sky. I did a long journey to drop to a jug of your knowledge and to ask you, who such this Compliance, about a great saxaul!“

I replied me the wise man:“ The aksakal, but not a saxaul, about the coppery-headed daughter of northern bears! Wai, a shame on my gray-haired head what only blockheads I had not to teach, multiguilty, but now Allah sends me one more test - this time I have to train the woman“. (Further the untranslatable text describing my mental capacities which contents the author charges to your imagination and perversity followed.) Wai - me, but as beautifully spoke!... Wai - Dod and as I answered him - and - and - and...

When the roaring flow of words of the dear ran low as a mud mudflow under beams of a gold star, Siarsipi took breath, and continued:“ Know, about an annoying star of the East that Allah in the wisdom created laws of honest trade and just business, and gave them to people that their affairs prospered and their souls had fun, and the earth with fruits of hands human was decorated. But the muftis who are writing down for Great his words too complicated laws it and so, about unscrupulous donkeys in a skin of peace tigers that even many the wisest of the wisest got confused in interpretation of the word about honest and just business and calculation of its fruits for allocation of tithe to governors and its owners.

Also the cry of sons and daughters devout to the sky about ignorance of their sins rose. The master of souls, looking at them, told:

It is necessary to be not praying sinner -

it is necessary to be the Having fun sinner.

As life precious will come to an end soon -

it is necessary to be the Joker and the mocker.

and in great sense of humour the Lord of the Specialist of service Compliance that in simple and available language (but not on the Arab ligature and legal terms) he explained to simple employees created how to fulfill requirements of laws on just business (be compliant). Because if the people have no teacher, then and the cheerful clever clown can teach him to many mudrost. Even the wretch - the shaitan will not be risen to the just seller, the financier or the accountant if ears of it are filled with sounds of speeches of Compliance, and blood absorbed them need of following to laws as a dry sponge ruby wine of the Persian vineyards. The main meaning of life of Compliance, at great will of the Creator to drag dear jerboas from the holes dug on camels because only on what size the hole is dug, has to get to it. But if the wise jerboa does not get into a hole, then he will be able happily to giggle when from it pull out a furious camel. And at once over a camel and over those fools who with him suffer, e - e - e - e! The saiga of my thoughts taped hoofs on a tambourine of your head, about the finest? generally I understood “

“ only about a saiga. About the wisest, open for me intimate sense of the words “laws of just and honest business“. What is meant by them?“ - I answered.

“Vakh - Vakh - Vakh, about inscrutable!“ - the wise man was indignant.“ Really your head is so similar to the ringing tambourine what you even cannot comprehend this primitive? Listen, listen and remember. Those laws are cut on the gold skizhalyakh which are stored in the great country of the West and they say:

- trading on a market in goods and does not seek to destroy and expel your heart dealers in the same or similar goods; and yes your language will not be humiliated before to defame goods of other podavts as unusable or sellers to call thieves and sons of a sin that only you one traded on a market - what the market, e - e - e will be? (antitrust law);

- yes you will not enter into a collision to other dealers on a market to hold the prices and to undress to a string of buyers (anti-the trust legislation);

- selling goods for the powers that be and you will not come with gifts, silver, gold to them and their advisers that they bought goods only from you and at your price (anti-the corruption legislation);

- yes will be averted your heart from sins of theft, lie and lie by default about your goods that people knew that they buy (codes of business)...“

But here morning came, and I woke up, without having managed to answer the wise man that the laws listed to them an essence just human decency and honesty, - conscience existence is simple. And therefore, as great Hayam

Jamsheed told a bowl ** I looked for, without knowing a dream,

When the earth was bypassed by me,

From the husband wise was learned by me what is vain

So far went - in my soul it.

So Compliance if it is absolutely simple, is common sense, decency and honesty. And a task of specialists in Compliance - to pull out these qualities from us and to explain practical application of laws on ethical business. Therefore if you still do not like your specialist in Compliance, then or he did not understand yet in what its task; or you just do not know how to cook it and it is correct to apply.

* Certified Risk & Compliance Professional

** Jamsheed - one of legendary drevneiransky tsars and right legalists; Jamsheed`s bowl - a symbol of greatness, knowledge and justice.

of PS. In article Omar Jayam`s ruba are used, at stylistic processing A. Belyanin`s texts, V. Solovyova and fairy tales “Thousand and One Night“ were used